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posted by fabgirl12
Of a better life.
Of a different life.
As if the'll treat あなた right here
As if they even care.
The sun is shining brighter somewhere.
I wish, I wish. I wish.
That maybe someone cares
In another life.
Hoping and Dreaming
Thinking and Imagining
Of a time when they'll care.
Of a time when they'll know
That あなた mean no harm
In a better life.
The world spins round and round
Knowing that somebody waits
To become your friend.
Magic is in the air
Inside your heart
and in a different life.
This is the glorious product of powerful fictional characters fighting one another, accompanied によって an Irish song I like, "Only Good News" によって The Elders.
This poem is written によって me....
I wrote this poem to let others know that no matter how much life seems desperate and uneasy but If we try to win others ハート, 心 we'll be happy soon

This world doesn't sound good to me
This life ain't a fairy tale
Can't think of crossing lines drew によって them
And I find my self too pale.

Find paths to the doorway
Every night in my dreams
Then find a shining ray
That takes me to hope, away from my screams.

The Sun , the Moon and anything that gloom
I wish that the お花 of my garden could bloom
The clouds and rains and that colorful rainbow
I now get it what they wanna make me...
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posted by FalliNgSparks
*This poem is actually about a dream that I saw on Saturday and it really disturbed me so I wrote a poem about that dream*

I bade him leave me
But what was he trying to do with me?

The eyes of the stranger,
Warned me about the danger

That Saturday Night every face was lighted up with happiness
There was no one to see my happiness

They lied to me,but why?
The ロスト moment they made me cry

I turned pale when he arrived
I told him to be quiet

Pushed all my scars away
I had nothing to pay

Everything was gone, nothing left
Feeling so lonely, everything became deaf

Only あなた and me
And my ハート, 心 was not feeling free.
This is an original poem written によって me.

I watched my step
As if walking on a ramp

Clutched my emotions in a grip
Not letting them trip

Being tough with words
As if they may slip

But あなた found my weakness
And i raised my guards

You re-build the path
That leads to my heart

I ロスト the map
And fell for a trap

You played well
Keeping me under your spell

You chucked me down
And let me drown

Not under your spell anymore
Standing safely on the shore

Stronger than ever
With a lesson to remember
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*Last Time On Dragon Ball Z......*

(???: It is finally get our revenge! Are あなた guys ready? Mwahaha....MWAHAHAHAHAH111111

???: Uh, sir? あなた have to hold down the Shift Key for exclamation marks.

???: Oh, sorry. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!)

I swear I need to spray this house, freakin' flies.....😣


So yeah, Part 2 is here, let's go! If あなた haven't seen Part 1 yet, then just link 🙂

#9. Shiny Tale-Mix Speaker’s,Inc. (2012)

link" alt=" link" width="300" height="300" /

Yeah, this was the お気に入り アニメ song I mentioned earlier. Again, Kuusou Mesorogiwi...
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posted by deathding
 Be glad あなた didn't have to do this. XD
Be glad you didn't have to do this. XD
So I thought for the sake of convenience that I'd create this, just to make everything clear because lord knows that there's some hard to find entries hiding out there.

If yours isn't on here, let me know in the コメント below! This will be updated constantly, so yeah. Let's go! ^_^

Category 1: Writing








Category 2: 歌う & Dancing


Category 3: Haiku & Poems





Category 4: Drawing, Digital Art, & Video Edits





Lastly, one final thing. PLEASE make your entries only one article, because it's so much もっと見る annoying to link to every...
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CokeTheUmbreon again! How'd あなた like part 1 & 2? Well get ready for parts 3 & 4. Aura and Tyler are already down to 5 Pokémon, but who will reign ビクトリアス out of these two? Find out NOW!

A piece of last part...

