Critical Analysis of Twilight Like, OMG! Twilight like totally copied *insert name here*!!

renrae posted on Sep 04, 2009 at 12:20AM
In the midst of a lawsuit against Breaking Dawn (for plagiarism), people have said that the twilight series 'copied' many other things. So, what do YOU think are some similarities between the Twilight series and other books (movies, tv shows, etc.) ? All discussion welcomed. But if you say 'Twilight copied Dracula!' or any other comparison and don't give a reason, then I doubt you'll be taken seriously. (And please don't say because there are vampires and werewolves, unless there are aspects of the vampires/werewolves that are similar.)

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1年以上前 snoznoodle said…
The story ending at the prom in the first book is the first thing that comes to mind. But that is kind of standard for most high school romantic (comedy usually) movies. When I read that part the first time (back in the day when I loved it) I still remember thinking "Figures". That one makes me laugh actually.
1年以上前 Myf_1992 said…
I guess watching True Blood, I couldn't help but see a few similarities, like girl falls for vampires, and the whole vampires=dangerous, and the psychic stuff. But I could never remember to watch True Blod, so that's all I remember. Some people have said that there's similarities with The Vampire Chronicles, and have pointed them out but I'm still not convinced about them.
1年以上前 bookwormgrl101 said…
If you've read the first book of the Vampire Diaries, there are plenty of similarities between that and Twilight (FYI: VD was published first, in the 1990's). For example, the mysterious, hot student who turns out to be a vampire. The girl that's almost instatnly attracted to him,another vampire that's out to get the female main character (only, in Vd's case, it's the vampire's brother, and the guys swoon over the main female character. The only differences (that I actually like) are that VD vampires have fangs and DONT sparkle in the sunlight, and that the main female character actually has a personality.
1年以上前 woofbark said…
Kind of sort of maybe with Harry Potter series.

-Each series gets "darker" in the fourth book. In Twilight, it starts out with an average teengirl falling in love, and then, in BD, Bella ends up vomiting blood and having her husband bite open her stomach. HP goes from a little boy discovering, to his delight, that he is a wizard to being tied to a gravestone and tortured in the fourth book.

-Coincidence-Jacob BLACK and Sirius BLACK both are shapeshifters which take the form of dogs. They both have evil relations.

-Deathly Hallows is going to be made in two parts, so is Breaking Dawn.

-Harry Potter Puppet Pals were ripped off in the "Twilight Puppet Pals." (Only thing that annoys me)

-Harry Potter has "A very Potter Musical." It's name is a pun. Twilight, afterward, came up with "Love at first Bite." It's name is a pun.

-They both feature a world within our own.

-The main characters both gain, in the end, the power to protect others

-HP quote:" if it was obeying his thoughts rather than his movements..."

Twilight quote:"as if it was obeying my thoughts rather than my movements...."


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1年以上前 HouseofNightRox said…
Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries
1年以上前 Dragonclaws said…
Large books tend to have more story than could reasonably fit in one movie. The usual tactic is to condense and thus ruin the movie for a lot of fans. Then Lord of the Rings took three movies to cover one book and was successful. I think every adaptation that splits into multiple movies since then does so because LotR proved that such a tactic could be successful. They're also making three movies to cover Atlas Shrugged, which doesn't share a fanbase with LotR, Harry Potter, or Twilight. It's just a movie trend nowadays.
1年以上前 dpaisita97 said…
@woofbark dont forget Penelope Clearwater! Her last name was ripped off by Seth and Leah.
MaryHoran20 commented…
And Sue! 1年以上前
1年以上前 frankie_fan said…
The Phantom of the Opera (girl who is in love with a man who is stubborn and over-taking but also loves her childhood, more "nice" friend so then she has to choose between mysterious guy and childhood friend)
1年以上前 Mrs_Marbles said…
Harry Potter on Jacob! Since I have logic I know that Harry Potter was written before Twilight. Sirius rides a motorbike turns into a dog last name Black. Jacob rides a motorbike turns into a wolf last name Black.