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 If this is yours, または あなた know who made it, please tell me and I'll credit あなた
If this is yours, or you know who made it, please tell me and I'll credit you
"Who can be in 愛 for a 年 または two and not reveal it? For 愛 cannot be concealed."

'The Romance of Tristan' - Beroul

Special acknowledgement for this 記事 goes to JanaP, who told me she would 愛 an 記事 about when Elena fell in 愛 with Damon.

I'd always wanted to write an 記事 about Elena's feelings, but it can be difficult sometimes to know exactly what they are. Some TVD ファン think that Elena doesn't have any feelings for Damon at all, または that she simply doesn't feel as passionately for Damon as she does for Stefan. I'm going to discuss why they might be wrong, as well as outline...
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1.because their 1st meeting was EPIC

2."Quit cheerleading"
"Why do あなた say that?"
"I saw your practice..you looked miserable" (1x3)
^^HE was the ONLY one who understood that SHE was not happy during the practice

3."I'm sorry..abt Katherine..you ロスト her too" (1x3)
^^Elena knew that HE was hurted and sad about losing Katherine

4.because SHE is HIS humanity

5.In the books-Stelena are described as just "soul mates" whereas Delena are described as ETERNAL soul mates <3 <3

6.because HE is the ONLY one who can make HER smile when she's tensed

7.because she cares about him and she always will

8.HE took...
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posted by Delenafan2
Here is chapter 4 of my Delena fanfic. Hope あなた all enjoy it.

Breaking Point

Chapter 4
Later that night after Elena went to sleep Damon came down to the study and was surprised to find Elijah sitting in a chair によって the fire.
“Please, have a seat, Damon. Don’t mind me,” he told Damon.
Damon hesitated at first but soon joined him in an evening nightcap.
“Would あなた believe that I was once in a similar situation to yours?”
“What situation do あなた mean?” Damon asked as he took a sip of his bourbon.
“You’re in 愛 with the same girl as your brother. Believe me, I know something of that,”...
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**********I figured some of あなた would enjoy these. I will only put the ones from Shadow Souls. For now. I included the page numbers but I am not sure if they will work for the actual 本 and not just the e-books, which is what I have and what I got them from.***********

*******PAGE 20********
"Semi-consciously, Elena let her aura expand, and met a mind almost at once. To her surprise, it recoiled from her. That wasn’t right. She managed
to snag it before it could retreat behind a great hard stone, like a boulder. The only things left outside the boulder—which reminded her of a picture of...
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Yes I know I've published loads about this here, but I just thought あなた should be able to see my コメント from The Vampire Diaries 本 spot about whether または not Bonnie should be with Damon.

I actually don't think he is falling for Bonnie, but is caring for her. I think he is in 愛 with Elena, and I thought that was pretty obvious. There was nothing to suggest to me in the 本 that Damon had deeper feelings for Bonnie and vice versa.

What Bonnie felt for Damon was just a crush, just like she crushed on most of the guys in the books. I think that if there really had been deeper feelings...
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posted by delenafan123
Ok, so the last three episodes of The Vampire Diaries were absolutely amazing. We have a couple new characters especially a new villian named Connor. I was really happy to see Alaric back in 4x02 with Damon. That scene was very sad and powerful. Now Elena is still getting used to her being a vampire and Stefan is teaching her to not drink human blood so she won't become a killer like he was back in the day. She can't keep any of the animal blood down so she goes to Damon for help and he offers her his blood and they have a blood sharing moment in the bathroom which was very erotic and HOT!!!!...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon was packing his bags when Stefan walked in.
“What are あなた doing?”
“Packing my bags, if あなた didn’t notice” Damon replied.
“Why? Where あなた going?” Stefan asked.
“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet” Damon said.
“I don’t get it” Stefan said. Without turning around Damon started to explain. “I’ve always known あなた hate me, but I didn’t know it was that bad. If あなた really loathe me that much あなた could’ve 発言しました so and I might’ve left”
“No, I don’t want あなた to leave” Stefan said. “I just…”
“You just wanted someone to drive a stake through my heart....
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posted by Delena1864
Dear Diary
Stefan. It will always be Stefan, but how can I NOT have feelings for Damon too. Sure I mean, he has had his moments, like killing my brother, and just being a dick, but he really is good inside. How can I not 愛 that too.

