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"Oh. My. GOD. Where the heck are we?" I yelled at the sky. "Why do あなた hate me?"
Lily rolled her eyes and looked around. "This place looks familiar..."
I pulled at my hair. "Familiar?!" I yelled at her. "I have a レポート due in three days and if I can't finish it my life is RUINED!"
"You mean your summer," she added quietly.
"Just shut up!" I folded my arms and closed my eyes. It's just a dream, I told myself. You will open your eyes and find yourself back in your room, your beautiful room...
I opened my eyes. "Darn it," I 発言しました quietly. I was about to go in a full-out tantrum when we heard someone...
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posted by madisonsavanna
I want to be known as the DP leader
Take away personalities
And if I don't get the things I am after...
I'm going to SCREAM!
I want this spot, I want this whole spot!
No opinions, pick killing, no princesslullaby ruling
And NOW!
I don't care how, I want it now!
Don't care how, I want it NOW!


Oompah loompah doompa dee doo
I've got a ファンポップ puzzle for you
Oompah loompah doompah da dee
If あなた are wise you'll listen to me
Who do ya' blame when you've turned into a Nazi?
When all your cyber フレンズ are in a terrible posse
Blaming the ファン is a lie and a shame
あなた know exactly who's to blame!
Oompah loompah doompa dee dah
If you're not a troll then あなた will go far
あなた will live in happiness, too
Like the DP ファン who aren't STU...................................pid
posted by Genius_626
OK, I 愛 "Tangled." Period. Maybe あなた need some back story if あなた really want to grasp my situation:

I support ディズニー even when they're faultering,(although I think they've recovered already) kind of like I would a friend, that's just how I am; I feel I owe ディズニー something since their 映画 have shown me my true calling in life: to animate, to direct, to make 映画 and to entertain the masses and challange myself with my creativity. Granted I'm only a teenager, I know what I'm going to do with my life because of disney.

Anyway, I am greatly dissapointed with the reviews "Tangled" is getting,...
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A/N#1: Well this Chapter 6 and I really don't know where this chapter
is going to go....so I will see where it takes itself.

Chapter 6:

"Why do あなた think they let us go?" I heard Adam ask from beside
me as we walked over branches and bushes, we were nearing the
Stopping completly and leaning against a 木, ツリー I looked at him for
awhile trying to come up with an answer.
"The Honest truth is that I really don't know why he let us go, but
we now probably created a war" This scared me, what would my parents
think hearing that I had been kidnapped によって Natives on the 日 of
my arrival because I had...
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Here's another one of my articles... I hope あなた won't get tired of these :)

9. Belle and Adam
I do like Belle, I do like Adam and I do like
them as a couple. I just think their 愛 is not true 愛 because Adam makes himself 愛 Belle. Belle – on the other hand – has no human being around her and Adam is the closest thing to a human (physically) so it’s kinda obvious that Belle falls for him. I would have liked it better, though, if she had fallen for Lumiére X) Anyways, I admit that if あなた ignore the fact that Adam forces himself to 愛 Belle (yes, that’s what I think) this...
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Scene 21- A ランダム cave :P

Narrator: Meanwhile thousands of miles away-
*Anabel, Denaji, and Rebecca stop running and start panting*
Narrator: No.
Anabella: Grrr...
Narrator: As I was saying, meanwhile these poor defenseless losers R tired from running away from some ugly looking monsters who ARE NOT THAT FREE KIN STRONG AND COULD EASILY B DEFEATED IF ONLY SOME1 HAD-
Denaji: Damn it, Y cant we get anything good in our lives? Other than torturing Hella which was hilarweous!
Rebecca: U talk lik a 2 年 old.
Denaji: No I...
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 Those damn Princesses get all the attention!
Those damn Princesses get all the attention!
“It’s no good, Kida,” Jane sighed. “We’ll never get into the Princess section.”
“Which part of Princess Kida do they not understand?” she frowned, watching the children gather around the nine figures in the centre of the street.
“Well, technically, you’re a Queen,” Jane sighed. “But our films aren’t successful enough to ever be called Princess movies. ムーラン isn’t a Princess but she’s bringing in the riches. That’s how it works.”
“But Tarzan did rather well!” Meg lifted an eyebrow. “Which is もっと見る than can be 発言しました for my ‘blockbuster’.”
“Consider yourselves...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
Ok, I'm bored at work and felt like 書く something...I've done tons of articles, but never one about my お気に入り transformation scene, so here we go...

