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This is 秒 in the series of (planed) three 記事 on characters. This one includes SPOILERS as well and the goal is still the same: To find all the characters that appear in all three books.

Characters that actualy appear:
Eragon - 16 years, Rider
Saphira - Eragon's dragon
Angela - witch and herbalist
Arya - an elf that エラゴン saved, about a century old
Jörmundur - Ajihad's right hand
Nasuada - Ajihad's doughter and クイーン of Varden after her father's death
Murtagh - Morzan's son, latter becomes Rider
Orik - dwarf and Eragon's friend
Jarsha - a young boy that shows エラゴン the way to the Council...
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This 記事 is to point out the differences between the Book エラゴン and the Film Eragon, which was a great disappointment to many fans, including me. So here we go, my information is from the InheriWiki.

Book- エラゴン had brown hair and brown eyes.
Film- エラゴン had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Book- エラゴン was fifteen at the start of the story.
Film- エラゴン was seventeen at the start of the story.

Book- The gedwëy ignasia mark is a サークル, 円 and glows silver if the Dragon Rider uses a spell または reaches for magic.
Film- The gedwëy ignasia is in the shape of an 'e'.

Book- Zar'roc has a ゴールド pommel with...
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This is the last in series of three articles. Like あなた probably got from the title, it's a 一覧 of characters. :) But beware! It include SPOILERS!

Characters that actualy appear:
(the categories humans, dwarfs, elves, urgals and ドラゴン are often just assumpted)
Angela - witch and herbalist
Albreich and Baldor - Horst's sons
Birgit - Quimby's wife
Calitha - woman from Carvahall
Carn - Varden spellcaster
Delwin - man from Carvahall
Darmmen - man from Carvahall
Denwood - Galbytorix's soldier
Edric - Varden captain
Elain - Horst's wife
Elva - witch-child; result of Eragon's gone wrong blessing
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This is the first 記事 in series of (planed) three. I intend to write down every character that was ever mentioned によって name and maybe add a physical discritipion and some background, so if あなた haven't read the book and if あなた don't want to find out yet, don't read this, since it probably includes some SPOILERS!
The main point of this is to find all characters that appear in all three books, so that we may guess who the third Raider is!
So lets do this! *incredibly optimistic face*

Characters that actualy appear:
Arya - an elf, black hair, dark green eyes
Eragon - 15 years, brown eyes
Sloan - butcher,...
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posted by ilovereading
"When the ドラゴン realized that thirteen of them own had betrayed them - that those thirteen were helping Galbatorix to eradicate the rest of their race and that it was unlikely anyone could stop their rampage - the ドラゴン grew so angry, every dragon not of the Forsworn combined their strenght and wrought one of their inexplicable pieces of magic. Together, they stripped the thirteen of their names. [/.../] And as a result, the thirteen were reduced to little もっと見る that animals. No longer could they say "I like this" または "I dislike that" または "I have green scales," for to say that would be to...
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Dedicated to all brainwashed servants, mindless zombies and Murtaghs out there.

Why wait for エラゴン to save you? によって fallowing these five simple steps, あなた should be able to free yourself of Galbatorix's mind control in no time.

1. Hold nothing dear to you.
Otherwise, Galbatorix is bound to use it against you. Familiy, friends, your life,... if あなた value any of these あなた are a perfect target for evil rulers. If あなた don't... well あなた won't hold any of them for long, but あなた won't be a mind slave either.

2.Change your true name at least once per week.
It's like changing the location of your hidden...
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posted by kelseyjayne25
Here are some name meanings I came up with>

Eragon: Vast Adventure
Arya: pure
Murtagh: foggy day
oromis: exalted one
Galbatorix: calm, mysterious rebel/ maker of trouble
Nasuada: dares to persuade
Islanzadi: prosperous island
orik: happy light
roran: fierce, swift
brom: ?
ajihad: peace
glaedr: glad one

-based on combinations of names in naming books

And here are the important event in the first book>

1. the shade
2. brom tells about the riders p.31
3. saphira hatches p.36
4. Garrow dies p.90
5. eragon's sword p.101
6. snowfire p.117
7. a feat of magic p.133
8. fighting p.160
9. flying p.161- 162
10. angela & jeod p. 179
11. Fortune told p.203
12. Murtagh p.267
13. mind searching p. 339
14. Ajihad explains p.402
15. elva's creation p. 428
16. Arya vs. エラゴン p. 459
17. Battle p. 479
18. end p. 497
posted by ilovereading
I was just wondering about fourth and last book of Inheritance Cycle, what will happen, who will end up with who... Here are some conclusions and potencial spoilers (lol, only Paolini knows if they are). コメント about what あなた think, and we will see how much of it will come true!

I have this wierd feeling it`s going to be Arya, and that is for two reasons:
The last dragon is green. Of what colour are Ayra`s eyes? Green. One of her relatives has a rider`s sword. Of what colour? Green.
And Paolini has this something for the colour of ドラゴン and swords...
Besides, none of...
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posted by mikejoe123
I woke up to the thunder outside as i woke up, i could hear my brother Jake, talking to my father. "Do あなた think he will find out about it?" He asked "no" replied my dad i walked in as if i didn't even hear them. "Hey guys whats up?" "Oh nothing." My dad gave him a nudge. "Oh um ドレイク, ドレーク we were wondering if あなた want to go hunting later?" Sure why not. "Great he says." So as we were in the woods i noticed a small egg it looked as if it were a pigeons egg. But it was different so he thought he would raise a bird, after all he had always wanted a pet. "Hey ドレイク, ドレーク lets get back ホーム its not too long before dinner. "Alright as they were going he ran into Emily. " oh hi drake". She says "hi Emily." i was just gonna ask if maybe あなた wanted to get something to eat later?" Uh sure." As they were going he noticed something in the air he wondered if it could be a shooting 星, つ星 because it was way to big to be a bird.
エラゴン was tired of fighting. His arms were heavy, and his mind was confused によって fatigue. But he knew he couldn’t stop fighting now. The elfmagicans were tired, he was tired, Saphira was tired, but so were Thorn and Murthag too. And エラゴン still had the power from Oromis’ sword which he had transferred into Brisingr.
Thorn attacked again. Whit his enormous jaws open he launched himself downwards against Saphiras back. But Saphira was to fast. With an easy 移動する she got out of Thorns path, and Thorn passed によって her with direction to the ground.
Eragon reacted on instinct. <Follow after him...
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Ok, here is a 一覧 of things that, によって my opinion, would make Eragon`s life much easier.

1.Swear he won`t swear anything to Galbatorix in ancient language. That way, the evil king could break through ウォール with his head and still not be able to control Eragon.
And ask Murtagh to do the same (= important part).

2.Stop falling for elf chichs, 70 years (or something like that) older then himself, and get a 日付 (or life).

3.Quit researcing his family tree. Every normal person would. 次 thing will probably be that Galbatorix is his grandfather and Elva his sister.

4.Take a break from falling into stupid...
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