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posted by animelove30
Look Into My Eyes

I see your very sad. Is everything alright? I came here to hold you.. Not to see あなた cry. I’d do anything, to see a smile upon that face. Look into my eyes. Is everything okay?

If you’re sad, I’ll hold you. If You’re happy, I’ll embrace you. If you’re in love, I’ll キッス you. Just look into my eyes.. You’ll have it all.

I see あなた standing there. Why so far away? I’ll ask あなた one もっと見る time, is everything okay? Look in to my eyes and tell me the truth, your smile is not what I wanna lose.

If you’re sad, I’ll hold you. If you’re happy, I’ll embrace you....
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posted by LunaNotLoony
Anna flicked the T.V from channel to channel, bored: there was nothing worth watching. Sighing, she left the news on and flopped back on the sofa, not really intending to listen.
'The war in Iraq-.'
'Oh no, あなた don't,' Anna muttered, grabbing the remote. Her Dad had joined the army after her Mum had died of an overdose. Anna didn't really blame him, she'd have got out of the house as fast as possible too if she was an adult. The whole house was contaminated with the memories of Mum, of her laugh, of her accident... suicide... whatever it was. Even so, Anna missed Dad like it was painful. She'd...
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posted by sparkles3
I wrote this listening to Gollum's Song, sung によって Karliene Renolds. I don't know why, I just felt like doing this.

It's so dark. I can't see. I have no one.
No one cares enough to try.
I'm sobbing now, along with the storm overhead. They lied. they 発言しました they cared. I can't go back.

I can feel it coming. No フレンズ tried to find me.
They didn't try for me.

Don't cry for me. you're too late. あなた hurt me. あなた blamed me everything. I can never go home.

I am lost. I will never go home.
posted by jarik
Celluoid ghost from Hollywood's past
Forever haunt me on my テレビ screen
Trapped on video to act out their roles
For all eternity

Judy Garland is in Oz
While Errol Flynn is in Sherwood Forest

The Marx Brothers spend a night at the opera
And a 日 at the races

Humphrey Bogart fights crime
While James Cagney leads a life of crime

I beleive The Kinks were right
when they said
Celluoid ヒーローズ never die
Because they are here with us forever
On our televison screens

Note: This poem was inspired によって the song
"Celluoid Heroes" によって The Kinks
posted by monLOVEbrucas
I don’t think I could ever 愛 someone like I loved you
あなた are my first and last 愛
あなた go I go
あなた stay I stay
And あなた might think that’s weird but that’s the way it goes
That’s the way 愛 is
And no matter how hard we try to let go
あなた will always find your self coming back.


Let’s go on a first date
Where it’s cold in the night
So あなた can hold me close in your arms really tight.
Let’s wait for the train.
And if it starts to rains あなた can be my shelter.
I will tell あなた my feelings and あなた will tell me yours.
We can laugh and キッス and imagine always being like this.
And when the train comes
あなた can take me home
I will let あなた hold my hand until we arrive to my doorstep.
Were we will say our goodbyes?
And with a touch あなた give me
I will be satisfied.
Sora slowly trudged home. “I wish I could go with them.” He thought. He continued on, until he reached his house. He then went into the shed in his backyard. He looked around and went inside. The floor went down into the ground, into darkness. Lights turned on all around him and he froze. There was a girl, about seventeen, sitting in a chair. She had starlight hair that went to her shoulders. She wore a black シャツ and black leather pants with combat boots. She smiled. “Hello. I need your help.” Sora ran to the phone and called Milly. They arrived and the girl was still there. “My...
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posted by UnderdogAsh
Chapter 5
The princess
Of Destiny

    I woke up to the glare of the morning sun shining in from a window. I was laying down, so I sat up and felt my a pile of 干し草, 乾草 beneath me. I had a terrible headache and couldn’t remember a thing. I looked beside me and there was Link, laying down and looking at the ceiling.
    “Hey Link,” I said, “what happened?”
    “Well, Ashley, あなた decided to run your mouth when some guard arrested us and they gave あなた what あなた deserved,” Link 発言しました harshly.
    It sort of came back...
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I stumbled upon link a while 前 and decided that some of the points I made in a very long-winded コメント on her poem were valid for the population of writers here on Fanpop, especially but not only beginning writers and those just venturing into the fascinating world of the written word.

