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This guy is just sick! I'm serious he needs to be banned! He bashes Yaoi, やおい ファン and homosexuals in the most sickening ways!
*tears* Gaz break my arm back in "stop moving cry baby" she 発言しました not even caring if I was hurt "you heal...". If your saying how this happen... Well that's for a new time from the past when I started fighting the 3 worm baby's... "ok this will do for now so rest" Gaz 発言しました in Lil anger for the 3 worm baby's doing this to me... "see bad I told you, あなた suck at fighting those 3 girls... Hmm" yeah she's right I didn't knew how powerful they were "maybe if we think of a plan to take them out but for now rest"

I can't even 移動する my broken arm... I look at Gaz.. She was very pretty for a human... But...
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1. A Mary Sue is described as being overly perfect. Every feature of her appearance is beautiful, and nothing about her is unappealing または even plain. Sometimes she considers herself to be ordinary または plain, but the other characters' opinions of her disagree with this.

2. Her physical appearance is often described in far もっと見る detail than any of the other characters. Sometimes an entire paragraph, または even multiple paragraphs, is used to describe her. She is often also described in over-the-top, flowery and romanticised language. Her features can be compared to gold, gemstones and other valuables....
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•Owner rights to D.C. Comic characters: warner bros•

•i do not own any character Right involved in this story this is purely fanfic.•

•Background image owner:

•Storyline belongs to:
Queen Mary•

•Story opening: A history lesson in the past. The opening Prologue:•

Kalya Ren Kent Wyane is the child of Clark Kent aka スーパーマン and Dina prince aka Wonder Woman. She was born right after her older brother Vince aka Sun-Ray who is also a Justice League member and hero ,and after the death of her late sister Kiki. Kalya is known as a very strong , clever young woman she has...
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Skins: The Aftermath

(Cook sat on his ベッド drinking a bottle of ウォッカ looking all drunk while taking off his shoes and socks. Then stands up and takes his 上, ページのトップへ off)
Cook: (lies on his bed) Freds why did あなた have to go I need あなた man?
(Cook begins to close his eyes as he doses off to sleep hearing Freddie’s voice)
Freddie: cook make sure あなた look after eff (faint voice)
(While hearing Freddie’s voice cook jumps up out of ベッド looking around to see there’s no one there)
Cook: Freddie! Come back man
(Cook walks over to the bedroom door and peaks at the landing and walks slowly towards the stairs...
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trailer for chapter 5 of my TVD story The Host :)
the host
ファン fiction
chapter 5 the reunion
may 17 2012
THIS STORY IS RATED M for mature due to but not limited to, sex refferences, sexual descriptions, scenes that if taken the wrong way can be throught of as rape, though it isn't, and for course language! BUT THE STORIES AWESOME!
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Pest of bad.. (it will take with in 2 days for the Doomer) (and get rid of those dibs worm baby's) (that sounds awesome) (looks like its raining...) (ima take a rest for now) now back to INVADER BADRAY IN INVADER ZIM 2.

"hey bad wake up" *why is Gaz waking me up?* "uh yeah what is it Gaz..." she look worry.. But why "did あなた seen Gir".. "um no and why あなた worry あなた never worry for any one..?" Gaz gave a angry look "I'm not worry I'm just saying where's ガー he was around here than gone?" I look around than back at Gaz

"are あなた sure cuz he do this a lot?" Gaz open one eye as meaning what I mean...
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Hello to all !

Here is a fiction based on Tokio Hotel and actor Thomas Dekker (and his band).

Find out why, the friend of Tom Kaulitz (Thomas Dekker), met in an American 表示する "Stars Dance Ice" (Ice Dance with the Stars),
could not collaborate musically with Tokio Hotel. And why, Tom Kaulitz regrets having made フレンズ with him during the show, then dragging his group into a descent into Hell that they would never have
imagined living one day, discovering the darkness and taboos of the American world.

It's a science fiction fiction, horror, やおい / het and +18

Inspired by:

- American Satan
- Village of the Damned
- Invasion Los Angeles / They Live
- The Strain
- V (2009)
- The Magicians

- 本 によって David Icke

Good reading.

> 動画 : link
> Blog : link
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Sakura's P.O.V.

"Naruto there あなた are" I said. "Yeah I'm here now let's get going" he said. "Ok lets find Sasuke and the others." "Why" he asked. The 質問 took me off guard "so we can defeat this creature" I reminded him. "We can't defeat him" he said."Did NARUTO -ナルト- just-" I started. "No don't be silly" I told myself "Naruto would never give up."

A few 分 Later

Soon most of us were reunited but everyone was 芝居 strange. Hinata was being really mean, Sasuke was holding a dirty piece of paper and 芝居 as if it were valuable,Konohomaru didn't want anyone having fun, and NARUTO -ナルト- had given...
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both sonic shadow were fast a sleep in pods siguiente to there new forms both sonic shadow add mask on there faces tubes in there bodies sonic pod fill with ice blue chaos water sonic was glowing ice blue shadow pod fill with ruby red chaos water sonic future self age 15 in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite ageless/immortality エメラルド blue ice blue quills like lighting ice blue round his エメラルド green eyes 桃, ピーチ arms chest tummy chest 毛皮 like silver ice blue wind marks on his arms for head sides long tail ice white エメラルド red inhibitor ring on his hand silver wind marks on it end of part 1
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