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posted by twilight0girl
- Thou shalt wear golden contacts. Even to sleep.

- Thou shalt drink フルーツ punch. または チェリー soda. または クランベリー juice. Basically, it's gotta be red.

- Thou shalt eat all 食 with Forks. Even soup. Good luck with that. And no slurping from the bowl.

- Thou shalt not take Robert Pattinson's name in vain. Except when you're screaming it at the 上, ページのトップへ of your lungs at his 次 public appearance. And in the middle of the night when you're dreaming of him.

- Christmas: No. Cullenmas: Yes

who else loves these rules!but i need to add some..

-Thou shalt die their hair black,brown,or blonde

-Thou shalt set up a special shelf for あなた twilight merch

-Thou shalt buy false fangs and where them ALL DAY