I advised dear greek to use もっと見る concrete 画像 in her 詩 to better express her mostly abstract ideas. (And greek, I hope あなた do not mind me using あなた as an example. If あなた do, please let your offense be known). She had written a lovely poem and titled it "My Life" and while the concept was genuine and...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Think あなた got me good
Throwing rotten eggs
And trying to make me fall
But I got news for you
Your limited vocabulary
Won’t damage me at all

So keep doing what you’re doing if it gets あなた through the night
But deep downs inside あなた know I’m right

Get your head out the clouds
Keep your feet on the ground
Your words mean nothing to me
I don’t care what あなた have to say
Save it for another prey
You’re the master of moronity

Can’t reason with you
Any argument I give
You simply blow away
But that won’t change the truth
You better grow some brain
‘Cause you’re giving stupid a bad name

I’d say open...
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posted by HaleyDewit
What’s wrong with me
I no longer seem to find a reason to be happy
Trying to hold back the tears searching their way to my cheeks
Swallowing the scream that’s trying to escape my throat
What wrong with me
Wallowing myself in the darkness that’s consuming me
Hoping there’ll be a 日 where I can see things clear
Hoping one 日 I’ll find my way back home

You better run, run, run, rus as fast as あなた can
Before I drag あなた down

I’m a pile of misery
I’m a tormented soul
I’m a prisoner of loss
Captured between my walls
I beg あなた nice from my knees
Take away this agony
I’m a wreck
‘Cause since you’re...
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posted by emmyliz11
pain fills my ハート, 心 and brings me to the darkside where I reside for awhile. Until I'm grabbed によって the hand and pulled out によって a so-called friend who just pushes me back in and leaves me to cry in the darkest corner of my heart. I feel like I'm being ripped apart, limb によって limb, every string of my ハート, 心 played によって the devil's hand. I feel like I'm not whole, like I'm nothing without him. The one one who killed his best friend, the one who left me alone, I didn't know how to swim. All I want is him to come back and hurt me again. He was my only friend, または so I thought, but when he slapped me across my face, that's emotion あなた can't replace and I faced it everyday または so for a 年 and a half. Don't try to sympathize because I know with my ハート, 心 and soul that あなた will leave and let me go with crappy bittersweet goodbyes...
This is a play I wrote.
There are three acts.
I'll add the 次 two later.

(scene 1)
(enter Gabby and Conner, who appear to be arguing)
Gabby: For real, Conner, I really don't trust Anna. (shakes her head)
Conner: Really, Gabby, her parents founded the church. How can あなた not trust her?
Gabby: Steve and シェリー, シェリー酒 helped too.
(enter Anna)
Gabby: (death glares at Anna, but goes unnoticed)
Anna: So, Conner, are あなた talking to yourself または something?
Gabby: (clenches her fists, runs silently out of the room)
Broken wings;
sitting there crying,
is an エンジェル dying,
clutching her broken wing,
whilst trying to piece together her broken ring,
why has she been chosen for this fate,
this angel, does got not appreciate?
her heavenly tears flowing,
as she can feel her life is going,
her ハート, 心 is hurting,
she feels she hasn't done enough for gods earnings,
drip drop, drip drop,
her tears come to a sudden stop,
shes 与えられた up on her halo,
shes 与えられた up on her wings,
if this is gods will,
she will force herself to fulfill,
in life and death this is what she choose to follow,
and now she will wait until tomorrow,
she knows what...
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posted by _Blackhearts_xx
Black roses;
They became the バラ that where once red,
They became this Black when my ハート, 心 bled,
They Represent my Sorrows,
They represent the path my ハート, 心 follows,
Black roses;
the symbol of my heart,
this is what it became, once i fell apart

Black roses,
there's a beauty hidden in this Darkened rose,
as it Stands innocently Maintaining its pose,
A beauty that Attracts those who have gone astray,
it frees them of thier hearts pain,
Black roses;
So beautiful あなた are,
Your as raidient as a shining star

Razor blade roses,
free me of your grip,
as your sharp ends are causing my skin to split,
Theres nothing like this pain,
but for this moment, i will let the blood rain,
the beauty pours from its core,
Spreading eagerly across its Petal covered floors,
Pain becomes pleasure,
As this rose is tempting me with its beauty,
free me from your grip,
and let the blades slip

i hpoe あなた like them (:
I had to do this for creative writing, and since this site is severely lacking, I figured I'd give it a shot.

For my Creative 書く Class

The Faith Healer

He 発言しました to her, “I can cure you.”
Wide eyed and desperate, she believed him. She had been to doctors, and hospitals, and oncologists galore. And his hands were soft, and his eyes inviting. She trembled in his embrace as he tried to soothe her aching fears.
“I’m tired of waiting,” she breathed, her chest rattling with effort.
He kissed her forehead and stroked her hair, holding onto her as if his own life depended on it. She pulled her...
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