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posted by zuttoaishiteru
As Long as You’re Happy
Chapter 1: 愛 IS PAINFUL…
Haibara Ai
Night had fallen. I sat silently in the basement, listening to the voices outside. The only lighting inside the room was from the computer. Beside it, a piece of paper with formula and pictures of double helix lied. I drew a deep breath when I heard his voice; a voice that could warmth my icy cold heart.
"Finally, Hakase…I can live a peaceful life without any need to worry about confronting the black オオカミ anymore," 発言しました that voice. I leaned my head nearer to the door to hear clearly what Kudo-kun and Agasa Hakase is talking...
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This is a 一覧 of Heiji Hattori's Injuries. But I'm not pretty sure if this one's updated. But, here's some facts about it!

(Some injuries are minor but, they are counted. That's what they said.)

Heiji has been shown to receive the most amount of injuries out of the characters in the franchise. His injuries so far are:
10.2-6 - Heiji and Conan's head collide, raising bumps.
12.7-10 - Heiji and Conan's head collide, raising bumps.
19.8 - Shot in the belly によって Detective Sakata
23.4-9 - Hit over the head and tossed overboard into the ocean
25.4-8 - Kazuha slaps Heiji after he bursts into her room demanding...
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posted by Ranmori17
Conan Edogawa
Sonoko Suzuki
Makoto Kyogoku
Kaitou Kid
Ran Mouri
Tomoko Suzuki
Jirokichi Suzuki
Ginzo Nakamori
Shiro Suzuki
Shintaro Chaki
Ayako Suzuki
Yuzo Tomizaw
Masumi Sera

Wristwatch Flashlight
Card Gun
Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt
Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes
Hang Glider Cape
Part 1
Sonoko has decided to introduce Makoto to her parents. But while her father wholly approves of Makoto, especially as he is a ファン of martial arts competitions himself, her mother in turn is strictly against a union between her younger daughter, as the prospective heir of the Suzuki Corporation, and...
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posted by Ranmori17
 Vol 36 - Case Closed
Vol 36 - Case Closed
Detective Conan is known as "Case Closed" in North America. The name "Case Closed" results from concerns of copyright conflict of the name Detective Conan.

Viz Media licensed the マンガ series under the name for 英語 publication in North America, which is up to Volume 66 as of April 10, 2018.

Because Victor Gollancz Ltd canceled publication of Detective Conan after 15 volumes in UK,Viz Media continues to handle UK's distribution with the American edition. Funimation Entertainment licensed the アニメ series for North American broadcast under the name Case Closed. The character names...
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 Hattori saves Kazuha
Hattori saves Kazuha
The Case
Conan along with Heiji, Ran, and Kogoro visit the Isle of マーメイド looking for Saori Kadowaki, who had sent a letter to Heiji asking them to save her from being killed によって a mermaid. In secret Heiji confines to Conan that the letter was meant for Shinichi despite being send to Heiji's address. But when they try to look for Saori she has been reported missing. They decided to talk with Saori's childhood friend Kimie, who is the elder's great-granddaughter. Rokuro Fukuyama the fisherman is Toshimi's fiancé. Those two along with Naoko, a ショップ clerk, are also childhood フレンズ with Saori....
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posted by Ranmori17
 Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
Kudou Shinichi - A great detective
When あなた have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

—Shinichi, quoting Sherlock Holmes from The Sign of the Four, ch. 6
In detective work, there's no winning または losing...there's no being superior または inferior...That's because...there is always one and only one truth.

—Episode 49, talking to Heiji
One truth prevails!

—One of Shinichi's catchphrases.
The only one who can miss a penalty kick is the one who has enough courage to take the penalty kick.

