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I have wanted do do a お気に入り ディズニー Princess 一覧 for a while now, and I have finally gotten the time to do it. Number 10 is my least favorite, and Number 1 is mt favorite.
10. Aurora
The problem with Princess Aurora is that we do not get to know her, as she only appears in about 18 分 of an 時 and twenty minutes, and half of her time is spent in the forest. She is unfortunately very one-dimensional, if あなた can even call her that, and she does not do a single thing on her own that has any part of the plot. The 3 妖精 the only personality that we see (the christening), they also are the ones that hide her in the forest (she was a baby, so that could be excused), and Phillip is the one who awakens her with a kiss, catch my drift. Even though her predecessors are damsels in distresses, at least they have unique personality traits, unlike Aurora. If they showed us もっと見る of what her life was like with the fairies, we would have gotten to know her as a character, and I believe she could have been a great character, if they would have put in もっと見る effort on her.

9. Ariel
One positive thing that I have to say about Ariel is that she is determined. She wanted to become a part of the human world and to be with Eric, she did what she had to do, even if she had to disregard her family and her フレンズ feelings/opinions, knowingly made a reckless decision with Ursula to be with Eric, and gets and at Sebastian and her father for trying to protect her (even though his methods were not the right way to go). She is irresponsible and rebellious;in the very first scene we see her, she forgot about the symphony she had a very big role in to look for stuff on an old ship. Mentioned によって both Triton and Sebastian, she has been doing this before the film even began, so it was not just a one time thing, and has proven to be a problem. Even when she is in trouble, and knows her father is trying to protect her, she stills runs off, being the selfish person that she is. Though she is a step up from her predecessors, she still lacks responsibility, is as immature, and dependent as they are

8. Cinderella
シンデレラ is known as the iconic princess for her class, sophistication, and patience, and those are great qualities that every female should have. Shouldn't she be a lot higher then? Well, those are good qualities, but she can come off as too passive and dependent. It is also not healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally to bottle up all of the stress and loneliness, which will only cause あなた ,ore pain, but is also proving how much control her step family has over her. Though she is a dreamer, she constantly needs help from others, whether she recognizes it r not. The mice has helped her out on もっと見る than one occasion, and the Fairy Godmother had to help her with her wardrobe and transportation to get to the ball. If it wasn't for the mice and the Fairy Godmother, she would name never been to the ball to meet the prince, and she never would have had her happily ever after

7. Snow White
Snow White id the very first ディズニー Princess that hit the big screen in 1937, and opened the doors for every other movie, princess, and heroine to be released under Disney, but her charm seems to wear off as もっと見る time passes. Since she was designed and created for audiences from the 1930s and not today, we dislike how there is little to no feminism in her. She is very innocent and naive, which is cute at first, but it becomes very old very quick, which becomes her downfall. All she wants is for her prince to come find her and whisk her away, but she does nothing to 検索 for the man she loves (but she is in hiding, so that could partially be excused), and she also needs a lot of help from her animal fiends, which proves that she is incapable of doing simple things によって herself. What people tend to forget is that she has this sarcastic, mocking humor to her, especially when she is dealing with Grumpy, which her 2 successors lack. She shows extreme kindness, innocence, joy, and love, but her capability to depend on others and only wanting a prince to save her is why she is not higher.

6. Rapunzel
Rapunzel is very curious, innocent, naive, and an adventurous character. She was forced to stay in the tower によって Mother Gothel, who emotionally abuses her, making her insecure, knowing that will make Rapunzel want to stay in the tower. Rapunzel has wanted to leave the tower to see the lanterns on her birthday, but after running into Flynn Rider, she convinces him to take her to the lanterns. People tend to call her a Mary Sue, and I can see where they are coming fro,. She knows how to all of these things that she would have had to have known from the outside world, but even though she has never left her tower until that point in the movie. Also EVERYBODY likes her, while all of the other princesses either had to work on their relationships with others, または other people genuinely hate the,. I like Rapunzel, but she kind of seem,s like a step back compared to her 5 predecessors. She doesn't bring anything new to the ディズニー Princesses. Although a great character, she's a bit too unrealistically perfect.

