FAIRY TAIL(フェアリーテイル) Make your own Fairy Tail wizard

Blaze_of_Ares posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 02:28AM
You must make your own and cannot use the original characters.
1.Minimize cussing
2.Don't make your character too strong
3.No killing of other people's character
4.You can only have one character, if you wanna change, kill off your character and make a new one.
5.You can use original characters, to talk to or fight or etc, but make sure it's what they would really say and do what they really do.

Now, to make a wizard just tell us the following:




Place of living-





Pet[pets count as a member of Fairy Tail](optional)-


Any other things you would like us to know-

You can make your own kind of magic or use the original.
Makarov is DEAD. Yeah, we did a 5 years time skip. Mirajane is Guild Master


Blaze Phoenix(me)
Tierra Blanchett(temari101)
Saara Silverkin(Jennifer0)
Ginger the Exceed[pet](Jennifer0)
Alyss NightShade(Okuni)
Alek "The Monster" Valentine(AceDarkwolf17)
Seimon Kagnos(TheAdventGhost)
Omen Redcliff(wolfmaster3000)
Raion the lion Exceed[pet](wolfmaster3000)
Nami wingslayer(natcy08)
Black Leopard[pet](natcy08)
Blade Panther(GGMist)
Verdict the Exceed(GGMist)
Miyuki IceFyre(musicxgirl18)
Sasuke Uchiha(Sasuke106)
Rikku Caster(MyBlueDragon)
Ace the falcon[pet](MyBlueDragon)
Lily Cross(Animated_Heart)
Kiki the wolf[pet](Animated_Heart)
Chazz Fay(Jupiter305)
Shinji Elion(mcterra)
Ciel Taramaru(Gray-Dragneel)
Kai Hitaru(Gray-Dragneel)

Take your jobs here: link
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1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *stiffles a giggles but holds it in*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Valeon: *he looked over to Erza, his face turned more red*
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1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade:stop it natsu you know im stronger
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *punches shade across the room into the wall* You are both strong so shut up! *Sucks on a cherry lolly pop.* where are the other girls.
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: *he looked over* Let's see, Lucy's here, Cana's here, Erza's here,
Valeon: Don't say that name, *his face still becoming extremely bright red*
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade:ow why did you do that
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*gets up*
1年以上前 heart-of_love said…
Yuki smiles "no thanks i dont want to dance."
Towa watches everyone closely and carefully
"see anything un normal?" Yuki asks
"not unless you call that not normal." She says pointing at a guy changing his appearance.
"its him lets approach slowly" Yuki remarks
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Sorry, but no fighting.

Erza: Thats right boys no fighting.

Candie: Oh you mean erza. Oh she is definatly not you type by the way. Her hearts sent on a certian blue haired fugetive right....Erza??

Erza: W-what! *Blushes at candies statement*

Cana: You know she right *hic* Just look at that face *hic*

Candie: so Its true. Oh by the way you and jellal would make a great couple. I mean can you not smell the phermons in the air.

Erza: you really think so ?*Blushes*

Candie: everyone does.

Lucy: Yep.

Cana: The cards don't lie.

Erza: Thank you, but I don't know where he is.

Candie: Don't worry you see him soon. Very soon.
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*sees natsu trying to get my two huge sword out of a post*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Valeon: [Heh, should've known... Of course Jellal's in my way, aaaaaaaaaaah damn it, what does he have that I don't, it's probably that damn blue hair... Everyone girl in here is practically a lover!]
Seimon: Um, Valeon?
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*climbs up the post and takes the swords out of it*
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *leans over to seimon and whispers* He having a huge heated discussion in his head and he not happy.

Lucy: natsu I do not think that is wise to touch his swords. *Trying to prevent natsu from getting hurt or worst*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Well... Guess you can't blame him, he did have a bit of a crush on Erza, he never really thought about Jellal liking Erza too.
Valeon: *he rushed out*
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1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: You should your brother should get some brotherly advice. Don't you think.
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Might as well, he's gonna need it.
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
(new character)

Age- 13

Magic- revolver magic

Place of living- with shade

Weapons(optional)-a silver revolver

Appearance- blond hair,glasses,red jacket with no sleeves and his right arm looks like a dragons

Personality- can be happy sometime and gets mad very fast

Birthday(optional)- same as shades

Any other things you would like us to know- he is shades brother
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1年以上前 shade2013 said…
vash:shade lets fight
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: No fighting in the guild so take it outside. *then walk to the request board*
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade:ok little brother
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*me and vash walk outside*
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Name- Bell Sannuze

Age- 16

Magic- Ice make

Place of living- Tree of solitude in the forest.

Weapons(optional)- none

Appearance- White hair and white/redish eyes. Pettie and cute. Pretty short for her age

Personality- Cold, Ice Queen, rarely kind. Hates acholol and has a weakness to cute things.

Birthday(optional)- Unknown (raised herself)

Pet- None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend- None

Any other things you would like us to know- don't be a afraid to talk to her she doesn't bite she freezes. If she wanted to she would of've done it a long time ago.
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 Name- ベル Sannuze Age- 16 Magic- Ice make Place of living- 木, ツリー of solitude in the forest
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*vash takes his revolver out and shoots a explosive bullet*
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Bell: *walking away from a cheerful mirajane.* Ugh......
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Valeon,
Valeon: That was too embarrassing,
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Hi I'm candie who are you?
Bell: Bell and I'm leaving.
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*cauphs then punches vash and he goes flying*
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade;ow my hand!
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: There's more girls, you'll find one,
Valeon: ....
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*walks back in fairy tail*
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Bell: What happened to you? *she asks shade?*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: Listen, Millianna,
Valeon: Cat, cat, cat cat cat cat!!!!
Seimon: [someone's hot blooded]
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Who's Milianna?
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: She's part of the Mermaid Heel guild,
Valeon: Cat cat cat cat cat cat!!!!
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade:my brother wore metal and i punched it
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Bell: Well that was stupid.

Candie: Oh...Cool
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
shade:i didnt know he was wearing it
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1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Valeon: I have to find her, *he sped off*
Seimon: There he goes again, maybe he has more of a chance.
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Bell: Well no knuckle head now you know.
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Guys I think it time for me to go back to fairy hills because I am pretty tired from today.
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
*sleeps on horizantel post*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: You go ahead, I guess I should chase Valeon to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.
1年以上前 shade2013 said…
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *wakes up in her room* Ah~That was good..
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Valeon: *came back to Seimon* I can't find her,
Seimon: Did you really try?
Valeon: Too hard....
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *now in the bathtub* Ah.....This feels amazing..*start sucking on another lolly pop*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Seimon: You'l find her... Just give it time.
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: *dressed and ready to leave* The morning sun is sure pretty? *looks out the window*
1年以上前 TheAdventGhost said…
Valeon: *sigh*
Seimon: Alright, well, you just sit tight in Fairy Tail, I'll take a look around,
Valeon: You're a good brother.
1年以上前 Issydragonheart said…
Candie: Hi guys *walks into the guild bright and bubbly with a lolly pop in her mouth again.*