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posted by Cries_Bloodlova
Theres a gurll named Jenni she was Sad. Veri Sad. Till 1 日 she was Riding The bus a Guy She Relly Liked Sat 次 2 her. She put Her Head Down as He staired At her. Poofy blk Hair n her ピンク plushy lips. as She Got Off The bus he Flowed.
"hi. im Paul" he 発言しました Jenni Kept Walking
"hello. Xuse me" he ConTinued
"What! She Yelled
"O nothing i Just wanted 2 say hi"
"Yea ok" she 発言しました Veri sad, n Then Turned n walked away.
when she Gets ホーム She Looks herself in The mirror. n She cried. She Cried The Rest of The nite.Y cuz she loved him. n They Could Never b.
She cut Her Wrist Deeply.The Way Her ハート, 心 Feels. Then She Feel asleep.
The 次 Day, She Got up blood Was EveryWhere.She knew Y.
So She Got Ready 4 Skool.
Waiting 4 The bus Paul Came Bakk.
"Um u look nice today." He said
Jenni Felt like criing.
"Ok" she Contiued
He Reached Out 4 Her Hand.Took it in his.
Holdin hands 2 brokin Hearts Becom 1.....as Jenni Looks Up She Thinks *it cant b it Wont b in it will never b*....
posted by Cries_Bloodlova
as they Bored the bus hand in hand, people began to stare. They sat down 次 to each other opon the bus. The road in sighlents. While there Paul Leaves Jenni To chill out with His Friends...Paul was no エモ guy but Still Jenni liked him. When he was Done Chatting away Jenni was sitting all alone.
"hey." he 発言しました sheepishly.
"hello." Jenni Replied.
"are あなた ready to go to class?" he asked. She nodded.
Three mouths Later Jenni and paul have been dateing Jenni Had Fallin deeply in 愛 With Paul and Paul Felt the same way, または did he. One 日 When Jenni was sitting in The park Paul Ran up to her Screaming....
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posted by Cries_Bloodlova
Many mounth Has Past Since Pauls Death. Jenni Never forgot About Him. She Blames Herself. One 日 Afterschool She Was Trying to head into the Bathroom. But The Door was Locked She Looked around. No Was Looking at her. She headed into The boys Bathroom. She whent into her Stall. She Thought about Paul. She missed Paul Deeply....Her ハート, 心 Felt like it Was Being Blow up. She Takes her Blade And Slice her Wrist. She Takes her Blood and Draw What She Thinks Her ハート, 心 looks like now. Deformed Black And Bloody Holes Missing Parts. She Covered Her arm And walked Out of the Stall But Someone Came in...
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posted by munchie97
i 愛 エモ everything i 愛 エモ guys and エモ girls hair but i know i could never pull off the エモ look :( wish i could but i just know i could never pull it off :( <3 all emos <3
エモ r so awesome and people that hate on them can go die cause they know nothing about them everyone is different from everyone else people should stop hating on emo's and hating on there self's for saying things about emo's
they r half the reason people become エモ (only half) they r bullies and bullies can get fucked cause no one ever did shit to them so they don't need to say shit about other people.
posted by montgomeryraina
Love, what does it mean
is it the way that he looks at you
his eyes glossy and stagnent.
Is it the way his arms mold
forming to your body
his heat permeating
spreading through out your

Love, how does it happen
is it at first sight
または does it form over time?
Does is occur with old friends
または complete strangers?

Love, is it for real
is he going to be there
for あなた for the rest of
your natural life
または is he going to leave
あなた rotting away
like the promises he made?

Love, is it really worth it?
posted by Cries_Bloodlova
The 次 日 was Saturday. Jenni Awoken from her Slumber. She yawns. it was 8 am. Bradiee was gonna pick her up at 9:00. Jenni hurryed into the bathroom to take care of her hygeine. once She was Done it was 8:45 Bradiee was gonna be There soon. Jenni Was Wearing ライム Green Skinnys, A purple シャツ That 発言しました in ライム green, "To Write 愛 on Her Arms", Her hair was That poofy black as normal. Eyeliner like always for her make up. She Wacthed a lil Sponge bob. Then There Was a honk. It was Bradiee. Jenni gets up and heads to his car.

at the Resterant Bradiee Tryed to inlighten Things with Jenni....
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posted by munchie97
i hate this feeling, i hate how one person make me feel this way, everything i think about is him then stuff like this happens and i just don't no what to do it's like a dark 雲, クラウド over my head that just won't go away, everything i do everything i think is about him sometimes just makes me want to cry v.v he is my world but im he's nothing, he doesn't even no that i feel this way because im to scared to tell him, maybe its my felt maybe i was in the wrong maybe i should just keep it to my self whatever i do, do. i have to be strong and wait for my montent and take it with both hands. if i believe that everything well be ok it well be (i hope) (baby あなた light up my world like no body else) this was for all the broken ハート, 心 on some level i no how it feels even though im single i do no how it feels
i hope あなた liked 読書 it as i did 書く it
posted by Cries_Bloodlova
it was a late wednsday when Bradiee and jenni was strolling through the park. it has been about six months since they met.
"so you've been quite distant lately." jenni 発言しました to bradiee.
"oh i just been so busy latly that あなた know i havent had time to あなた know really hang"
"oh isee." so they walked and talked and altho tears may have fell 愛 was the one thing that has Risin. または so she thought
'come on come on pick up your phone bradiee.God whyisent he awncering his E-mails its been about 4 weeks." slowly and sighly jenni lets the ナイフ slice throght her heart, of the accepting that he actualy left her.
"no. Never agian will i 愛 ever ever ever!!!"