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*Snarkiest Scene*

Cut to Cordy typing away on the computer. Doyle lounges in the background reading a newspaper.
Cordy: "This is so awesome. Our first walk-in client. Everything is going according to plan! See girl in distress, - see Angel save girl from druggy/stalker boyfriend, - and see (pulls a paper out of the printer and holds it up) Invoice! Ta-da!"
She shows the invoice to Doyle who looks less then impressed.
Cordy: "What?"
Doyle: "Nothing. You're doing a lovely job there. Looks very official."
Cordy: "So why are you not rejoicing at out first paying client?"
Doyle: "Because that's not money you're holding in your hand there, darling, that's mail. There's a big difference between that and actually getting paid."
Cordy: "But she has to pay! - Invoice! That's the rule of our whole, like, society!"
Doyle: "Defaulting? That's another popular rule in our society - especially with the down-and-outs. Not that I've perpetrated said heinousness myself…"
Cordy: "So what are you saying. Why bother?"
Doyle: "All I'm saying is that if we're ever going to take that cruise to the Bahamas together, we're going to need a lot more clients of means."
Cordy: "And an alternate reality in which you are Matthew McConaughey."

*Favourite Banter/Argument*

Doyle: "Well, that didn't go so badly."
Cordy: "See, you can save damsel and make decent money. Is this a great country or what?!"
Doyle: "Let's march down to the bank and deposit this beauty."
Angel: "You guys go ahead. I think I'll stay here and not burst into flames."
Doyle: "Oh, right, you're pretty much the night deposit guy. Still, cause to celebrate."
Cordy: "You think everything's a cause to celebrate. We could use more of these."
Doyle: "And we'll have more of these soon."
Cordy: "We need more of these now. Have a vision."
Doyle: "I can't just perform on demand."
Cordy: "We need the clients. Have a vision."
Doyle: "That money has corrupted you."
Cordy: "If I hit you on the head, will you have a vision?"
Doyle: "Get away from me. You're insane."
Cordy: "Am not. Now will you have a vision?"

*Funniest Insult*

Cut to Angel's office.
Angel: "I scared her."
Doyle: "Sounds to me like she was scared to begin with."
Angel: "Am I intimidating? I mean - do I put people off?"
Cordy: "Well, as vampires go, you're pretty cuddly. Maybe you might want to think about mixing up the black on black look."
Angel (to Cordy): "Maybe you should talk to her. She'd feel safer."
Cordy: "When she hires us, I'll get involved."
Doyle: "Cordelia is right."
Angel: "I don't think so. I've got a bad feeling that we need get involved now. This shouldn't be about money."
Doyle: "It isn't."
Cordy: "Yeah, you should listen to.. (looks hard at Doyle) It isn't?!"
Doyle: "No, it's about doing what's best for the people you've helped. People get attached to a mysterious savior, and can you blame them? But as long as you're just a man who's doing a job, and getting paid, they can feel like they've paid their debt to you and they can move on - independent like."
Cordy: "You are a lot smarter than you look (Doyle looks at her) - Of course you look like a retard."

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1年以上前 samjhart said…
big smile
Cordelia: Batten down the hatches. Here comes Hurricane Buffy.
Doyle: You think? Maybe he's over her.
Cordelia: You have so much to learn, little Irish man.

lol only Cordelia could get away with that :)

My heart melts with this scene everytime:

Cordelia: [looking at her new place] Oh, my gosh. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
Allen Francis Doyle: [looking at her] No, never.

Angel: [to Doyle] Where'd you pick up computer skills?
Cordelia: Downloading pictures of naked women?
Allen Francis Doyle: Well, that's more or less accurate.

She knows him so well :D