—Episode 476, Quoting the "Treasure of Italy" Roberto Baggio
Zero is where everything starts! Nothing...
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posted by Ranmori17
 A 愛 story
A love story
The Desperate Revival is a story-arc that appeared in both the マンガ and the anime. In the anime, the arc consisted of episodes 188-193. In the arc, it's apparent that Ran once again comes to the conclusion that Shinichi and Conan are the same person, and after Conan is shot によって a group of thugs in a cave, he decides to tell her the truth. However, with the help of Heiji and Haibara, he is able to convince Ran that Conan and Shinichi are not the same. Plus, Haibara has created a prototype antidote for him, and he is now Shinichi! However, the antidote does not last long, and leads to heartbreaking...
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posted by Ranmori17
 Haibara Ai
Haibara Ai
There are Haibara's quotes:
“You can't complain about time going by... If anyone tries to change it... Life will punish them.„
— File 191, Page 11: "The Eyes From Far Away"

“Creation reflects the inner state of the creator.„
— File 335: "Memento of a Wife"

“Don't judge people from the outside. Like any rose has thorns, the もっと見る person appears nice on the outside, the もっと見る あなた should doubt the inside.„
— File 461: "Poison on the Bait!?"

“Using too much of your brain can make あなた bald like Professor Agasa..„
— File 222, Page 7: "The Last Movie"

“Even this loyal mirror...
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In this section there are some interesting facts that a Conan ファン ought to know about, if you're a new fan, または if あなた want to find out もっと見る about the story and characters, do not doubt to read through the facts!

- Ran and Shinichi have the same blood type

- When Conan gets shot, Ran says that she has the same blood type as this kid and donates her blood to him, which means that she is very sure about his real identity

- Shinichi's deduction skill is not as good as his dad's

- Ran has suspected Conan's real identity many times, but still she hasn't found out because Conan persuades her everytime...
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posted by dcsite
Subaru Okiya is a complex man with a mind very similar to Shinichi's. In fact, he may be even smarter than our お気に入り detective. But I've been thinking for a while now, and what if Okiya Subaru was only an alias to somebody else? But then, who would it be? Bourbon? Well, there's also another option behind the true identity of Okiya, and that could be...Akai Shiuchi. First, I'll start によって explaining some similar things between the two. Then I'll explain how it could have been done. Finally, I'll contradict the common mistakes that I think mislead the readers into believing he is Bourbon. Who...
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posted by shinichi17
An end from me for detective Conan

After the FBI researches about the black organization and a help from MISONASHI RINA (Kir) they finally knows the place where the organization is, it is in the Merical LAND
The FBI got enough information about all the members except the leader and Barbon
Joudi-sensi tells Edogawa Conan every thing about the investigations and Conan get exited about that because he will finally get back to his normal body
Now its time to have a plane to catch the main members , so Akai , Jodi ,James, Kir , and another members from the FBI get together but they need the police...
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 Hattori and KID (as Shinichi)
Hattori and KID (as Shinichi)
After Kuro Maboroshi, also known as Black Star, kidnapped Conan, Hattori and KID were in a desperate situation.
Hattori: Damn it! If only I held that brat tighter...Damn! Why is this happening!? Anyway, (checks the watch which Kuro gave them) the time is ticking...AH! What should I do?
KID, who is listening to every word Hattori is saying, took pity on the detective. He also thought one thing: without his only rival, there will be no fun at all...
And so,
KID: Don't worry, Nishi no Meitantei. We'll save Tantei-kun. Isn't one of a detective's rule, is not to 表示する any feelings towards...
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posted by Case-closed
I haven't seen Case closed in a long time. It's been about 6 years, and the last time I watched it was when I was 11. I just recently caught up with the anime. This 表示する is great. I am in 愛 with it. And I just can't get enough. The thing is, I haven't found anyone who is as fond of it as I am. It's always a great mystery, and for every episode, it just keeps getting better, and better. The thing that gets me is, they just put season 5 on dvd not too long ago, and they are going to stop there. There are 18 season's, and they're going to stop at season 5? It actually makes me kind of sad....
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posted by Asabala2
Kanjō kanpeki ni lose control
Baguru uttōshi-sa ni hekieki wakatteru sutansu…
Itsuwari ID gen'in suisoku shite mo
Tōsō hon'nō zenkai umaku wa waraenai sutansu…

Chansu tsukamu sutansu yeah
Rēru no nai michi GO!
Darenimo tomerarenai kono kimochi

I'm blowing up, blowing up kokoro ga sawagu
I'm blowing up, blowing up owara senaide
Mirai ga mieru I'm gonna be your DYNAMITE
Oh! Buttobe your Dynamite!

