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Of all the things in the cultural world that amuse me, it is SE fans’ reasons as to why DE don’t belong together and SE do that manages to amuse me the most. I’ve often read 苦い コメント from Stelena ファン attempting to justify an SE endgame and denounce Delena and – although I have always approached such reasoning objectively – I am yet to find a reason from SE ファン that can be considered to actually be relevant and sensible. Most 最近 reasons I have read have always pertained to situations in the past which are no longer relevant, または perspectives which make no sense whatsoever. This leads me to assume that Stelena ファン are formulating these nonsensical arguments for their own sake, in order to make themselves believe in the longevity of Stelena and the damnation of Delena. Furthermore, their blind acceptance of and belief in their reasons simply implies that they are delusional; constructing a world in which all their idiotic reasons make perfect sense, and certain undeniable truths about DE are non-existent または false (I’m not referring to all SE ファン here. Many SE ファン are respectful of both ships, yet are able to admit truths that are present regarding Delena, rather than fabricating facts または talking nonsense about them). In this article, I will address the reasons provided によって SE ファン によって producing truths that contradict rather than 確認 their arguments. I have composed a 一覧 of the most common reasons uttered によって Stelena fans, and will only attend to these ones as there are way too many arguments によって SErs to even dignify によって adding them to this article.
1.    Damon killed Elena’s brother. Honestly, it’s been almost three seasons since that incident occurred, yet Stelena ファン continue to yank that incredibly irksome chain. I know that this specific act that Damon committed was vile, but it was perpetrated out of personal pain and insecurity and not evil motives. Does that justify Damon’s actions? Of course not, but it does place his true character into perspective – that Damon is a wounded and tormented individual who has been rejected his whole life leading him to retaliate in questionable ways; but out of insecurity, not malevolence. It is due to the knowledge of his true character, that Elena managed to forgive Damon for the act and even further than this, fell in 愛 with him regardless of what he had done previously (due to knowing his heart, and not judging him based on his 前 actions). The main point, anyway, is that Elena FORGAVE Damon – Damon’s impulsive murder of Jeremy doesn’t bother her any longer (and with good reason, considering the fact that Damon has redeemed himself countless times since then). Stelena ファン really need to abandon this reason because it is no longer relevant, nor applicable, as Damon has changed significantly since then and not Elena, nor Jeremy nor even the opinionated Caroline seem to denounce him for it. Jeremy and Caroline are both not fond of Damon, yet they never refer to his murder of Jeremy as to why they do not like him. The only ones still making use of this antiquated reason are Stelena ファン – it’s really about time they update their thinking and stick to the present.
2.    Damon never allows Elena to make her own choices. Yet another ancient reason that’s no longer relevant. When Elena decided to trust Elijah in the finale of Season 3 – against Damon’s protests – did Damon attempt to sabotage Elijah and Elena’s deal in any way? Far from it – he rather stuck to the agreement and did what was expected of him even though it was against his better judgement. And let’s be honest – has Elena always made wise choices? Definitely not. Elena often makes the most foolhardy decisions that place her in great danger, so how can we expect Damon to simply sit back and allow the woman he loves to place herself in a position that could possibly result in her death? I definitely do not blame Damon making decisions for Elena that proves to benefit her in the long run – even if they hurt her temporarily. Damon’s refusal to allow Elena to make idiotic decisions that put her in danger is definitely motivated によって his intense 愛 for her, and not によって a sadistic intention to control her. After all, Damon did say to Elena that he will “always choose her”. But SE ファン can continue to use this reason – it only further proves Damon’s 愛 for Elena rather than why he isn’t right for her.