5. Pocahontas
This spot was a ディベート to give ti to either Rapunzel または Pocahontas, but I decided on the latter. Pocahontas is a smart and playful spirit, who follows the wind, but when a threat approaches her people, she shows a serious side to her, which I like. A lot of people have 発言しました that she has ロスト her personality when she met John Smith, which I could somewhat see. She becomes serious because her ホーム has never been threatened before her very eyes, and knowing how her father was when it came to their tribe, she just wanted peace for her people, as もっと見る important matters has taken place.What makes her different from all of the other princesses is that she is very indecisive, while the other princess rarely if ever doubt their decisions (if they are smart または stupid choices are another thing). But her indecisive behavior has caused her to become almost as reckless as Ariel, putting her people in danger によって seeing John, and for indirectly causing Kocuom's death, but she feels もっと見る remorse then Ariel ever did. People have 発言しました that she is wise beyond her years, but she is clearly a confused, insecure, girl trying to find where she belongs. Her choices have caused her もっと見る damage than those that are in the 上, ページのトップへ 4.

4. Tiana
What makes Tiana so different than all of the other princesses is that she is a realist, and あなた have to work for your dreams, instead of wishing upon a star, and her dream does not involve 愛 または adventure like ALL of the other princesses. Even though she can be too serious, she can be humble and funny at times. She is also very respectful to others, and long as they do not discriminate her because of her race または her sex. Her obvious negative trait is that she is too focused on her dreams that she isolates her friends, and forgets it's alright to have fun sometimes. This is really bad because she will end up with no friends, her relationships with others would be distant, and she would neglect her other basic needs, as she barely gets rest between her shifts. I guess she learns it's alright to enjoy life and to have fun sometimes, but old habits are hard to kill. Her lack of balancing her life is why the other three are higher on the list.

3. Belle
Belle is the princess that really started the feminism in the franchise, and she does not initially want love. She is one of the smartest princesses out of the bunch, and also one of the most brave. Even though she knows the town "hero" is smitten with her, she turns him down because of his vulgar, sexist, arrogant ways, and knows that he only likes her for her looks (most of her predecessors would have went with him) and fr her to turn him down is impressive. When she finds her father in the beasts' castle, she offers a proposition to take her instead of him as a prisoner, and stands up to him when he is in his range fits (which no one else would have done). She is easily one of the most メリダとおそろしの森 princesses out of the bunch, and is a good role model. One thing that has always bothered me is that she never got to go on the adventure that she wanted (I hardly count the temporary 魔法にかけられて 城 an adventure). At least Ariel went after what she wanted. Also, her curiosity gets the best of her (hasn't she heard that the curiosity killed the cat) She would be higher, but the other two are もっと見る interesting

2. Jasmine
ジャスミン is a brave, intelligent, sassy, and an adventurous girl who just wants to have some freedom, and to fall in 愛 naturally. Her 16th birthday is nearing, and she has never left the palace, and never went to the streets of Agrabah. Not only is her being sheltered angering her, but her father forcing her to marry a prince によって her upcoming birthday just to keep their political position pushes her over the edge. I like how she doesn't feel too sorry for herself like the other princesses, but is angered and expresses her opinions and feelings, but since she is a female, not many people care about what she has to say. It's great that she has a sassyness, and a bit of an attitude to her, and I also like that she goes fro her freedom on her own, and gets her adventure and love. But what I do not like is that she ran away, leaving her father によって himself , which could have caused so much problems, and is a bit too headstrong for her own good. Even though she is a flawed character, which I 愛 about her, number one is a simpler, relaxed, tougher, and a もっと見る easygoing character

1. Mulan
What makes ムーラン likable is that people can relate to her. We all have been through that stage where we want to find ourselves and to impress out family. She is outspoken, resourceful, witty, self-reliant, and is an outcast, It's not like she chooses to be an outcast, it's just that she does not fit into the typical Asian woman that her society wants her to be. Then when she dishonors her family, she disguises as a man to fight for her older and injured father in the war to find herself, and to reclaim her family honor. I'm positive none of the other princess has enough bravery to do that, and she is probably the most feminist princess. She did not need to depend on a man to save her, but at the same time, she does not rub feminism too much in your face, which あなた would get turned off by. I also like how she doesn't feel too sorry for herself and whines and moans when things don't go her way, または when she is sad. Because of her bravery, all of China, including the Emperor bows down to her, and receives one of the highest honors a person can get.