7. Evil クイーン transforms into an old Hag
 Mummy dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag's cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to ファン my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now begin thy magic spell.
Mummy dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag's cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to ファン my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now begin thy magic spell.

This scared the living daylights out of me when I was a kid, but now, looking back, it's a really great scene. It shows her in her secret lab (which is creepy but...
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 Image credit goes to alafastanzio
Image credit goes to alafastanzio
9. Tiana

Meh, Tiana is kind of blah. I like Naveen and シャルロット, シャーロット もっと見る than her. I admire her devotion to her dream and her confidence, but that's about it. She's too mature and serious for my taste.

8. Belle

Yes, Belle is one of my least favorites. Belle can get kind of annoying, but she's not too bad. I have always related to Belle; I 愛 reading, I have a long for adventure, and my life is kind of boring. Belle used to be my favorite, but not anymore.

7. Mulan

Don't get me wrong, I 愛 Mulan, I just really didn't have anywhere else to put her. ムーラン has a pretty realistic...
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9. Snow White's Castle
I'm sorry, but the only thing that seems good about this place is that it has a few nice balconies that あなた can stand on while your man serenades you. Other than that, it's a very dark, eerie castle. Of course it's ran によって an evil クイーン so that makes perfect sense.

8. Prince's Castle (Snow White)
The scene with the Prince's 城 is one of the most beautiful scenes in all ディズニー 映画 however, we can't really see it. It seems もっと見る like a mirage made of light in the clouds if あなた ask me. It's obviously beautiful, but we have no idea what it actually looks like inside....
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posted by KataraLover
シンデレラ was dragged off to Lady Tremaine's house. シンデレラ tried as hard as she could to break free but it was no use. Lady Tremaine took シンデレラ up to the attic.

"You worried me to death young lady. Me and your step-sisters cried every night because of how much あなた worried us. When your father died I could have thrown あなた out into the streets but did I?" 発言しました Lady Tremaine

"No あなた didn't" 発言しました Cinderella

"Who let あなた stay? Gave あなた food? A room and bed? A roof over your head?" asked Lady Tremaine

"You did" 発言しました Cinderella

"Yess not シンデレラ あなた were lucky to just be in the woods. The...
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posted by MeaghanDavis
My first お気に入り princess is Ariel. She is pretty and she's got long hair like I do but different color. I really 愛 her 歌う voice and dresses. I 愛 her best friend ヒラメ and he is my お気に入り character of "The Little Mermaid". I 愛 Ariel a lot in my life like ジャスミン and Cinderella.

My 秒 お気に入り princess is Jasmine. She is pretty too like Ariel. I 愛 her is because she is pretty as a princess like she is now. I 愛 her hair with bands around her hair but her high ponytail is okay but I 愛 her low ponytail better like close at the end of the movie Aladdin.

My third favorite...
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A lot of ファン have already written their 記事 about their favourites princesses, and I thought that I could write too! Why not?
The only one problem is my English, but I'm sure あなた will be kind to me, don't judge me too strictly.
Oh yes, please don't be rude if your opinion is not the same, because I'm going to be very polite, I hope we'll understand each other.

