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ディズニープリンセス What do あなた think of my new look for Melody's merpeople フレンズ she briefly met in Atlantica? (Click on the image to see it better)

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 KataraLover posted 1年以上前
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KataraLover picked It's good:
Let me explain my thinking behind this before you say anything. As some of your might know, I do hope to work at Disney someday and I wanna try and remake the Disney sequels. I recently got an idea for Return To The Sea, though not really fully developed, that instead of having Melody have those stupid Timon and Pumbaa knock-offs (Tip and Dash) as friends she could have the merkids she met as her main friends in the movie. Of course, it would require some pretty big rewrites of the script in order to have it make sense (Since I don't think they'd help steal their king's magic trident).

But I wanted to make some changes to their looks to either have them look better or add diversity. I made the mergirl African American, since there was an Asian merboy and if that's normal in Atlantica, I see nothing wrong with a black mergirl. It's really HARD to make a white girl look black because I have to take care of her lines and make them darker to go with the black skin. Plus finding the right type of hair took some thinking.

The Asian merboy I just gave a MUCH better haircut (Who the hell thought a bowl cut was a good idea?) and a skin tone that didn't look so gray and ugly but was still Asian looking skin.

With Alex (The blonde merboy who is apparently the only one of the three who actually has an official name), there is apparently a fan theory that he's the son of Urchin and Gabriella from The Little Mermaid TV series, which I do kind of see (More so with Urchin). He does have skin that's darker than the average blonde (Since I doubt he spends much time in the sun and Atlantica hasn't invented the tanning beds), so I guess he could just be a blonde Latino or half Latino or whatever.So I just made his skin a little darker and more appealing looking.

I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.

Also, for those of you wanting to know what they looked like before, here's a picture: link
posted 1年以上前.
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MaidofOrleans picked It's good:
Wow this is awesome! Great job!
posted 1年以上前.
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KataraLover picked It's good:
Thank you!
posted 1年以上前.