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The risky tango between unhappiness and happiness
My life is poetry
I just breathe and it’s Rimbaud
Even suffering can be a journey when あなた enjoy it
Spent a season in hell but I only got a tan
I’m good
I smile for my dear mama
I look exactly like my dad
So if I cry, I’m afraid I would see him crying
And I smile for my dad
So no one will ever be hurt over my tears again
Who cares if I can’t fly like before?
I survived it
I was lifted up then came down
What built up wasn’t stress but mileage
The world said, “The show’s over”
With cold smiles and sneers
Everyone pretending they can’t hear me...
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Your cold eyes and words are the spoiler
In your every action, I see our end
I tell myself it’s not true but I feel the spoiler
Should I watch till the end? または should I leave now?
What if there’s a twist?

What are あなた thinking? Only after I ask twice, あなた look at me
Once again, あなた give me an answer that’s not really an answer
Maybe it’s gonna rain tomorrow
You look out the window again
These days, I see a lot of your side profile
You let out a sigh and I freeze up in the overflowing silence
Thinking bad things that I shouldn’t be thinking
I know
My intuitions are dangerous
If I take one step,...
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I’m a born hater
Dali バン Picasso
I’m Velazquez, Millet, el fuckin Greco,
It’s my echo, the feel of a VJ, shit
You’re all cheap versions of Blo, my imitators and pupils, shit
This is how my personality always is
Even if there’s no problem, fuck em
So I understand why あなた attack me
They say to me, be a man, why あなた act like a bitch
Want me to take off my pants and let it all out?
TaJinYo, you’re cute, I’m trying to 愛 ya
It doesn’t go with my paradoxical life
My collapsed fortune tries to draw infinity
Your useless complexes, no matter how much あなた try to go against me, it’s your...
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Turn me in
Cocaine in your ears
Just like Blo
Your nose will tingle, you’ll be moved, your brain
Cobaine, explosion
Another legend, baby
When I give birth to a song, caring daddy
Like Lennon, Kennedy, Coltrane’s parents
I X-in 愛 you
Say no, no, no to drugs
Put your earphones in instead of needles
Even セレブ line up for my music, like propofol

My rap’ll jump above your heads for the 次 10 years, it’ll get louder
Floor noise
I 移動する across generations
My name was found もっと見る on medical charts than 音楽 charts
A killer rhythm that danced with b-boys who were hotter than the Billboard Hot 100...
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On October 15, YG's CEO revealed to 星, つ星 News, "For Epik High's 8th album, I didn't let them work and record fully at the YG studios. I'm sure they were struggling going around outside studios working."

The renowned CEO stated that there were some people who assumed that after Epik High signed with the company they would be turned into a YG styled artist but he cleared the speculation saying that it is not the case. He said, "I really enjoy Epik High's style of 音楽 even from before and I still do now."

Yang Hyun Suk continued, "This is not true. And I think it is a prejudice that some people...
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Who 発言しました 愛 is sweet?
We fight every day
Every second, minute, every damn hour
Even when あなた win, あなた lose in this game
Don’t wanna play
I avoid your eyes but I’m good at sensing your mood
If I put my head down in surrender first, あなた ridicule me
“Do あなた even know what あなた did wrong?”
I’m used to it now
Everything but your faults is a crime
I protect my lonely innocence with もっと見る of my sins
I do it もっと見る when あなた tell me not to
I understand twice when あなた misunderstand at once

Oh no. Not again.
We can’t to go sleep like this
Oh no. Not again.
Winning means losing so let’s go till the end

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She wanted to fly like a bird
So she bought an airplane ticket
He wanted to place the sky and ocean in his hands
So he bought a big globe
Everyone places a price tag on their dreams
But no matter how much あなた spend, the shopping カート of your ハート, 心 keeps growing
People buy things even as they loan money
But is it too wasteful to live as あなた dream?
You’re looking for an answer, where your pocket is
Baby, あなた don’t even know what the problem is
Your bucket 一覧 is your shopping list
But the life あなた miss
You take proof 写真 but あなた make no memories
You can endure hunger but not pain
Your stomach is like...
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What’s the use of telling you?
I won’t beg for being comforted
I hate selling my emotions
I’m stingy with happiness
Words I hate もっと見る than “you pay” is “have strength”
Alcohol, people, everything
I get drunk easily and have messy endings
I get mad easily and ruin the fun
Even when it seems like I’m so happy

I end things as if I hate it so much, I could kill
I’m still perfectly breathing after the break up anyway
So don’t do the thing that kills and buries the heart
Don’t ask me if I’m alright
What I want is the indifference that resembles me
The whole world is 芝居 so damn dramatic...
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