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This is a dissection of the link that aired recently on the BBC. There are some spoilers but none that will in any way affect your enjoyment of the show.

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 Sad clown. Didn't they do this on Sarah Jane Adventures?
Sad clown. Didn't they do this on Sarah Jane Adventures?

 I'm liking the tricorn hat. Dredgies, maybe? We did see the ship earlier.
I'm liking the tricorn hat. Dredgies, maybe? We did see the ship earlier.

 Minotaur in a hotel hallway?
Minotaur in a hotel hallway?

 Now this just looks odd. I'll let あなた draw your own conclusions.
Now this just looks odd. I'll let あなた draw your own conclusions.

 Girl in the closet... または is it a girl?
Girl in the closet... または is it a girl?

 Amy has a gun and she appers to be pointing it at the doctor. This does not look good for amy/doctor shippers.
Amy has a gun and she appers to be pointing it at the doctor. This does not look good for amy/doctor shippers.

 "I've been running my whole life, now it's time to stop".... But we 愛 the running!
"I've been running my whole life, now it's time to stop".... But we 愛 the running!

New Season starts the Easter!

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posted by TVAuthor
Rose Tyler is the best companion so far. She loved the Doctor and the Doctor loved her. I couldn't believe that they could never see eachother again! When Martha and Donna came I hated them just because they took Rose's place. When they met up again with all of the companions, I was so happy. Rose and Doctor fianally got their reunion! All though, I really thought that the original Doctor should have told her he loved her. And he should have kissed her. But at least Rose and Doctor will stay together and live happily ever after.
 Clara presents the God of Akhaten with the 'most important lea in human history'.
Clara presents the God of Akhaten with the 'most important lea in human history'.
The following are the lyrics of the song, 'Wake Up', as shown in 'The Rings of Akhaten', courtesy of link :

"Rest now…..my warrior.
Rest now, hardship is over.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones.
Wake up, wake up.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones
Wake up. Wake up!
Live! Wake up! Wake up!
And let the cloak! Of life! Cling to your bones! Cling to your bones!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!"

I sincerely hope this 記事 corroborates itself to be of any benevolence, to anyone. :D Xxxx

Kind regards, no1drwofan. :D Xxx
 The Doctor reminisces about his past.
The Doctor reminisces about his past.
 The Doctor sacrifices all his memories, so as to save Akhaten.
The Doctor sacrifices all his memories, so as to save Akhaten.
 Merry makes bold so as to sing 'Wake Up', as though to calm the God of Akhaten.
Merry makes bold so as to sing 'Wake Up', as though to calm the God of Akhaten.
Now before anyone of the obsessed 10th doctor attack me, let me make it clear that I 愛 the 10th doctor very much but there are many reasons why he’s my least お気に入り doctor, so I hope be open minded and see if あなた agree with me または not.
He acts too ideal too perfect, too good he’s like the hero not the anti – hero (like 9th & 11th), like in the doctor daughter, he judged his daughter for being a soldier and not caring about anything but winning the war he actually looked down at her and judged her for defending which she was born/made/created to believe in her DNA it made him look/sound...
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 Amy pond, is that you?
Amy pond, is that you?
This is my first 記事 on Fanpop, but there is a first time for everything!

Anyways, Fires of Pompeii is one of my お気に入り episodes that has 10 in it. Oh, as River Song would say,"Spoilers!" for this article, so be warned!!!

First up is the plot. Now, Donna and the Doctor are traveling to Ancient Rome. There, Donna makes a few latin jokes and is trying to associate with the Romans, but to others around her, she is just being a little bit silly. I loved Donna in this episode. Anyway, they are being followed によって one of the seers. None other than Karen Gillian. Ha!

Any who, she does this weird...
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The Eleventh 時 名言・格言 can be found here: link

I compiled these 2 episodes into 1 記事 because there were only a few key 名言・格言 in each episode.

The Beast Below
Amy: What are あなた going to do?
The Doctor: What I always do. Stay out of trouble...badly.

