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posted by sweetie-94
As promised here's the other ファン fiction I'll write, The Special Girls, it's pretty much like The Ordinary Princesses, but the other way around, 11 princesses are taken away from their kingdoms as 赤ちゃん to live in our world, they quickly realise they aren't like the people around them, but each one is special and soon they have to leave the world to become princesses. The only big difference between this one and The Ordinary Princesses is that in this ファン fiction the girls are living in the same country and close to one another so they're best フレンズ with each other and has been it since...
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posted by Queenofpink
 Boring and Too Short
Boring and Too Short
The ディズニー Princesses have the most amazing hair, like ever in my opinion anyways, though some もっと見る so than others. So here's my 一覧 starting at the bottom.
13. Snow White
Sorry Snow White but your hair is just boring. It's super short and I've just never been a ファン of short hair. I like that it's curly but that's pretty much it.

12. Tiana
Her hair is really only slightly もっと見る interesting than Snow White's.I hate that she only wears it in a bun through out the entire movie, I wish she would wear it down. I like her curls though, they are cute.

11. Cinderella
I find her hair pretty bland as...
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 Once again あなた see this picture as my 上, ページのトップへ image
Once again you see this picture as my top image
I had a hard time deciding how I should put the title. So, in case my タイトル looks messed up, this is basically my 一覧 of favourite foreign ディズニー Princess 歌う voices. I chose the best foreign dubbing for each Princess IMO and put them in a list. Also, as Merida doesn't sing she is not included. This is only my opinion, so of course everyone will have different placings. But please don't be rude about my choices. Enjoy! :)

10: 1959 French Aurora (Irène Valois)

Before あなた read any further on my list, I have to tell あなた I have a thing for French voices. So don't be surprised if this 一覧 ends...
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posted by dclairmont
 bo peep あなた dirty girl
bo peep you dirty girl
Hey, so I've been on this club for about three months and I really thought it was about time to do one of these.

Where do あなた live? Northern Virginia, and in case people are wondering no one here has a southern accent.

Age? I turned 14 July 2nd. c:

Favorite Princess? Well, as of now it's about a three way tie.

Rapunzel: Rapunzel is amazing. I 愛 her transformation from a naive, young girl, into a strong woman. I also 愛 that she's a mix of the classic and renaissance princesses, some call it unoriginality, but I don't see it that way. Whenever she's on the screen I'm just captivated によって her...
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Okay, I had it. I've been 読書 articles, and Rapunzel is 発言しました to be Irish? Come on! Her dress is the traditional German clothing! except for longer skirt, and her dress is similar to Snow White! Just that Snow White grew up as a princess while Rapunzel was a peasant but actually a ロスト princess!

Snow White is German. Like everybody said. Her dress looks similar to that of the traditional clothes of the Bavarian German. Just that she wear the corset lacing at the back as she is noble

Cinderella is French. Her stepmother's surname is Tremaine, and it is a French surname

Aurora is British. Her...
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posted by gloriouschaos
 Most like me...
Most like me...
First name: If I told you, I wouldn't have to kill あなた - just maim または seriously injure ;]

Location: Narnia, for all あなた know ...

Favorite ディズニー film: Beauty and the beast, Pocahontas, hunchback of notre dame, 塔の上のラプンツェル and Atlantis are all contenders for me.

Hobbies: reading, writing, 歌う and tumblring

Music I like: Rocky horror, Wicked, Avenue Q and sweeney todd 音楽 along with phantom for musicals, Non/Disney, cheesy 80's rock, david bowie, Evanescence, Within temptation, nightwish and more

Non ディズニー 映画 I like: most animated stuff, Dark knight, Ferris Bueller, Most Tim バートン films DCAU...
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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The 月 もっと見る popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each 月 I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

Once again, I will be using pictures for my articles. A few months back I would have made a detailed explanation about each result, but since the 最近 changes, ファンポップ has been 芝居 really weird. And yes, I don't like the option of 書く long paragraphs with text, while the pictured are all clustered in the bottom of the article! So under each picture I will be posting one comment, related to the result. So in case あなた don't want your コメント 投稿されました in my articles, please contact me!