3.    Their relationship is purely sexual/Elena is horny. Now this is one of the funniest reasons I have ever come across. I often wonder what 表示する SE ファン were watching when they make use of this reason because four seasons of TVD have proven that DE’s relationship is much もっと見る than merely sexual. Did it ever occur to Stelena ファン that Elena is deeply attracted to Damon because of her intense feelings for him rather than simply being “horny”? If Elena is “horny”, why did she not jump Stefan every opportunity she got? または Damon, for that matter? SE ファン need not do much but focus on the development of the DE relationship to realise that Delena’s sexual activity is a consequence of their intense and deep 愛 for each other – a 愛 that gradually developed over four seasons of TVD through countless obstacles, setbacks and pain. Besides the sirebond (which proved that DE can maintain a relationship without having sex), Damon and Elena consummated their relationship after they fell in 愛 with each other – not before. Had their relationship been merely sexual, they would have jumped into ベッド the first opportunity they got.
4.    Stefan is Elena’s first and “epic” love. Wow, okay. So – によって use of that reasoning – must I assume that everyone on earth belongs with the person they fell in 愛 with first? If that is the case, the majority of the world’s couples would separate considering the fact that it is seldom for first loves to last forever – they’re called “first” loves for a reason, as there are usually other loves who follow. A first 愛 is a significant love, because it is the first individual one fell in 愛 with, but that hardly means that one is destined to be with his/her first 愛 forever. If SE ファン want to use that reasoning, then Stefan should be with Katherine – who was his first 愛 – not Elena. This SE reason is an idiotic one because a first 愛 does not mean one’s “true” 愛 – it only means the first person one fell in 愛 with. I’m not saying that first loves cannot last forever – they can – but those are rare occasions when the couple were lucky enough to find each other the first time around and found fulfilment and completeness with each other (such as Noah and Allie from The Notebook who are quite similar to Delena and NOTHING like Stelena). And yes, many have referred to Stefan as Elena’s “epic” love. Most first loves are epic anyway, but that doesn't mean that they're meant to last forever. Damon is Elena’s “true” 愛 – one can have many epic loves, but there is only ever one true love. Enough said.
5.    Elena said, “It’s always going to be Stefan”. Yet again, a reason that is no longer relevant. Elena uttered those words to Damon in the first episode of Season 2, but a lot has happened since then, like Elena falling in 愛 with Damon while still committed to Stefan. SE ファン seem to overlook Elena’s other dialogue spoken much later in the series that refute this statement SErs 愛 to use, such as, ”I can’t think about always, all I can think about is right now” (when Damon told her “it’s always going to be Stefan” after she informed him of her decision to stay with Stefan rather than be with him) – Elena was no longer sure that she would always be in 愛 with Stefan, rather choosing to say “I can only think of right now” instead of “always” in reference to being with Stefan – this indicative of a significant change in Elena’s feelings for both brothers since she uttered the original statement in Season 2. Another example completely refuting this SE reason is when Elena says to Damon: “Take the cure with me/We can be together, grow old together” – if it would “always be Stefan”, why did Elena wish to spend and conclude her life with Damon, wishing to grow old with him and NOT Stefan? SE ファン should do themselves a favour and stop using this hackneyed reason when Elena, herself, through her dialogue, decisions, and conduct, has refuted her initial belief that it would “always be Stefan”.
6.    Damon loves Elena because she’s Katherine’s doppelganger, not for who Elena actually is. If that is so, why did Damon rebuff so many of Katherine’s advances when she repeatedly rocked up in Mystic Falls? There’s no logic whatsoever in this SE reason considering what TVD has shown us concerning the Datherine relationship (or lack thereof) and the Delena relationship. Ever since Season 2, Damon has always chosen Elena above Katherine, even willing to kill Katherine for Elena’s sake. If he truly loved Katherine, why on earth would he choose Elena over her? Damon prioritised Elena, not Katherine (even though he wasn’t even dating Elena). I struggle to understand how あなた will kill the person あなた truly 愛 for the sake of the person あなた only think あなた love, but I guess in the minds of the SE ファン it makes sense. SE ファン persist to believe that Damon truly loves Katherine and only thinks he loves Elena, yet he decided to put himself in mortal peril to rescue Elena from Klaus, informing Katherine that he would “never have done it for [her]” – saying this to the person he supposedly loves (according to SE fans). It is clear SE ファン have deluded themselves into believing that Damon is only in 愛 with Elena because he is actually in 愛 with Katherine, yet the 表示する has clearly shown that THIS IS NOT THE CASE. It seems that now that they can no longer challenge Elena’s 愛 for Damon (after her passionate confession of love), SE ファン have turned the tables on Damon and attempt to make it appear as if his 愛 for Elena is not genuine and rather due to his 愛 for another woman (honestly???). SE ファン ought to remember that Damon never intended on falling for Elena – he even compelled her to forget their first meeting (after articulating her innermost desires). Therefore, Damon’s 愛 for Elena (and her 愛 for him) occurred naturally, and gradually developed into intense and deep feelings that have NOTHING to do with Katherine, but rather EVERYTHING to do with Elena.