Aijou tsukamenai mama de...
Kimochi dake ga Delay
itsu made mo kono mama ja dame.

Oh! I'm dynamite
konnan kuzushite nukeru no
I'm dynamite
ikki ni ashita e to
ushinatteta kanjou wo tori modose
Put the...
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 Hattori (KID) smiles at Conan.
Hattori (KID) smiles at Conan.
Finally, only 3 もっと見る 分 and KID will appear.
Everyone were all dressed up as normal people walking around the hallway at the 20th floor of Koheiki Hotel.
Suddenly, the disguised Inspector Nakamori approached Conan for a while.
Inspectori Nakamori: Oi, Conan-kun. あなた still remember the plan, right?
Conan: Ah...yes.
Inspector Nakamori: Very good. I'll got talk to Kuro-kun for a while, OK?
Conan: Ah, yeah.
Inspector Nakamori: Oh, によって the way...
Conan: ?
Inspector Nakamori: Where is Heiji-kun?
Conan: Oh! W-Well...,
Hattori: I'm here, Kebu-san.
Conan (to himself): What the-!? Oi, oi...!
Inspector Nakamori:...
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posted by Ranmori17
 Detective Conan characters
Detective Conan characters
Detective Conan (名探偵めいたんていコナン Meitantei Konan?, lit. Great Detective Conan) is a Japanese detective マンガ series written and illustrated によって Gosho Aoyama. It has been serialized in the Japanese マンガ anthology Weekly Shōnen Sunday since 1994 and had been collected in 94 Tankōbon volumes によって December 18, 2017.

The マンガ has been adapted into an アニメ series によって the アニメーション studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, directed によって Kenji Kodama (episode 1 to 252), Yasuichiro Yamamoto (episode 110 to 332, 667 to 677, 681 to the last episode to date), Masato Sato (episode 318 to 504), Koujin...
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 Heiji is ready.
Heiji is ready.
Heiji is already awake and when he went to the dining room,breakfast is ready. Aoko noticed him.

"Oh,you're already awake! You're breakfast is ready",Aoko said.

Heiji just sat in the chair and eat his breakfast. After eating,he prepared for the 次 code. Before leaving,he said.

"Can I stay here for another night just the case I solve this one?",he asked.

"Of course.",Aoko accepted the request.

Heiji left the house and thought,"I'm almost done! I'm ready to meet him!".

Heiji has been running around Beika City. The code he has been solving is harder than the rest.

"Am I searching または just running around?...
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posted by dcsite
Here is the August 2010 Schedule of Detective Conan!

Saturday, August 7:

→Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story Part 2 (Digitally Remastered)


Summer Time Gone will play as the new Opening!

Saturday, August 14:

→Episode 583:Kobayashi sensei's Love

New Opening Video! Summer Time Gone Video Premieres During Episode 583!


Saturday, August 21:

→Episode 584: Inspector Shiratori's ロスト Love


Saturday, August 28:

→Episode 585: Timeless Sakura Love

This has to do something about DC OVA 6. During that time as I was watching the OVA, the criminal sounded just like Hattori Heiji. But, I finally got to handle the DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HATTORI AND HIS IMPOSTOR. Here are the clues:
1. Doesn't use the standard Japanese accent. As what I have said, Hattori uses the Kansai-ben language but, his impostor uses the standard Japanese accent.
2. Calls Conan, "Kudo". Usually, Conan picks up the Detective Agency's phone. Whenever he says, "Hello?", Hattori always (or sometimes) says, "Ah! Kudo" but his impostor didn't recognized Conan.
3. The subtitles. Heheh....
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こんにちは guys! It was confirmed that the Detective Conan movie 15, titled "Quarter of Silence" is to be released on April 16, 2011.

あなた can visit the Official Website: link
It was updated already for Movie 15.

I found some posters too but I don't know what they mean because they're in Japanese. So, if anybody could read it, I hope あなた can share it with us :D

A trailer was already released too.

What are your 閲覧数 on the upcoming movie? Please feel free to say anything! :)