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posted by --Rouge--
Livi: Ok shadow when we going 2 play spin the battal u better not キッス any of the girls...ok? if it pick Lune tori rouge eiza または who ever dnt キッス them plz =( just quit the game.
Shadow: ok...same 4 u babe
livi: ok honey ^^

(mean while w/ rouge n eiza)
Rouge: um eiza is it better is we can play in the boys gym?
Eiza: Why? XD
Rouge: 2 bother knucklehead XD n hange out w/ shadow a little XD
Eiza: ok lets go is amy is at the boys gym?
Rouge; yeah she is XD w/ sonic of course
Eiza: Ok XD i hope shje dnt get emberece
Rouge: o will thts her -3-
Eiza: lets go 2 the boys gym C:
Rouge: ok

(eiza n rouge gos 2 de boys gym)
Rouge: (saw knuckes) こんにちは knucklehead wat r u doing this time? ;3
Knuckles: Nothing rouge leave me alone >:l
Rouge: no need 2 b rude u know >:l
Knuckles: sigh just go
Rouge: im woundering if u wanna go out w/ me
Knuckles: o//o GET OUT ROUGE >:///U N NO I HAVE E A GF! >//U
Rouge: sigh fine =l (leave )
posted by --Rouge--
Elisa: whitch dorm is she? NO WAIT im just gonna find her my self...>:3 *runs*
Shadow: How The HELL! she go 2 this school? O_o...
Elisa:....Easy...but im not telling u...>:3
Shadow: ......<_> *runs 2 livi's dorm*
Elisa: *run afterhim*
Shadow: *kicks livi's dorm* LIVI GTFOUT OF HERE NOW!
Livi: W-why? O_o
Shadow: JUST GO!
Livi: *gos out the window*
Shadow: *go afterher*
Elisa: ....*go 2 livis room* where is this b***?
Rouge: *go 2 livi's room* Shadow dude there *looks at elisa* E-elisa W-what r u doing here?
Elisa: going 2 eat livi sis what else <_>? u wnt me 2 eat u just like i ate ur...
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Sonic: Dude im tierd shadow u dnt wake me up bye =3= (sleeps at the floor)
Livi: (koucks the door)
Shadow: (open) yeah =3=
Shadow: (falls a sleep)
Livi: Rape me O_-.......
Knuckles: No u cnt stay here cuz of eiza n i dnt wnt 2 sleep at the floor =3=
Livi: ;n;
Shadow: ZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZ
Knuckles; bye =3=
Livi: ;n; (go 2 her dorm) HMPH! >:
Tori: whats worng?
Livi: i cnt sleep in shadow ;n;
Tori: u cnt do tht ull get in truble O_o....
Tori: idk.....she probly sleeped when here eyes was brown..
Livi: i still dnt...
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posted by --Rouge--
Livi: (punches scourge)get off me! rape
Scrouge: DUDE I SAY SHADOW IS NOT HERE Come on baby we done it 2 many times ;3
Livi:.......yeah when i was ur x! >:l
Scrouge: ugh ur a worthles slut im out of here >:l (leaves)
Livi: ugh......(go 2 sleep)

(meanwhile in shadow dream)
Shadow: zZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZ =.=
(shadow's dream)
Shadow: こんにちは Livi happy Valentines 日 ^3^ (give her a kiss)
:Livi" aww thz ^//3//^ btw shadow im going 2 a valentines say w/ my best friend Valor ^3^
Shadow: oh him ok ^^...................
Livi: WHo r u going w/? n remember we both promist 2 go w/ フレンズ o n u cant go w/ rouge ^^
Shadow: then dnt go w/ valor...:l
Livi: FINE :'C
Shadow: Ok....

(i g2g imma finish it later) =3=
posted by --Rouge--
Livi: (heals shadow) u better now baby? (nuzzels him)
Shadow: NOOO DX
Livi: Ugh now i dnt like eiza shes mean!
Shadow: shes only mean 2 me n sonic n sometimes silver dnt get mad baby....
Brianna: imma tell Eiza what u say...
Livi: NO WHY!?!?! D:
Brianna: (cuz i dnt like u -3-) ugh nvm bye shadow ;//3
Shadow: (wtf O_o did she just blush??) ummm bye?...
Bri: (leaves)
Livi: Shadow if tht girl likes u dnt b フレンズ w/ her :l
Shadow: again dnt tell me what 2 do :l
Livi: fine :C