Here are the results of the POTM Songs Countdown: ~*Rapunzel*~ (January 2013)! Enjoy and share your opinion!
 "It is one of the only two songs I like in the movie." - rhythmicmagic
"It is one of the only two songs I like in the movie." - rhythmicmagic
 "Aww the Healing Incantation is によって far the best song in the movie." - tiffany88
"Aww the Healing Incantation is by far the best song in the movie." - tiffany88
 "The reprise has もっと見る または a beat to it which is why I like it もっと見る and I always have the passion to sing it.." - LatinoLollipops
"The reprise has more or a beat to it which is why I like it more and I always have the passion to sing it.." - LatinoLollipops
 "Call me crazy, (not maybe) but I like When Will My Life Begin the best. It's got a good rhythm, and the lyrics are creative." - hajirah4
"Call me crazy, (not maybe) but I like When Will My Life Begin the best. It's got a good rhythm, and the lyrics are creative." - hajirah4
 "I like I See the Light best out of 塔の上のラプンツェル songs" - LightningRed
"I like I See the Light best out of Tangled songs" - LightningRed
 Ariel on her first 日 at ディズニー Academy
Ariel on her first day at Disney Academy

I was so psyched to be attending ディズニー Academy. Even though I am a mermaid, Daddy (King Triton) has let me turn into a human just for school. He says that if I get into any trouble, I will have to leave ディズニー Academy and come ホーム and be a mermaid again. I promised Daddy I wouldn't get into any trouble.
On my first 日 on campus, I had a little trouble finding my room. I was too distracted によって my thoughts on who my roommate would be. But I finally found my room, A16, and opened the door with my key. Inside, I found my roommate sitting down and painting...
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I've decided to take a little break from The Golden ガチョウ and sketch the ディズニー Princesses. While I'm at it, I might as well make one of these lists. Sorry if my 一覧 is boring and conventional...

10. Briar Rose
 Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!
Oh, I'm such a bad girl. I'm a rebel...in my dreams!

Briar Rose is lovely and perfect, but her character isn't 与えられた any opportunity to shine.

9. Cinderella
 Call me maybe
Call me maybe

Cinderella has a lot of energy, character, and kindness, but she's almost too passive. Still, she shows enough fight in her to be a net positive, which inches her up to the number 9 spot.

8. Snow White
 As long as you're living under your roof, you'll live によって my rules!
As long...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I didn’t think I would get to go to the ball.
My stepsisters ripped up my dress after all.
Then out of nowhere my Fairy Godmother appeared.
And she told me not to fear.
She 発言しました she would take care of everything.
Then she took out her magic wand, and started to swing.
She made me a beautiful carriage out of a pumpkin!
She looked at me and began to grin.
She transformed my rags into the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.
It was so pretty I could’ve passed as a Queen!
I even had shoes made out of glass.
I was ready to go, at last!
She told me it would only last until midnight,
And I told...
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Behind giant mountains of coral, the princesses witnessed a beautiful palace with a village down below.
"Girls," 発言しました Ariel, "Welcome to Atlantica!"
The girls couldn't believe their eyes even もっと見る than they could believe they were breathing underwater.
"It's beautiful," Snow White whispered.
Ariel nodded. "No time for sightseeing. We've got our hubbies to save!" and she zoomed off toward the castle.
"Finally, she's being serious," ジャスミン said.
In the castle, the girls got to meet Ariel's father, King Triton, for the first time.
King Triton hugged his daughter. "Ariel, it's great to see you...
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I hope it's not too late doing my 一覧 and i'm not very good making articles, so, it's my first time. So enjoy!

I used to 愛 her, she's pretty, wise, fun and she even jumped on a cliff, but then she got boring and serious after she met John Smith. Don't get me wrong, i like her, but i would like her to stick with her risking, fun loving personality.

When i watched PatF, she's just so serious,(not as serious as Pocahontas). I was very interested on シャルロット, シャーロット and Naveen than her. But i 愛 her determination and hardworking to open her restaurant, but she's too...
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