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(mean while w/ live)

Livi: (ran to shadow's dorm) SHADOW DX
Shadow: Omg whats worng livi? =.O im a little tierd :l
:Livi: shadow i need u (kisses his check) i 愛 u 2 much 2 loose u and i heard ezia read rouge's diary and she has pics of u and rouge キス (starts 2 cry) and she wants 2 kill me if me and rouge get in another fight (hugs shadow) plzz dont ever leave me i want 2 b with u and only u
Shadow: O_O Wtf......WAIT TH-THEY SAW PICS OF ME N ROUGE キッス !?!?!
Livi: yeah D''XX
Shadow: i only キッス her in the truth または dare tht was a lie ok baby(im sooo gonna kill eiza n lune >:l)
Livi: BUT...
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Eiza: (driveing) Girls do u got everything ready?
Rouge/Amy/Bri: yeah -3-
Eiza: ok C:
Rouge: do we even have 2 sleep in hs in our dorm?
Eiza; u dnt have 2 but if we live far will yeah <_<...
Rouge: SIGH -3-'
Eiza: where almost there
Brianna: .......if the kids from last 年 is there im sooo gonna die DX ;n;
Eiza: will i think theyre is but they only 1 is not is Alex she moved in Californa :l
Eiza; Ik.....shes not rlly like that when she eats キャンディー she gets annoying n hyper n ik who is giving her キャンディー tho -3-'
Bri: WHO!?
Eiza: Shadow <_<
Bri: UGH!! -3-''
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posted by --Rouge--
im srry i didn't wort anything DX N that i took so long i was busy n i dnt have no ideas DX XC

Eiza: (@the hospitable ) (go2 rouge room ) R U OK D=!?!

Rouge: yeah im fine is ok ^3^

eiza: =( i feel bad right now ;n;
doctor: plz get out i have 2 check on her....

eiza: ok plz b ok rouge ;n;
rouge: i will =(
eiza: *leaves*

-meanwhile w/ livi...n shadow....-
Livi: (get in her room) shadow wher---(looks@him) there u r D= i was so worry!! D:
shadow: im alright babe ;)

livi: babe i was planning if we can...u know? >/////<

shadow: babe i cnt :l
livi: y not!?
shadow: cuz rouge got hurt so i cnt do it w/ u n idk if im ready :/
livi: alright Dx
shadow: ok ^^
tailsica: (bust in the room) OMG IS ROUGE IS OK!? (look@livi evily)
livi: ?-?

wats gonna happen next? g2g part 21 is coming soon~
Shadow: Soooo........<_<....hows ur day?
Brianna: it was good hows ur sexy day
Shadow: (at first i thought she hates me now she likes me im counfus e_e) it was drama like always
Bri: ugh i understand about drama n romance -3-' going on...
Shadow: yeah....
Bri: So why r u dating livi if shes u know what <_<'
Shadow: a what
Brianna: start w/ a "S"
Shadow: n how did u know...?
Brianna: cuz i know her in a very long time n she stold my bf ;n; (hugs him) my ハート, 心 was very broken (plz the plan is working ;u;)
Shadow: Rlly?
bri: yes :'( (>:) ) but im starting 2 have this feeling tho....
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Livi: (goes 2 the gym) shadow! (unties him) wat happened?
Shadow: Eiza tied me =3=
Livi: why cuz of rouge xD
Shadow: YES >:U

(when skool was over eiza was the dorm)
Eiza: Rouge AMy..........HARRY UP DX< I GOTTA PUT MY PJS
(amy n rouge came out)
Eiza: i wnt tht pj it looks so cute n rouge u looks sexy D|<
Rouge: ty
Eiza: (going in the bathroom puting her pjs)
Sonic:: (knoucks the door)
Amy: (opens it)
Sonic:Amy whe--- (looks at amy blushing)
Amy: u like it sonic i put this all 4 u ;3 (boobs on him)
Sonic: (noice bleed) (covers it) i-i-i-is n-n-nice Amy ( fuck she looks sexy -3-U )
Amy: ;) (hold his...
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Eiza: (go 2 her dorm) EVery1 get out im sleep (brown eyes)
Krisha: xD i can even tell
Silver: Can i stay
Eiza: Can i kick ur balls?
Silver: (screams like a girl) NOOO DX
Eiza: Blaze....Is he drunk again =3=?
Blaze: Yes....
Eiza: Where the heak did he get thoes beers?
Blaze: @his house he brink 50 beers on his....
Eiza: oh ok bye...
Blaze: bye ^^
(every1 leaves but Lune)
Lune: こんにちは Eiza ^^ ummmm can i ask u somethin?
Eiza: yea sure? :/
Lune: Is about shadow
Eiza: u like him xD?
Lune: ni....Use 2 </////<U
Eiza: oh so what is it?
Lune: um does Shadow rlly likes livi または rouge..?
Eiza: ( i swear if this drama...
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
Eizabella: こんにちは Shadow
Shadow: Hey
Eizabella: u know there is a dance club coming
Shadow: Yeah
Eizabella: im going 2 the mall and buy something hot 4 me
Shadow: u do that i get really ok
Eizabella: ok
(at the mall)
Eizabella: (buying stuff)
Scrouge: こんにちは Eizabella
Eizabella: Leave me alone
Scrouge: Why
Eizabella: Cuz i know what u gonna do
SScrouge: ok r u going 2 the club
Eizabella: yeah
Scrouge: o ok >)
Eizabella: Bye!
Scrouge: Bye
(at the club)
Sonic/ scrouge/shadow: OMG
Eizabella: What
Sonic/scrouge/shadow: Nothing
Eizabella: Shadow do u want 2 dance with me..(blush)
Shadow: Yeah
(eizabella and shadow danceing)...
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