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So here's the last part, hope you'll enjoy it!:D

Chapter Four: Between the words

Marlene woke up at 7:33. She was quite suprised to find herself in the Penguins habitat but she soon realized why was she here: Mort. He was sleeping on the other side of the room, curled up in two, covered with a yellow blanket, sucking his thumb dreamily.
Skipper was already on his feet, walking up and around in the HQ and preparing breakfast. He spotted Marlene observing him and sent her a warm smile.
"How was your sleep, sista?" he talked her down and winked to her.
Marlene blushed slighlty and straightened herself up.
"Very good, thank you" she answered, trying to sound still.
"God, he's got the most beautiful smile ever!" she thought to herself, when covering her sleeping mate with a green bedspread. Then she started to fight with her sleeping bag. Skipper put his catfish coffee aside and waddled up to Marlene:
"Here, let me help you". he mumbled, when kneeling down on the floor and taking the sleeping bag in his own flippers. She loved the way he was dealing with it: his moves were quick and decisive, obviously thanks to his experience he had gained throughout his military days. "Surely he must have had dealt with plenty of sleeping bags at this time" she thought to herself.
"There あなた go" 発言しました Skipper proudly, handing her the bag.
He got up to his feet and ストール, 盗んだ a quick glance at Mort, who was stretching himself on his ベッド and yawning loudly.
"Seems like our little fella has already woke up" he stated.
"Do あなた think that King Julien regrets his behaviour?" asked Marlene shyly.
"I'd rather he did. He treated Mort badly and made him upset. But we shall see soon, sister.We'll escort Mort back to lemurs habitat right after breakfast.

"Say goodbye to Mort, guys. We're taking him back to King Julien's habitat!" 発言しました Marlene three hours later.
"This is for you, Mort" 発言しました Private. He waddled up to Mort and offered him his own drawing, depicting Mort and the rest of the team, watching TV and eating Popcorn. "I've had a really great time with you" he confessed, fixing his eyes on the floor and sniffed loudly.
"There there, Private, it's not like you're not going to see each other ever again!" 発言しました Skipper, patting the youngest ペンギン on the back. "Actually あなた live across the sidewalk from him".
"Yep, that's right!" added Marlene.
Marlene Mort and Skipper were just about to start climbing up the ladder, when Rico leaped up towards them.
"Arbraghaha!" he exclaimed and regurgitated a big, yellow baloon with a red, smiley face on it. He handed it to Mort and grinned at him.
"Balloon!" cried Mort happily, and clutched the string in his paws tightly.
"See, Mort, it looks exactly the same as the red one from the park!" コメントしました Marlene, when they had finally found themselfs outside penguins Habitat.
They were now moving slowly towards Kings Juliens habitat. Skipper sensed immediately that Mort was becoming もっと見る nad もっと見る stressed.
"No need to worry, Mort. Just stay calm." he said.
"I wonder what King Julien is going to say when he sees him".
"He would do well if he behaved calm. I'm going to give him a little talk as soon as we get there" mumbled Skipper. He felt Mort's paws squeezing his flippers tightly.


"Wow, it's one of those rare times, when I see King Julien being moved によって such a struck of conscience" コメントしました Marlene, glancing back at King Julien craddling Mort in his arms and crying his eyes out.
"He must have been missing him after all" agreed Skipper.
Marlene looked up the sky and gulped. It was all covered with gloomy, grey clouds. She felt the first drop of water on her 毛皮 and shrugged slightly.
"Seems like it's going to rain" she muttered.
Several 秒 later the rain increased rapidly.
Skipper pulled out the yellow blanket and wrapped it over Marlene's head.
"I'll escort あなた back to your habitat" he decided quickly, pulling the rest of the blanket over his own body.
"Thank's Skipper" she whispered gratefully, trying to calm her rapid heartbeat.
They continued their march along the pavement. Each time she felt Skipper's flipper scuffing gently against her own fur, she could feel shivers running up and down her spine. She'd never found herself that close to him before. Not that she didn't enjoy it, of course... But will she be ever able to break the first ice creams? But she was too afraid of commiting an irreversible mistake. Altough she knew that she was completely left alone with him, and that nobody would get the chance to oversee them right now because of the rain.., she couldn't get through it. "But if not now.. then.. when? Ah.. damnit!"
"Skipper..." he whispered, turning her head.
"Marlene.." he 発言しました at the same time, turning his sapphire blue eyes on her.
They both stopped cut and remained silent for a couple of seconds. Marlene saw Skipper's flippers clutching the ribs of the blanket convulsively. She shivered.
"You're cold?" he asked his voice full of concern.
"Naaah, it's nothing!" she smiled, but she kept shivering like crazy.
She gazed. Skipper moved his head slightly forwards; his beak was now only several inches away from her face.
There was a loud BANG.
Both Skipper and Marlene turned their heads back in astonishment, just to investigate the cause of the noise.
It was Frankie the Pigeon: he accidentaly crashed against the 木, ツリー trunk, his grey feathers floating languildly up in the air.
He let out a painful groan and collapsed on the ground.
Skipper and Marlene exchanged looks and rushed up towards the 木, ツリー to check on Frankie the Pigeon's condition.
"Frank! Speak to me man!" cried Skipper, anxiety and concern written all over his face.
"Sorry, guys.." mumbled the pigeon, eyeing the pair with his rufeul eyes. "Seems like I've exaggerated this time"..
"Exaggerated? With what?" asked Marlene, leaning against him.
"There was a couple of cups with unfinished drinks on the table.. あなた know.. went to that openair restaurant again.. t'was tasty.. really really tasty..."
"Don't tell me you.. oh my God, Skipper is he drunk?"
"I'm afraid it's affirmative, sister" mumbled Skipper, taking Frankie's wing into his flipper and checking his pulse. "I guess we should take care of the poor thing".
"You two make an incredibly cute pair, あなた know that?" mumbled Frankie. "Seems like I've accidentaly disturbed あなた in something, ey..?" He lifted his head up and gave them a goofy smile.
There was a long, uncomfortable pause.
"Teheheh, I knew that..." giggled Frankie the Pigeon: he then banged his head back against the ground and passed out.