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 <-- シャルロット, シャーロット Arnold...or ヒイラギ, ホリー J!:D
<-- Charlotte Arnold...or Holly J!:D

So. What's your take on what happened between ヒイラギ, ホリー J and Declan.
I thought it was a very interesting turn for their story to take. Him coming back I thought would either be really good または really bad... What I like about it is that both characters are sort of in the right and in the wrong. They're both making a mistake and they both have good intentions. So I thought it was really interesting. It wasn't black または white, it's very much a gray issue.

The scene where you're leaving the condo, and you've got that horrible tight smile on your face; it was heartbreaking. When...
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posted by JacobLuver13
Walking into Degrassi felt refreshing. Feeling happy and I know why. I dont want to be happy によって this but i am. I sigh. The refreshing feeling gone as I walk to my locker. Great, I totally forgot. Football practice this afternoon. Uh! Dont smile, dont smile, dont smile. Too late i smiled. I dont want to be happy about キス Zane, または having to see him today. I dont want to be gay. Why couldnt this be cured. Zane doesnt make this any better! Why did he 移動する to Degrassi! I hit my locker. Deep breathes, deep breathes. Anger Managment classes have paid off. "Riley, こんにちは man." Peter called. " Hey...
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posted by moolah
Created によって ifiwasaguyx
(this story was not written によって me-I don't own)

Tagged: degrassi, babydaddy

Before あなた Read: This is important!
If あなた see:
“...” between paragraphs, it means that the scene above is over, but the scene below is in the same day.
“- - - -” between paragraphs, it means that the scene above is over, but the scene below is from a different day.

You and Declan sat in his very large, very fancy bedroom. It was wide, and spacey, and decorated with both a manly and sophisticated eye. The room held a king sized bed, a bureau, a walk in closet—which had it's own...
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posted by PaprikaFest
こんにちは I just found this amazing event happenin' in Toronto. あなた cannot miss Jujube Mandiela this Sunday Novemeber 28th on stage 読書 a play によって Kanika Ambrose, "My Ummmm-hmm"

This is a rare chance to see Jajube doing something different. See the details below

I think everyone should book their tickets early too, this is going to sell out.

Paprika Does Double Digits
10th Anniversary Celebration
November 28th

Watch the Trailer! link

a collection of work from the past ten years, performed によって current
participants, artists, alumni and フレンズ of the Festival

Tarragon Theatre Mainspace
30 Bridgman Ave. (One block north of Dupont & Bathurst)
Reception at 7pm Performance at 8pm
For tickets, call the Tarragon Box Office at 416.531.1827
posted by LexiiiB
Degrassi is the story of the trials and adventures of students at Degrassi High. I 愛 this show. Why do so many people 愛 this show? Why wouldn't people 愛 this show? It goes there. It shows us what most high schools would be afraid to expose.It's real situations that are happening in high schools all around the world right now.It's relatable. あなた watch it, and remember feeling what the characters feel...going through what they're going through..That's what I 愛 about Degrassi.
Another great thing about this 表示する is, it doesn't have to end. Yeah, we 愛 the characters, but we know they have to graduate. For most shows, that would be the end. But not Degrassi. Kids come in and out of High school, don't they. So new characters can come in to hold up the drama, the romance, the scandals we love. and we can fall in 愛 all over again..That's what's great about Degrassi. That's Degrassi forever
フレンズ over Family:
Chapter Two: Goddaughter
~In school~
Eli was keeping Ayla away from the people as best as he could. I was walking toward Adam’s locker. He was standing there as usual, listening to my ipodの, ipod I had lent him. He was jamming because I could hear it. “HEY!” he yelled over the music. Then he spotted Eli. “Yo, man!” Then he spotted Ayla and ripped out the earphones. “What’s Ayla doing?!?” “Theresa cancelled. Can あなた please, baby-sit?” I said. He shook his head and held Ayla. “I’m sorry; I have a HUGE English test today.” “Dang. Now what? I have...
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フレンズ over Family
~1 年 ago~
“Clare…I know something’s wrong.” Adam 発言しました sitting beside his friend. Clare was staring into space. Her palms sweating and she felt weak. “Clare.” Adam 発言しました again. Adam sighed and leaned farther back into his uncomfortable シート, 座席 in the cafeteria, where Clare and Adam were alone. Eli was nowhere in sight. Which was good for Clare; she didn’t want to tell him in front of Adam…at least not yet. “Clare!” he 発言しました again. He finally gave up and bit into the plump, red 林檎, アップル that lay on his blue tray. Clare’s hands were shaking...
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フレンズ over Family:
Chapter Three: Eli makes lunch
~In School~
    I looked at my daughter then at Fitz. “What do あなた want?” “I want revenge-whether it’s on your daughter または Eli.” I shook. I didn’t want either. “Please…leave.” I said. Ayla had woken up and was now, playing with my トレーナー, スウェット シャツ strings. He shook his head, “I don’t think so.” I heard footsteps toward me. I saw a glimpse of Eli. He was looking down and I heard a sobbing sound. Eli was crying. I managed to back away from Fitz. The ウォール was still there. But, if I could maneuver...
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フレンズ over Family
Chapter One: Ayla goes High School
~1 年 later~
I leaned up against the counter and wiped my head off with the bib. Eli walked in with Ayla on his hip. It had been a 年 since I’d told him I was pregnant with Ayla. She was our joy now, besides each other. We were now 16 years old. Ayla was 1 and a half. She had my bronze hair and tiny curls at the bottom. She was teething…which meant Eli and I had little marks in our hand from time to time. I had one right now. Eli had about four. It was kinda adorable. Our small apartment was cluttered with baby toys, clothes,...
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 <-- Munro...or Eli!**takes my breath away**
<-- Munro...or Eli!**takes my breath away**
All credit goes to