Mandy: How do あなた not know about this? Are あなた Scottish too?
The Doctor: I'm way worse than Scottish. I can't even see the movie. It won't play for me.
Amy: It played for me.
The Doctor: Well the big difference being the computer doesn't accept me as human.
Amy: Why not? あなた look human.
The Doctor: No, あなた look Timelord. We came first.

Amy: Have you...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Spoilers for s7 episode 4 "The power of three". Just something I had to write down after this episode.

The first face this face saw

Amy has seared onto his heart. She was the first person he met after he had regenerated. Amelia Pond. The girl who waited. For him. For Rory. Amy, the human girl with one ハート, 心 that is big enough to 愛 both men so much.
He comes always back to her. He will always come back for her. He misses her. When he’s tired of running away he runs back to her, to the Ponds to let them fix him.
They have become a part of his life now, a very big and important part. If they...
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posted by criminalminds15
Airs: 03rd Apr 2010

The 秒 episode of the new series is called The Beast Below and can be seen on BBC One and BBC HD on Saturday 10 April at 18.15.

It features Amy Pond's first trip in the TARDIS and the Doctor takes her to the distant future where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people as they 検索 the stars for a new home. But when Amy explores she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth...

The episode was written によって Steven Moffat, directed によって Andrew Gunn and stars Sophie Okonedo (pictured above in Tsunami:...
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posted by doc907
what can we do.? what can we do.? 発言しました the guard i don't know 発言しました the doctor arcadia has fallen we must retreat! fall back, fall back! [all the guards retreated]we will go back to the council chamber and tell them arcadia has fallen.[at the council chamber]arcadia has fallen 発言しました the doctor.all those losses his head bowed,lord rassilon stood up then i call the time lords to vote the final sanction.NO! NO! あなた can't do this i can and will lord doctor,no then i will stop you.you are just one, doctor. i can stop あなた i will take the moment with me....
posted by mimivilee
Hello everyone!

On the 23rd of November I am meeting Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) for a 写真 shoot, and a signing! I am very lucky, I know.

I know how much あなた all want to say something to Matt Smith, so I want あなた to give me messages あなた want to say to him, for me to put in a massive card I am going to get him.

This is the perfect opportunity for あなた all to thank Matt, または just let him know of your existence!

あなた can either 提出する what あなた want to say Here: www.ontheangelside.tumblr.com/submit

または Eメール me what あなた want to say at this address: mattsmithletters@gmail.com

If あなた have any 質問 either Eメール me, または send me a 質問 HERE:


THANK YOU! Please send me things, I would hate to have an empty card!
posted by 21doctor
Captain Jack Harkness was in a cheap hotel on Glassmountain on Barcelona and looked around.

After the big wave - the Erneuerer - he, his doglike girlfriend and the rescuded people were set off at a resort. The entire Glassmountain was a world heritage. But Jack wasn´t interrested in that beauty, jet. He allready had checked in the cheapest hotel, a no-comfort hotel. He looked around in his small hotelroom. Now he knows, what no-comfort meant - no bed, just a raggy blanket on the stonefloor; no water in the bathroom, just sand (not even a soniccleaning bath was there);no wardrobe または drawer,...
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posted by labyrinth75
 Doctors 1-4
Doctors 1-4
The Radio Times have detailed UK times for the Doctors Revisited which is scheduled to air 次 月 on Watch TV. I found this information on Doctor Who TV so I decided to write it on the club in case a link won't get people interested so here we go...

The First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963-1966)
Saturday 12th October
2pm - The Doctors Revisited: William Hartnell
2:30pm - The Aztecs

The 秒 Doctor - Patrick Troughton (1966-1969)
Sunday 13th October
2pm - The Doctors Revisited: Patrick Troughton
2:30pm - The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee (1970-1974)
Saturday 19th October
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posted by britmovietours
**NEW 3 日 TOUR FOR 2011**

A new 3 日 mini coach tour for ファン of Doctor Who will be launched in 2011. This fully guided small group tour starts and ends in ロンドン and travels across England to South Wales.

You’ll be able to visit iconic locations from both the classic series of Doctor Who from the past 40 years as well as sites featured in the new Doctor Who.