7.    Damon is selfish. Maybe Damon is selfish, but definitely not when it comes to Elena. He saved Caroline from being sacrificed for Klaus’ ritual (willing to sacrifice himself instead) and almost died saving Caroline and Matt from Tyler (werewolf bite – need I say more?). Rather than letting Rose suffer even further from the symptoms induced によって the werewolf bite, Damon did the considerate thing and killed her to end her misery, creating a dream for her which allowed her to pass on in peace. After Elena chose Stefan in the Season 3 finale, Damon accepted Elena’s decision and no longer pressured her into being with him, but rather supported her in her adaptation to vampirism, choosing not to leave town as he originally planned. Once aware of the sirebond, Damon did not take advantage of Elena, and rather set her free, unable to permit her to be with him if there was a possibility her free-will would be compromised in the process. Damon accepted Elena as a human または a vampire, and his motivation to find the cure for vampirism was to cure Elena because she desired the cure – not because he wanted her to be human. Damon feared that Elena would not 愛 him once she became human and consequently broke the sirebond, yet he did not stop looking for the cure, and eventually gave the cure to Elena once it was in his possession. Regardless of how tortured Damon felt that Elena would not 愛 him once she was human again (something many others kept on telling him would happen), and regardless of the emotional risk of losing the 愛 of the woman he loved もっと見る than anything, he gave Elena the cure because he truly loved her and wanted to give her what she truly wanted. After these aforementioned instances (among many others in TVD), how can SE ファン continue to believe and declare that Damon is truly selfish?
8.    All her フレンズ hate Damon. So what? Why is that a problem? Elena’s フレンズ do not understand Damon – only Elena does – so no one can expect them to know his ハート, 心 like she does. Damon has proven to have a good ハート, 心 and he truly loves Elena (and has saved her フレンズ a number of times), and many of the reasons why Elena’s フレンズ do not like Damon is due to his conduct in the early seasons of TVD rather than in the later seasons. Suffice to say, their 閲覧数 of Damon are prejudiced, and not based on his ハート, 心 but on his mistakes of the past.
9.    Elena only fell in 愛 with Damon because of the sirebond. This is によって far one of the most nonsensical reasons I have ever heard. How did the sirebond form between Damon and Elena in the first place? Because Elena was IN 愛 with Damon before she became a vampire – not because she was simply turned によって his blood. Furthermore, the sirebond was described によって a スーパーナチュラル professional (witch) as being formed due to feelings, while those who had sirebond experience (Tyler) explicitly 発言しました that the sirebond affects one’s actions, NOT feelings. Obviously, then, Elena was in 愛 with Damon while she was still human and the sirebond merely gave her the courage to act on her 愛 for him. Everything that was 発言しました and proven about the sirebond – be it through others または によって Elena – completely refute this senseless reason from SE ファン attempting to justify why Elena is in 愛 with Damon. I rest my case in this regard. SE ファン need to watch Season 4 again to realise just how stupid their reason is.