Thank あなた 読書 this article, and I would 愛 to hear your opinions and コメント below.
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So, I held a countdown of which couple was the most lustful, and here are the results. They are not really surprising, but they are interesting nonetheless. The countdowns on the アンケー were to vote off the most lustful each round. The final couples would be featured first on the article, as they are the least lustful.

10. ムーラン and Shang

According to Fanpoppers, this couple is the least lustful. People 発言しました that they got to know one another, and because of the fact that their relationship did not start until the end of the film, it works to their advantage. But others 発言しました that Mulan...
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Villains, we 愛 to hate them, and ディズニー has many of the best villains known to man. Since we are only focusing on the ディズニー Princess Villains, the countdown will obviously not include the others. For the past 10 days, I've held a countdown for the Best ディズニー Princess Villain, and here are the results.

10. Governor Ratcliffe
This round was no contest at all. From the very beginning, the villain from Pocahontas had the majority of the votes, and all of the other villains got one または two 投票 each. People 発言しました that he is pathetic, lazy, and there was no purpose for him to be in the story....
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The official blurb released によって ディズニー describes the film as follows:

“In Frozen, a prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, so Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, on the grandest of journeys to find the Snow クイーン (voice of Idina Menzel) and put an end to the icy spell. Encountering Everest-like extremes, mystical creatures and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.”

The Comic Book industry site Bleeding Cool got their hands on an extended synopsis:

“When Anna is cursed によって her...
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Lottie's お気に入り Princesses!! ( Not including Pochantas and Mulan)
Edit: ok I realize that people have been complaining about this and how people should be up higher. And I realize that not all of Cindie's info is incorrect. Sorry but hope あなた enjoyed : D

#7 ジャスミン
She wouldnt 愛 ジャスミン because she wants to leave the palace life. ジャスミン also could have any Prince she wanted, but instead chooses an thief, who lives on the streets. Lottie would do anything to be princess, so she wouldnt, get why ジャスミン would throw it away.

#6 Belle
Personally I 愛 Belle, but I don't think シャルロット, シャーロット would....
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Here is my fifth article! I decided to write two lists about my お気に入り 歌う voices, this 一覧 is the english voices, the 次 one will be with their swedish voices (same goes for their speaking voices which I will do after the 歌う voices) because swedish is my first language and I grew up with most of the swedish versions of the princesses (except for Tiana and Rapunzel). For the swedish version I will post リンク to 動画 so that あなた can choose a お気に入り aswell. Image credit goes to Elemental-Aura for the beautiful 上, ページのトップへ image and princesslullaby for the rest of the pictures.

10. Pocahontas...
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10.Prince Charming
Rank Last Round: 10
blah too little screentime blah

"I wish Charming had もっと見る screentime. That eye roll intrigues me. It means underneath that vacant, Ken-doll stare beats the ハート, 心 of an intelligent (or at least, easily bored) human being" (phantomrose89)

High Rank (1-3):
sweetie-94 (3)
KataraLover (3)

Medium Rank (4-7):
PrueFever (4)
fhghu (5)
MrsEmmaPeel (5)
princesslullaby (7)
callejahLUVSed (7)

Low Rank (8-10):
Pink_Love (8)
flina (8)
tiffany88 (8)
mergirl13 (8)
PrincessSnow (8)
Ashley-Green (8)
haynay24 (9)
Mongoose09 (9)
SailorM91 (9)
Maja2601 (9)
phantomrose89 (9)
rougeslayer17 (9)...
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Chapter Four

Angelina found herself sleeping soundly much later into the morning than she had planned. Normally she was a morning person so she woke up quite early. However this morning was different. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a different environment または the fact that she could just flat out be a heavy sleeper. But when she finally did flutter her eyes open, the girl was quite surprised to see a small brown bunny just wiggling its nose and staring at her. Angelina paused for a minute, just looking at the creature wide-eyed. Maybe she was still dreaming. Maybe this rabbit wasn't even...
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アナと雪の女王 (2013)
animated film
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