(meanwhile in the w/ krisha)
Krisha: I CNT BELIEVE I キッス U >:U
Scrouge: i thought u will like it xDD
Sonic: btw wheres Eiza Luna shadow...
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posted by sonamyshadrouge
(at the dance club)

Eizabella: Ok Shadow now we can have some fun at the club?
Shadow: ok ok lets go
Eizabella: Yay
Shadow/ Eizabella: Danceing
Scrouge: Eizabella i sorry that i rape u is that u so sexy today it feel like2 do it 2 u
Shadow: (punch him) idc what u say Scrouge even when she sexy u dont have 2 rape her bitch
Scrouge: Calling me a 雌犬 u Black ugly エモ im もっと見る sexyer than u Bitch
Shadow/ Scrouge: (fighting)
Eizabella: Stop Fighting ya 2 luna help me here
Luna: Dont worry Eizabella YA 2 STOP FIGHTING または I WILL BEAT U UP
Shadow: Ok Luna tell that green mother fucker 2 stop raping my Wife and calling her sexy and all that
Luna: Dont worry Shadow cuz i know what im gonna do 2 him
Shadow: What?

(at luna house)

Luna:(tight him up) (have a ベルト at her hand and hit him with it)
Scrouge: OWW
Luna: (keep on doing it)
Scrouge: Ow ok ok i learn my lesson can u pleas stop!!!!!
Luna: Promist me not 2 do again
Scrouge: i promis i promes pleas stop
Luna ok
posted by --Rouge--
(when it was 12:00pm)
Elisa: um wheres my dorm miss?
ms.Balla: um who r u?
ELisa: im going 2 this skool n um im ROuge's Sister
Balla: um ok u might b sleeping によって ur self cuz theres 2 new kids coming ^3^ ok cya ^^ n ur room is 335 ^^
balla: ok thx **go 2 room 335*
Rouge: (wakes up n do everything n got ready) wow 2day is saterday =U= where eiza? O_o
(at shadows dorm)
Shadow: mmmmmmmm so hot =w= (sleeping and talking)
Sonic: (wakes up) wha?
Shadow: oh Eiza
Sonic: WTF....
Eiza: what
Sonic: i think shadow is dreaming about u having sex または somethin
Eiza: e_e.......ok shhhh let me hear
Shadow: oh Eiza of cours...
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(still in shadows dream)

Livi: But what happens? :C
Shadow: ugh dnt worry n she doent like me tht way ok she likes knuckles ^^
Livi: ok C:

(3hrs later at the dance)
Rouge: (wheres a sexy cute dress) </////<U so what do u think
Shadow: O/////O(holy f*** she looks sexy tht i just wanna)
Rouge: Shadow?.....^///^?
Shadow: o is um is beateful ;///3
Rouge: R-realy
Shadow: ye-yeah <3
(shadow n rouge dancing)
Shadow: (looks at her eyes) *no i have livi*
(start a slow dance)
Rouge: (looks at his eyes)
Shadow: (kiss rouge) to tell u the truth i 愛 u rouge i alway have im in 愛 with u <3 (kiss her)...
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Livi: (teliports with shadow) shadow? im srry that stupid as scourge gave me a 愛 potion & i feel 4 it btw its a good thing u didnt キッス rouge cuse she likes u もっと見る than a friend
Shadow: i did キッス rouge first of all n secound she does not like me she likes knuckles...:l
Shadow: (thinks about 1 年 前 when shadow n eiza was together)
Eiza: Shadow why did u went out w/ me if u like rouge n rouge likes u :l...
Shadow: plz dnt ask me tht....:L n..i rlly dnt know why i went out w/ u..? :/ ur canda mean..
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posted by --Rouge--
Livi:um... i have 2 sit 次 2 the ego maniac whos the 2nd fastest thing alive seeing how i beet him in a race

Venus:.......No Livi u cant...the paper say tht u need 2 sit 次 2 sonic but a lab parner can b him.

Amy: I wanna sit 次 2 sonic DX

Livi: i wanna sit 次 2 shadow :(
Eiza: omg...<_>
Amy/Livi: PLZZZZ!!! DX
Venus: NO!
Livi/Amy: PLZZ
Eiza: STFU N LETS LEARN (cover her mouth) O_O....(organ eyes)
Venus: .....your not in truble but say it 1 もっと見る time u will.:L
Eiza: o thank god CX
Sonic: NI FAIR HOW! >:U
Venus: shes a princess....i can give her chance..
Eiza: (i prod of me)CB...
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added by StarAngle16