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So why not make a lit of that?

Season 1
1x01 : 'Can't sleep?' conversation [04.33]
1x01 : 'Good morning would be nice..' [04.58]
1x01 : Stella's concern for Mac [17.39]
1x01 : 'You alright?' conversation [20.25]
1x01 : Stella watches Mac at the hospital [30.50]
1x02 : 'Hang in there' [23.40]
1x02 : 'Use your head, not your heart..' [23.48]
1x02 : Mac comforts a frustrated Stella [36.00]
1x02 : Mac comes to help Stella with her case [38.14]
1x03 : 'You still with me?' [20.07]
1x03 : 'Playing hangman' conversation [24.20]
1x03 : Stella invited Mac to a bar, he actually goes! [41.00]
1x04 : (worked different...
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I found this 記事 on
link i hope that this is true.

Despite cancellation predictions regarding CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, CBS president Nina Tassler contradicted all rumors when she spoke to reporters at the TCA press tour.

“Both are doing incredibly well in new time periods, 与えられた what was there before,” she stated. “As long as those shows continue to be competitive and as long as ファン continue to watch those shows, they’ll continue to stay on the air.“

Tassler added that “both shows have opened up もっと見る to reveal the もっと見る personal elements of [characters'] lives. Add in the Sela Ward...
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Stella was walking along the corridor of the laboratory when she heard running footsteps and a familiar voice calling her name.

“Stella, wait!” Stella stopped walking and turned around to find Mac, sounding very exhausted and tired, probably had been chasing her after she passed によって his office. “Relax, Mac. What do あなた need?” Stella asked with her eyebrow raised.

After he regained his normal breathe, he started to speak but Mac couldn’t form the words he wanted to say. “Ring… like… partner-of-mine?” he 発言しました them all at once. “Huh? What are you...
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