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posted by deedragongirl
 Emperor Franz Joseph and Sissi.
Emperor Franz Joseph and Sissi.
Hi guys, I actually stumble on the musical after my fascination with Austrian history grew from my visit to Central Europe. Including Vienna, so here is my review on the 人気 German musical base on the Empress of Austria-Hungary.

The Story

Okay, as あなた all maybe familiar with the Romy Schneider's Sissi Trilogy films. This musical is another classic example of the Empress's life, however unlike the trilogy and the 90's animated series which portrays Sissi's relationship with Franz Joseph as a happy and lovely couple. The musical is actually a straightforward biopic story.
Her life is somewhat...
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The ill fated Empress of Austria was born as Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria on クリスマス eve, December 24 1837, which ironically promises a happy and fulfilled life. To her friends, family and numerous admirers worldwide, she was known simply as "Sisi." While Elisabeth never indulged in politics, aside from her influence on the unification of Austria and Hungary, she become known and revered worldwide as a cultural icon; a tragic beauty who spent all her life trying to break free from conventional court protocol and live freely on her own terms.

Elisabeth was spoiled from early age によって her eccentric...
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