Aura cried, "Blaziken, use High Jump Kick!" Blaziken's foot glowed オレンジ and white as it jumped up and kicked the Moonlight Pokémon, knocking it out. Tyler looked in distress, but shook it off

Part 3

Aura laughed, "Looks like I'll be taking the ゴールド home." Tyler growled, "Well we'll see about that! Go! Empoleon!" Without wasting any time, Empoleon started with Scald, dealing...
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Hello everyone Erza here also known as Eru anyways I'm typing a story I made chapter one already on quotev I started chapter 2, I hope あなた like it!-
"Screams...screams wouldn't leave my mind...its messed up but why...I'm a terrible man....I may seem small...but I'm not inside....I'm horrible...." someones faint voice was heard, sobbing as-well..his friend died...he saw it happen...he smiled during he hated? he he not..."come on Nagisa it's not your were just insane at the time.."a fainted little...
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 Umbra, use Dark Pulse!!!
Umbra, use Dark Pulse!!!
What's up, Fanpop? CokeTheUmbreon, also known as 'The Dutch Umbreon' here! I'm gonna do a ポケモン fanfiction battle involving Tyler バン Berg and his friend Aura. Please note that unlike all the battle stories I did, this involves 4 ポケモン trainers against each other.

Here goes! (Btw, a full ポケモン battle is 2 trainers using 6 ポケモン each.)

Part 1

It is a warm, summer evening in Canyon City as our ヒーローズ gear up for the Canyon City finals.

Tyler 発言しました in amazement, "Look at Charizard finishing that Ampharos with Dragon Claw!"

Aura 発言しました to Lucario, "We made it to the finals, Lucario. Aren't...
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 gif によって swan-queen-is-magic on tumblr
gif by swan-queen-is-magic on tumblr
(Part 6)

Regina sat down 次 to Bellatrix, much closer than she truly wanted to be. The witch absently toyed with her curls. Twisting strands around her pointer only to unravel them again. As she stared out the window, her body seemed to tense up in anticipation with each flash of lightning. Bella, as Regina came to notice, was unusually still and lacking her hyper nature. And she felt somehow strangely compelled to offer a comforting hand. The kind of comforting hand that no one ever offered her.

Bellatrix looked over her shoulder, Regina took that as her cue to 移動する closer. And 芝居 upon...
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(Part 3)

"Well I'm glad we could settle that." Regina muttered, her eyes still fixed on the woman in front of her. Exactly what to do with Bella, Regina still didn't know. The only thing she knew for certain is that the woman could never get her ハート, 心 back, lest Regina find herself dead.

"Such unusually dark magic." She heard Bella whisper. The woman was staring at her heart, a ハート, 心 that was still beating in Regina's palm. "However do あなた do it?"

Regina scoffed, "even if I told you, あなた probably wouldn't be able to manage it."

"How dare you!?" Bella shouted.

To Regina's ever hard to come によって luck,...
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 gif 提出されました によって koolamilelia here on ファンポップ
gif submitted by koolamilelia here on fanpop
Another world is her only choice. That's what she had decided.

That would be here only means of escape now.

The thought had been dancing in Regina's mind for a few weeks now, just itching to be acted upon. And finally Regina had, had enough. Between all attempts to revive Henry's memories failing (resulting in a return to New York for a happy mother and son) and Zelena's murder of Robin Hood. The witch had been sure to make the deed as excruciating as she could in ripping the thief's ハート, 心 out and crushing it, leaving him to die in Regina's arms just as her mother and Daniel had. The woman finally...
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Question. Is this you, または somebody あなた know?

Me: So what's your お気に入り song bro? :D

Person: Oh my gosh, there's so many! Let's see.....Darude Sandstorm, Darude Sandstorm, gotta 愛 that Darude Sandstorm.....

Me: I'm just gonna hang myself now, have a nice 日 mate. :)

Person: あなた too....WAIT WHAT THE HE-

I never cared for him anyways.

So, music! Songs take up a lot of our lives, and if the 音楽 takeover hasn't hit あなた yet, haha, it will eventually. Trust me, I thought I'd never like 音楽 until I went around the internet and found some cool damn melodies that I got attached to rather quickly....
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my immortal
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