10.    When choosing Damon, Elena 発言しました it will be her “worst choice”. によって her friends’ standards – and によって all those who have degraded Damon to Elena – choosing him would most definitely be the “worst” choice. When Elena made this statement, she was still ignorant of what a relationship with Damon would exactly entail as she still had not experienced a relationship with him. Before embarking on a journey that will significantly change your life, あなた always have your initial 閲覧数 of what あなた will attain through the journey – it is only after you’ve experienced the journey that あなた can truly see what あなた have gained from it, and often あなた realise it is completely different to what あなた initially believed. This is the case with Elena – she’s in 愛 with Damon and is embarking on this new relationship with him, but she still has her reservations about him (due to his impulsive and sometimes irrational behaviour), and of course will believe that he is the worst choice for her (due to her フレンズ holding such beliefs and constantly informing her of them). Yet, Elena’s decision to be with Damon was based on her ハート, 心 – and such decisions are most often the best decisions rather than the worst. Elena, herself, 発言しました that she doesn’t regret being in 愛 with Damon. And I doubt she ever will regret being in 愛 with the man who will ultimately turn out to be her best choice rather than her worst.
11.    Damon is an A-hole who doesn’t deserve Elena. I beg to differ. I’d rather say that SHE doesn’t deserve HIM. It is probably an unpopular opinion, but Damon has constantly worked to earn Elena’s 愛 while she has often hurt him and rejected him. It is only recently that Elena has proven her 愛 for Damon, but many times before (due to her fear of her feelings for him) she has pushed him away and spoke words that hurt him. After keeping him on a string for the whole of Season 3, she broke his ハート, 心 in the finale of the season, only to request his help immediately in the 次 season, and pursue him soon after. There was a lot of back-and-forth between the pair in Season 3 mainly because of Elena’s conflicting feelings, which most of the time left Damon uncertain on where he stood with her. However, to be fair, Damon and Elena do deserve each other because they have proven to 愛 each other intensely and unconditionally, and share a true 愛 that is destined to last forever. To say that Damon doesn’t deserve Elena is nonsensical, because his personal development – as well as hers – demonstrates that Damon does deserve Elena and she does deserve him, as they have both become better individuals because of each other.
12.     The fact that Stefan and Elena are both doppelgangers is proof that they are destined to be together. If Stelena is endgame because of this reason, the writers will have contradicted everything they have written and developed over the course of TVD. This reason is as cheesy as they come, and will expunge all the development of Delena (as individuals and as a couple), as well as everything that points to a DE endgame – which will make absolutely no sense. If SE are destined to be together, it should be based on their 愛 for each other and not on some スーパーナチュラル link または correspondence. This reason actually does the opposite of what SErs intended as it seems to imply that Delena are going to fight for their 愛 and prove that they should be together, that they do belong together, and that something as tacky as a スーパーナチュラル connection will not stop them from being together – THAT is true love.
13.    Stelena share a “cosmic” connection. Considering that this opinion originates from Nina Dobrev, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Nina undoubtedly has insight into her character, but she does not determine Elena’s path または development – the writers do – she merely conveys it on screen. Besides, since when does a ‘cosmic connection’ point to true love? It’s simple: it doesn’t. Stelena may share a cosmic connection (according to Dobrev) but Delena share true 愛 – they are twin flames who complete each other, bring out the best in each other, and invigorate each other. SE can always be フレンズ who share a cosmic connection (like best フレンズ have proven to share), but DE is the couple that epitomize true 愛 in its entirety. Enough said.
14.    Damon is just an obstacle. An obstacle to what? Damon did not hinder Stelena from having a relationship. Elena was fully committed to Stefan for a long time and for a long while Damon could not sway her fidelity to または feelings for Stefan. But eventually, through much development, obstacles, and hurt, Elena fell in 愛 with Damon (while still committed to Stefan), and after a lengthy time of denying her feelings – she chose to be with Damon, ultimately confessing her 愛 for him. Had Damon merely been an obstacle, Elena would never have fallen in 愛 with Damon while still committed to Stefan, and she certainly would have not left Stefan for Damon and confess that she was in 愛 with Damon and that she had fallen out of 愛 with Stefan. Also, Damon met Elena first – but compelled her to forget their first meeting – and with this knowledge one could argue that Stefan has been the obstacle to the DE relationship all this time (as Elena was deeply attracted to Damon the first time they met, especially after he described the exact 愛 she desired, and also with Elena’s statement to Damon in the Season 3 finale: “maybe if we had met first”).