Well, my 一覧 from the least favourite ディズニー Princess to the most:

And then there is the youngest in her musical debut
Our seventh little sister, we're presenting her to you
To sing a song Sebastian wrote, her voice is like...
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It's a new 日 they were practiceing fighting but Pocahontas looked sad and look at her ネックレス and a compace. "What's wronge Pocahontas" asked Belle. "It's something I must decide" 発言しました Pocahontas. "What is it sweety" 発言しました Snow White. "Well there are two men that I'm in 愛 with but I don't know who I will go with" Pocahontas. "They're John Smith and John Rolf right" 発言しました Ariel. "Yes I'm not sure who what if I leave one broken hearted so much he'll die what if I choose wronge what if....." 発言しました Pocahontas. "What if あなた make the right one あなた should listen to your ハート, 心 like I did" 発言しました Mulan....
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    Gaston looked instantly startled as Lady Tremaine, with a menacing stare, stared everyone down and cackled menacingly. “Now, everyone bow down to me, Lady Tremaine, your new master.”
    Not anyone bowed down, and Lady Tremaine’s eyes turned ice cold. “How dare anyone not bow down to me!”
    “I was the one who did all the work,” Gaston told Lady Tremaine bossily. He loaded his gun and prepared to shoot at Lady Tremaine. “Don’t あなた dare make any もっと見る declarations of power.”
    “Oh, why not!”...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
    As the five princesses arrived at their new destination, Belle opened her eyes in shock. “I have never seen such a beautiful place.”
    Where they arrived at was a beautiful, heavily wooded area with no buildings at all. The area looked to be completely natural, and there were beautiful skies, swirling winds, and a gorgeous waterfall.
    “And what type of princess is supposed to be here?” ジャスミン asked. “Let’s go investigate, shall we?”
    The others nodded in agreement. シンデレラ soon though,...
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 Here's the best 音楽 group in my opinion
Here's the best music group in my opinion
Even though I did an 記事 about which songs 全体, 全体的です that suited each princess I wanted to do an 記事 with my two お気に入り things: ディズニー Princess and Within Temptation. If あなた don't know who Within Temptation are here's a link to some facts about them: link So anyway here we go and I can tell あなた that I had to listen to many songs before I could decide which song that suited the princesses the best.

Snow White: It's The Fear

First of all the タイトル SUITS/スーツ her perfectly, but what about the song itself? Not the perfect song for her, but remember the forest scene? That part along with...
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(This is a link. For pictures and better formatting, go there)

I will try to defend Snow White and the Apple.

I hope to 表示する that she was an over-trusting but well-intentioned good-Samaritan who got taken advantage of. The former characteristic is primarily because she is a young teenager who has lived a sheltered and limiting life with little if any socialization. The latter is because she is not very cynical nor suspecting and thus she is もっと見る easily manipulated によって bad people.

These things don’t make her necessarily stupid, but probably naive and underestimating of evil. All understandable...
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Well I wrote a お気に入り prince 記事 so I decided to write a most handsome 記事 too, hope you'll enjoy it :)

10. Beast (human form only)

It's hard to rank an animal so I'll only base my ranking on his human form. I seriously think he should remain beast, I hate his human form, his hair is too similar to Belle's and his smile is a bit weird to me, but his eyes are beautiful. His hair is actually even もっと見る awful when it's in a ponytail, the loose hair is acceptable, but in a ponytail it looks so awful to be honest!

9. Shang

I don't get why people finds him handsome, his hair is...
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 Sorry that メリダとおそろしの森 wasn't in there...
Sorry that Brave wasn't in there...
Hi people! So, like the タイトル says, this is my 一覧 of the DP movies. Please remember that this is my opinion, so it is okay to not agree and have different opinions since everyone has different opinions. But please don't be rude about my list. Well, I've wanted to write this for a while but it took me a long time to figure out my entire list. Enjoy! :)

#11: Sleeping Beauty
I didn't want this to end up here, since I really do like Aurora. But the main reason this was all the way down here was because I only enjoyed the parts with Aurora in it. And that is like, 18 minutes. During the rest of...
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