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I made this which is why it is a bit amateurish =D The 次 version will be better! See コメント for a lot longer description!
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あなた can find a short clip of all of our acts in here! The song on during the photograph entries is Blue によって Angie Hart and the voiceover is our very own AmazonDebs.
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posted by LovingLucy
Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every 日 I feel you.

The morning bird reminds me of what’s coming.
The connection.
The spark.

I have never felt this way,
Drawn to you,
Needing you.
Holding you.

To grip あなた is passion.
Purest of its form,
Attentive in its own way,
And it breaks barriers.

Sonic booms have nothing on us.
The Grand Canyon too small to expand with us,
The Burj Khalifa too small to grow with us,
And the oceans do not have enough depth to describe us.

Despite that, we are endless.
And forever.

Writhing bodies,
Ecstasy breaking,
Every 日 I feel you....
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posted by germany123
*Debs' voice* Hello fellow fanpoppers!
note: For anyone who doesn't know awesomedebs aka amazondebs she is the fanpooper who came up with the idea for FGT
Oblix note:For anyone who doesnt know who Oblix aka Obby is..she is an awesome fanpopper who pops around the..pop! had the good idea that we should collect all entries in a soapbox..erm 記事 note: for anyone who doesn't know what a soapbox is: its the old name for article.

I really hope we get a lot of entries this 年 note for anyone who doesnt know: We also had FGT 2008..if あなた don't know what FGT's "fanpop's got talent" a competition...
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This year, in addition to the regular competition, we will also be having a

Haiku contest!

This 記事 will answer all your 質問 about this contest:

What is a Haiku?
A Haiku is a short poem, originally from Japan. It built up of three lines of words. The first line contains 5 syllables, the 秒 line 7 syllables and the third line 5 syllables. Last years winning Haiku によって Diblover111 is a good example:

This is a haiku. (5 syllables)
I wish I had a pencil, (7 syllables)
But I have a pen. (5 syllables)

Haiku’s are traditionally about seasons または nature, but since we are all modern people,...
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Welcome ファン to the results of Fanpop's Got Talent 2008,
this 年 link
link is a video to remind あなた of all the entries.

Voting is now closed. Please don't send あなた vote in, it's too late for your vote to be registered but あなた may still be charged.

Firstly we’ll hear from the judges about our acts.

-Saul_Mikoliunas says :
All of the talents have been of the highest quality and I have to say that I am now extremely glad that voting was left down to the fanpoppers and not just the judges as I would have had an extremely difficult time deciding who the winner was.

-Claire-aka-bob says :
I am so happy...
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