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It was a beautiful night at Neathia. I stood outside the 城 and looked at the beautiful stars shining. It brought me much memories. These were memories when we saved Neathia. I remember Dan, Ren, Marucho, Jake and Shun. I missed them. But most of all i missed the guy who helped me in the first place. He's also the reason Neathia is peaceful now. No もっと見る wars. He's the guy who helped me to convince the others that my story was true. He was closest to me back then. And he was the one i cared for the most. Hi's name is Shun Kazami. Every time we talked my ハート, 心 pounded. I miss him so much....
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Hello! This is me, FabiaXshun4evah, and just wanted too tell あなた ShunXfabia ファン that I will be making a story, that is coming soon... and the タイトル will be "Love is in the bag". But for now, I'm just giving あなた the summary.
Fabia's crush on Shun isn't so secret anymore, as Alice and the gang worked on Fabia's confidence and got the dense Shun Kazami to finally notice our sometimes leather (because Fabia sometimes turns into a bag when she gets excited) heroine.

However, here comes Chan Lee, the beautiful blonde (let's just say that Chan Lee...
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