15.    Stefan is the “best choice [she] ever made”. Of course Stefan was the “best choice [she] ever made” because Elena believed that she had made the right choice によって choosing Stefan in the Season 3 finale – yet look how long that choice lasted; less than 6 episodes. If it had been the best choice Elena had ever made, why did she almost immediately desire Damon in Season 4 – the brother she had rejected in the Season 3 finale – rather than Stefan – the brother she had chosen? I struggle to understand how if someone is the best choice あなた will give up on them extremely quickly and desire someone else – it’s obvious then, that your “best choice” was in fact not your best choice and only what あなた believed at the time to be your best choice. I would 愛 to know if Elena would still have considered Stefan to be her "best choice" if Damon had left town immediately after she'd made her decision, and as a result, had not been around the entire season to support Elena and be によって her side; Season 4 proved exactly just how much Elena needed Damon (and it had NOTHING to do with the sirebond). It’s actually ironic that in the premiere of Season 4, Elena declares Stefan to be her best choice, yet she breaks up with him soon after, and in the finale of Season 4, she declares Damon to be her “worst choice”, yet chooses to be with him and confesses her 愛 for him. This sort of creates the idea that what Elena believed to be her “best” choice was in fact far from her best choice, and who she considered to be her “worst” choice will actually prove to be her best choice. SE ファン will continue to use this reason, but it is a weak one, considering that Elena dumped her “best choice” and confessed her 愛 for and desire to be with her “worst choice” – a decision she confessed not to regret. Note too, how that statement – yet again – pertains to the past. It’s become obvious that most SErs reasons refer to events and statements in the past, which clearly illustrates where Stelena’s relationship belongs – in the past. And what's all this talk anyway about the "best" または "worst" choice? In the end, it's not about who is better または worse for Elena; it's about who she wants, and who she wants is Damon. She's always wanted a 愛 that Damon gives her (3x22 is evidence of this), and THAT is going to matter – it is always going to matter – not who is the best または worst choice for her. Enough said.

I’d like to think I was objective in this discussion, but I do doubt it. I 愛 Delena, and for reasons much もっと見る credible (and relevant) than the abovementioned ones thought out によって resentful SE fans. At this point, I feel that Delena are going to be endgame, because a Stelena endgame will simply not make sense after everything TVD has shown us about both couples. I find many reasons for an SE endgame superficial and fleeting – reasons that will ultimately fade または eventually not matter. I have faith in Delena because I have faith in their 愛 – they share a true 愛 that is enduring, uplifting and unconditional. Had Stelena been the couple to experience this 愛 rather than Delena, then I would’ve shipped SE instead of DE, but this happens not to be the case. To me, DE’s 愛 has overcome countless obstacles only to become stronger, that I would deem it incomprehensible for anything to come between them that would destroy their love. DE belong together, not because of what Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder/Paul Wesley did または didn’t say, not because of some スーパーナチュラル link dictating that they were made for each other または belong together, not because of what should または shouldn’t be, but because of how they feel, because of what they feel, and because of who they are together – they are twin flames, they are the embodiment of true love, and (therefore) they are destined to be together. And no スーパーナチュラル connection will stop them from following their hearts and being together for all eternity – because that is what true 愛 is; it remains true, steadfast and strong under every and all circumstances, obstacles and forces. This is the 愛 that is meant to be. DE share an unconditional 愛 – a true 愛 – that these reasons alone should indisputably render a DE endgame. Enough said.

Ps. there are clear indications in TVD that provide us with enough reasons for DE to be endgame, and why, ultimately, Elena loves Damon. I’ve discussed these indications in a 前 記事 and, therefore, did not include them in this one. If あなた wish to know these reasons, feel free to read the 記事 (link), but be warned that it is rather lengthy.

*Much Delena love*
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