So, in case it doesn't come through properly in the text, Munro has a total sense of humor and was joking (often self-deprecatingly) during much of this interview. Also, fyi, I'm not psychic -- we were talking via Skype, which is why I could tell what was in his bedroom. And without further ado...

So, the last time I saw あなた was in Toronto when あなた guys were shooting the carnival video, Boiling Point hadn't aired, no one in America really understood what was coming yet... has life become any different for あなた since becoming America's Sweetheart?
First of all,...
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posted by big-fat-meanie
I have something very important to ask you:

Watch Degrassi: 次 Class on Netflix.

It is really really important that Degrassi gets the proper ratings. It doesn’t matter if 10 million people watched Degrassi illegally because if no one watches it on Netflix, they will register the season as a failure. And the 表示する will be cancelled. We barely survived cancellation last time and if this is the end, this is the end.

If あなた watched 次 Class through links, please watch it again on Netflix. This is so, so important. These ratings are critical in 表示中 Netflix that Degrassi has enough of a ファン base to justify another season.

Even if あなた just have the 表示する on mute in another tab, this is enough. Just please don’t let the Friday premiere 日付 pass によって like it’s nothing.
All because she wanted coffee
Chapter One:
~Boyfriends, Girlfriends~
I looked around the corner at the Hard Rock Café. I sighed and made the turn. I looked at the cabs and waited for traffic to slow. When it did I used the sidewalk and crossed over to the Café. Walking inside I took off my hat and then my green jacket. That left my Aeropostale grey sweatshirt. I let it on and grabbed my brown apron. I went behind the counter and locked in my pen number. I walked over to Ashley and told her she could go on break. She nodded and took off her エプロン and pulled out her ponytail. I took the cash register...
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posted by selgomez5613
Alex Nunez-She roomed with Paige, Marco, and Ellie but Paige kicked her out after almost ruining her fashion internship, so she moves in with her aunt
Seasons 3-4

Ashley Kerwin-She sees Craig performing at a Purple Dragon コンサート and she leaves to tour with him in Europe
Seasons 1-7

Blue Chessex-He breaks up with ヒイラギ, ホリー J and is open to other girls
Seasons 8-9

Bruce the Moose-He leaves Degrassi
Seasons 7-9

Craig Manning-He kisses Ellie at an airport at leaves to tour in Europe
Seasons 2-8

Damian Hayes-He graduates Degrassi and attends college
Seasons 6-7

Daniel "Danny" バン Zandt-He graduates Degrassi
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posted by jaspersgirl1fan
Degrassi is the best Tv 表示する out there. YOu have love, Drama, Excitment, illness, Sadness. IT has everything. YOu have Carcters that あなた can relate to, at least i do. YOu watch it, あなた 愛 it, あなた stay intrested and あなた always walk back to the tv for more. There is always a new episoid coming out. Degrassi is the best 表示する ever made. あなた got the Gangstas, YOur preppy girls, Cheer squad, Smart people, Nerds, The pretty poupular girls, prom クイーン and king, The エモ kids, the trouble makers, あなた got it all in degrassi. Degrassi can also help you, If there is a situation at school または something and あなた saw an episoid of degrassi あなた can relate to the situation and maybe come up with something that could help あなた slove it. SO all あなた Degrassi 恋愛中 grab the remote, take a seat, and turn on the tv for the best 表示する あなた will ever watch. (and if あなた dont like Degrassi, then i dont know what to tell ya)
posted by degrassi-rules
If あなた are a Degrassi ファン then あなた know what Degrassi has been through. Some examples the shooting,the dramitic fights between Manny and paige, Craig's bi-polar scences. All memorable moments in Degassi history.Degrassi to me is the and sometimes the only 表示する out there. It's drama and 愛 scenes are what keeps us intersted.Wondering were manny and paige ever going to get along または was mia going to get bella taken.And all the many もっと見る scences .Degrassi is one of the best shows around so it's up to us the degrassi ファン to 表示する the world what degrassi is about.