日 1

Depart from central ロンドン
Tour of over 15 new and old Doctor Who locations in ロンドン including the Earth based prison and iconic scenes of the Cybermen walking down the steps によって St Paul’s
Two 時 tour of the BBC TV Centre
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Episode 8: Let’s Kill Hitler

Synopsis: In the desperate 検索 for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities – and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruellest warfare of all.

The episode (or part of it) will take place in Nazi Germany and features a motorbike chase with an Amy clone, and the TARDIS crashing into Hitler’s office. Albert Welling plays Adolf Hitler. River and young Amelia (Caitlin Blackwood)...
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posted by alexthedog
Last updated on 20 February 2015.


"Do あなた wanna come with me? 'Cause if あなた do then I should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past; Aliens from the future; the 日 the Earth died in a ball of flame; It won't be quiet, it won't be safe, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell あなた what it will be: the trip of a lifetime."

Welcome to the greatest 表示する in the galaxy!
This is for any people who want to become ファン of Doctor Who (known as Whovians). For people who plan to watch it, I'm only going to say it's a TV 表示する about time travel because I don't want to...
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 The belief-challenging two-parter boasted comparitively darker themes.
The belief-challenging two-parter boasted comparitively darker themes.
Continuation of my Series 2 review in Part One.

The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit
Also another highly favoured of mine, this story never stops being enjoyable to watch. The first part begins with The Doctor and Rose becoming trapped orbiting impossibly around a Black Hole, and that's not the only impossible thing that occurs. The Beast, heavily hinted to be Satan, begun leaking through into the characters' and the audiences' fear during the tension-building first episode, and Gabriel Woolf voiced The Beast effortlessly. There was a great claustrophic atmosphere generated in the episode, and...
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posted by 21doctor
Captain Jack Harkness stood at the bar on the ビーチ anywhere on Barcelona - the planet Barcelona. He put his cockteil glass on the desk. It was a strong stuff but tasty. He looked around. Pretty women and handsome men in bathsuits または naked, also alien a la colour were sunbathing, strolling around または chatting.
Near to him sat a grey-brown fured greateared dog with a long, fluffy tail, like a terrestian fox. It sat backside to him. An other dog, a typical Barcelona dog with no-nose came to it, sniffed and, after the foxtail dog snarled, went away.
Suddenly the sitting dog stood up. It went with...
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I'm Spanish and according to my calculations, is likely to start arriving summer episodes of the series 7 to Spain, dubbed into Spanish. And that gives me some doubts about the dubbing and translation of new episodes.

Translation of the names of the episodes and references and jokes もっと見る British.

Translate it または not?
In Spain, not all the names of 映画 and series are translated literally (The sound of 音楽 is in Spanish smiles and tears) so it makes me think if will be literal または not, when あなた translate names episodes.
In this sense, my doubts are mainly in two episodes, A town called Mercy...
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posted by RoseElizabeth
The Staff District, Keruush

The staff district consisted of several dwelling places, ranging from apartment blocks to large mansions for the senior staff. All of the buildings were made of a clear glass like material, each building having the ability to change colour with the weather. Scattered among the buildings were native Keruush trees, their amazing colours of fuchsia, lavender and turquoise in startling contrast to the ever changing hues of the buildings. The whole thing was located on the island of Tira, a small island in the middle of the Cyra Sea, a manmade sea filled with creatures...
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posted by simpleplan

[ ] あなた think you’re better than other species (more specifically; humans)

[ ] You’ve run away from home

[] あなた have been bullied

[] あなた are frequently sarcastic

[] あなた have brown eyes

[ ] あなた occasionally wear a cape

[ ] あなた wear 読書 glasses

[ ] People say you’re very wise



[] Justice and righteousness are important to あなた

[ ] あなた are ruthless

[ ] あなた like playing the recorder

[ ] あなた consider yourself a genius

[ ] Your pockets hold EVERYTHING

[] あなた like hats

[ ] Your eyes change color

[] あなた can be a bit childish



[] あなた 愛 science

[] あなた want peace...
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