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Source: Me >:U N DNT FUCKING レポート IT.
Livi: (whispers 2 shadow) u know wat lets get married now i mean were in college and 18 so we can
Shadow: where in hs XD n im not sure if we can marry like now lets just wait until where 25 ^^
Livi: DX
Rouge: (hearing them) :( </3
Eiza: (where pjs) HAPPY >:U
Shadow/sonic: no :l
Amy: (hits sonic)
Livi: (hit shadow) i can take of my pjs if u wnt 2 >:(
shadow: calm down eiza ._. ....
Eiza; ok ^3^
Bri/fione/scrouge/tori/krisha/tailsica/knukles/tails/cream/mina/lune/victoria/luna: (knoucks the door)
Eiza: (opens it) come in ^3^
Every1: (came)
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Source: me n took a hr =33
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(bell ring)
Sonic: come shadz were late =l
shadow: ii im coming
(every1 leaves)

ms. venus: every1 take a シート, 座席 imma, tell u where 2 site ^3^ Amy sit w/ Eiza, Livi' sit next2 sonic, shadow sit next2 Rouge, tails sit next2 knuckles, starlight sit 次 2 tori, lune sits 次 2 krisha , Fiona sit w/ brianna n luna is going 2 sit 次 scrouge.. if u have problems w/ ut シート, 座席 will, 2 BAD...ALL we all clear!?

every1: yes =3=
venus: (start taching)
every1: (sits on a sign seats)
livi: (thew paper at shadow)
shadow: (opens wat' it says) *reads it* i luv u babe ;3
rouge: (saw it) .........:l
livi: ;3
shadow: ^^

g2g srry is short part 3 is coming)
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Source: me if u wanna know how 2 do tht then ill give u the link
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