Elena sighed put her head down on my pillow, and tried to go to sleep. Unfortunately, just like the last few days, she couldn't, not without thinking about him. Damon, she thought. I just couldn't hide my 愛 for him anymore. Then I had to worry about Stefan I loved him too, I probably always would, but for some reason I feel like I'm not worthy of him. Loving...
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So, the begin of Our Town. Damon is all chipper, Elena is all angry. Let’s just 愛 the fact that Damon Salvatore is all chipper because of one kiss(I can’t help, but I feel the same), is the first real happy smile that we see and that’s really happy, the only other time we’ve see a Damon sincere smile was when Elena kissed him in 2x22.
And Elena is like, she do not feel guilty, but even that she want’s, she think is not right, her think is not right to her キッス Damon back’s, her think is not right feel the way she feel for Damon.
Later(a.k.a Latah) in that episode she says...
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Maybe it was silly of me, but I expected a lot もっと見る from Stelena in Season 3. I thought their relationship would finally graduate from the syrupy sweet high school romance which lacked dimension into something much darker. I honestly thought that with Stefan's ripper storyline, we would really see Stelena develop and change. However, I was VERY disappointed with the results we got.
Even after the most testing time of their relationship, Stelena has barely evolved at all. They went through a brief dark spell, yes, which culminated in Stefan holding Elena and the ones she loved to ransom in his...
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I smiled as i walked up to the Salvatore house and opened the door, Then i noticed the house was dark but there was loud 音楽 coming from the living room. I walked to the living room and there was Damon with his シャツ unbuttoned (A sight that took my breath away) dancing around with some collage girls. I felt like going and Killing the girls, Was i jelious? Im NOT jelious! I kept repeating in my head but i knew the truth, I was jelious! Damon must he sensed me there because he went and turned the 音楽 off and told the girls something Then they went to sit on the couch. He walked up to me...
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Damon: “I do believe you, you’re too good for my brother. My brother, is a fool. He thinks that because あなた look like Katherine you’re weak and easily led like her. But he’s wrong. I could feel your anger from the other side of town. I can feel it now, a white light like the desert sun. あなた have strength, Elena, even as あなた are. But あなた could be so much stronger…”

I think this quote pretty much outlines how Stefan wants to keep Elena locked away from the realities of life, not being able to make her own decisions and therefore feeling suficated. Elena loves Stefan, but Damon is the...
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http://mysticonfessions.tumblr.com/page9, submitted to fanpop by STEFIdi
Thanks to everyone who reads, コメント and supports my articles. Special acknowledgement to paupaug.

I don't know about you, but I've seen a lot of negative コメント from depressed DE shippers regarding the current state of affairs. Maybe あなた are one of those shippers. Maybe あなた are scared that DE have come to the end of the road. Maybe あなた don't think they will ever happen now. Maybe あなた feel like giving up. It's normal to feel doubtful sometimes, (believe me, I have too), but have I ever felt like DE aren't going to happen, または that I should just give up? No. I can understand fans' concerns,...
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I don't think that what you're about to read can be classified as an article, but I hope it's okay that I post it anyway.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have a feeling that Damon and Elena are some sort of twins. That they're two pieces of the same cube. They almost never need to say anything to eachother, to understand eachother. It's like it's their energy または something, that speaks for them. によって looking in eachothers eyes, they know how the other feels. And that's one thing that I 愛 about them. For when あなた don't need words to communicate, then あなた definitely have something special.

- - -...
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posted by Nutika
„I hate word someday [...] It’s encoded never”
Klaus was somehow right. He was evil bastard and Damon would give mostly anything to see him as a pile of ashes but he wasn’t stupid. He’s seen things that other people weren’t able to see and he used it to play tricks with their minds. But now dark haired men must have agreed with him. They were everything the worst that Elena could have in her life, all this ヴァンパイア and スーパーナチュラル stuff. That’s why people around her were dying and she couldn’t have her normal happy life. He was aware that Stefan didn’t understand it, he was...
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あなた say that あなた 愛 me
Don’t know what to do with it
You say あなた don’t deserve me
Can’t I decide that for myself
‘Cause あなた have no right
To make up my mind

‘Cause all I need is some time
To realize what I’m looking for
Don’t want to be scared and run and hide
Don’t want to be shattered on the floor
I want to want you
I want to need you
I want to 愛 you
All I need is some time

My heart’s hired out
But it’s not sold
I can’t get it back now
But soon it’ll be yours to hold
‘Cause あなた can’t let あなた go
Even when I’m going slow

‘Cause all I need is some time
To realize what I’m...
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posted by DamonxEricxAlek

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Elena opens her big expressive チョコレート eyes. She slowly looks around
in the black darkness. Elena couldn't make out where she was または remember
how she got here.

Elena's head was throbbimg with a sharp pain. She could feel the now
dried blood upon her elagant face. Elena tried to call out for Damon
but her normally serene voice eluded her.

"Damon..." she 発言しました in her most weak attempt. Her now almost 栗
colored eyes slowly searched the blackness. Elena's eyes slightly adjusted
to the darkness. Elena had a forboding feeling that eyes were watching
her although she couldn't see them. She shivered...
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I believe that if あなた pay close attention, you'll see that there are many parallels regarding scenes, songs and 名言・格言 which are too numerous または meaningful to just be coincedental.

The Pilot

When Bonnie and Elena are in the car, and Bonnie is telling Elena she's psychic, Elena challenges her to "Predict something about me."
Bonnie: "I see..."
(A カラス hits the windshield.)

Bonnie: When I touched you, I saw a crow.
Elena: What?
Bonnie: A crow. There was fog...and a man.

Damon is always saving Elena -
He picked her up and carried her away from the crash in 1x11.
He picked her up and carried her to Stefan...
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posted by panther-jewel
When I go through コメント on "The Vampire Diaries", I read over and over that ファン have never wanted a couple to get together that much before, as they now yearn for Damon and Elena to end up together; and that is exactly how I feel, too. There is such an overwhelming majority who ships Delena, while Stefan is not presented as an evil guy または something like that, and there has to be a reason for that enormous number of our size.
Damon and Elena are not only presented to be very much alike, there are so MANY parallels for them; they say things not only in the same way, but often WORD によって WORD;...
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