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I haven't done a ディズニー princess 一覧 in a long especially since アナと雪の女王 has come out and I was completely surprised how much my 一覧 has changed since the last time I 投稿されました so here we go...


I've never really liked ジャスミン I've always found her a little to headstrong, stubborn, and bratty however I do admire her kindness and can definitely connect with her on not wanting to be forced into something あなた don't want to feel free to be able to make your own choices not to mention she has very good 芝居 skills! If she wasn't a princess she would be a great actress and performer.

12* Anna

I admire so much how Anna would do anything to help her sister at the drop of a hat, is able to admit when she's wrong and I can definitely relate to feeling shut out によって your family and being alone but I think her personality is just a little to bubbly I also find that she makes decisions and opinions to quickly especially when it comes to people along for example about marry Hans she didn't even think about it first she just says yes other than that I find her very courageous, brave, and devoted to family which is a great quality.

11* Aurora

I 愛 how Aurora considers Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather her Aunties and part of her family even though they aren't related which I can personally relate to she also is very kind, humble, and always does what is right an example is when she goes back to her fathers 城 to fulfill her birthright as a princess even though she knows she'll never see the man she met in the forest again which is so selfless an amazing quality but she lacks feeling and emotion, no motivation otherwise she's a great princess.

10* Cinderella

Considering that she grew up in a household where everyone was completely rude, and abusive and she still remained gentle, loving, and kind hearted シンデレラ is an inspiring princess especially when it comes to still being kind even to your enemies I 愛 how hopefully she is even when times are tough and she was suffering she never ロスト faith in herself and in her dreams which takes a lot of courage as well although I do think she should have stood up for herself a little bit maybe even done something about it but that's just me still it takes a lot of guts to roll with the punches and still remain optimistic and hopeful my hats of to あなた Cindy!


9* Merida

I think the biggest thing with Merida is that she is メリダとおそろしの森 I mean literally that's what her movie is called but she does have other qualities to that she's definitely a free spirit and adventurous however like ジャスミン she doesn't want to be forced into marriage and is very stubborn about it which is very understandable but trying to change someone isn't the answer because あなた can't あなた only can control あなた and at first she seemed like she didn't have any respect for her parents because she's so independent but I 愛 seeing her transition and how she changed her fate she really is a unique princess.


8* Tiana

Tiana is a great princess who shows the importance of hard work and focusing on your goals on the flip side of that though I find her a little to obsessive she was focused on her restaurant that she shut everything and everyone out and sight of what was really important but then of course she figures it out other than that I find that she's a passionate, realistic, loving, kind, and talented princess and I totally want to try her cooking fix me up a patch of those beignets Tiana!

7* Rapunzel

I relate to Rapunzel because we are both artist she has such an adorable bubbly personality she's also kind, sweet, intelligent, funny and just plain fun she definitely the type person あなた want to be around and she has magical healing powers how cool is that! She really only has one flaw that bugs me which is she believes people to easy other than that I really like her especially how we see her transform from this isolated, insecure girl into a blossoming strong, independent women still retaining her sweet, fun loving side.


6* Pocahontas

Is such a unique princess being the only one based off someone in history she's, strong, brave, and thinks of others before herself like Aurora she is very selfless especially when it comes to her people she also knows when she has done something wrong like Anna and strives to make things right an example is when she's talking to Nakoma after Kocoum dies and says the line "All of this happening because of me and now I'll never see John Smith again" she's adventurous, free spirited, and oh so wise with such a 愛 and respect for nature she's definitely one of those princesses where its hard for me to find something I dislike about them.

5* Elsa

What I like best about Elsa is how strong she is I can totally relate to feeling isolated, alone, and scared feeling like there is no escape not being able to express who あなた truly are yes she completely let her fear consume her and completely ignored Anna but she was only protecting her and did it out of 愛 which I really admire about her and I think its something that's overlooked like Rapunzel I 愛 seeing how she トランスフォーマー from a fearful, lonely, and scared girl to a strong, もっと見る confident women whose ready to rule.

4* Snow White

Snow holds a very special place in my ハート, 心 her compassionate, kind, sweet, caring, and motherly like qualities remind me of my beloved grandmother who also happened to also be her お気に入り princess. Much like シンデレラ she remained hopeful and faithful that her dreams someday would come true about her prince coming to find her even though her life was difficult when she lived with her stepmother she still stayed positive and knew things would get better there isn't anything または a quality I dislike about her.

3* Mulan

I was really surprised about my placement for ムーラン considering how much I had forgotten how much I liked her when I was little her complete act of selflessness taking her fathers place in the army Wow! It shows just how much she loves her father which is an amazing quality her willpower, strength, and bravery are very admirable as well most of all I 愛 how she teaches that it doesn't matter what society thinks of あなた what matters is what あなた think of yourself and that your capable of extraordinary things.

2* Belle

I 愛 Belle she's such a kind soul but what I 愛 most and her most admirable quality is that she's able to see the beauty in others teaching us that its something that's found within at first she judged the beast but then as she got to know him she saw who he really was which is such a powerful message! She's also incredibly メリダとおそろしの森 and selfless when she takes her fathers place like ムーラン I also how she teaches how its ok to be different and even to be a bit bookish its incredibly hard for me to find anything I dislike about her in my opinion one of the hardest because there's so much to 愛 about her.

1* Ariel

And of course Ariel! She is my お気に入り princess her determination to follow her dreams despite what anyone else thinks and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen is such an amazing quality and one of the thing I admire most about her. She's incredibly brave, selfless, determined, impulsive, free spirited, and isn't afraid to make those tough decisions she may get a lot of hate at times but them there's so much to 愛 about her as well.

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