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posted by tigerseye43
Hia! My name is Liza and I'm from the Official TCC Group, Toxic Creations Cosplay Group. You've probably never heard of the group because...well it was just created but that's beside the point of this article!


I'm going to Sac-Anime 2014 (just pre-registered 15 分 ago) and also アニメ Expo 2014. I was wondering if anyone was going too.

I'll be cosplaying as:
Ciel Phantomhive - 黒執事 (Black Butler)
Asuna Yuuki- Sword Art Online
and two ゴシック Lolitas

I would 愛 to meet some people there and have them be apart of my video. (I will be videoing both cons and posting them on our group YouTube channel)

If you'd like to contact the TCC group in any way, here is some ways...

twitter: OfficialTCCG
Instagram: OfficialTCCGroup
Vine: Official TCC Group
YouTube: TCC Group

Thanks ^_^
I'm sure everyone who cosplay have at least one または two dream cosplays that あなた would 愛 to make and wear someday. I thought it would be fun to share with あなた my 上, ページのトップへ ten dream cosplays. Feel free to also tell me what your dream cosplays are in the comments.

1, Eternal Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Stars
Sailor Moon is my all time お気に入り アニメ so it makes sense that my 上, ページのトップへ dream cosplay would be Sailor Moon's final and most detailed transformed outfit.

2, All of my お気に入り Pretty cures
I know I cheated on this one but I couldn't resist. Magical girl is my お気に入り genre of アニメ and I think...
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Hi Cosplayer ファン my name is Kirk Project Manager for a new film event that is going to rock your world!

We are working on making the largest ファン film ever created involving thousands of people from a variety of countries and are looking for all the Cosplayers we can find to get involved.

This is a Science Fiction adventure film that will be shot in two parts and shown around the globe.

We are making a ファン film of the longest running SCI FI series "Doctor WHO" We are working to create major epic battle scenes involving hundreds of Cybermen and Cyberwomen against an army of アマゾン Women.

There will also be epic battles involving the military and police against and army of Daleks traditional and some new designs never before seen.

If this sounds like something あなた would like to get involved in または あなた know someone あなた think would then go to for もっと見る information and to find out how あなた can become a part of this.
 A Jack Sparrow impersonator who is clearly in character.
A Jack Sparrow impersonator who is clearly in character.
Just thought I'd post this up here since there seems to be a lot of confusion lately surrounding this issue.

Disclaimer: As these explanations are laid out, they are for convention situations, NOT for impersonators and hired gigs. There's a whole other set of considerations that have to be accounted for in that territory. This is meant just for clarification purposes as lately I've noticed もっと見る and もっと見る cosplayers at conventions trying to be in character and they usually either take it too far または they tend to have a very weird/misguided understanding for what being in character means.

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posted by tokyopop1
I found something so stupidly 驚異 I just had to write about it. I have never cosplayed before, btw, but this just isn't right. I was watching a video someone made about why アニメ characters aren't caucasian. It's very interesting and I enjoyed it. But if あなた read the コメント によって one user named ProudCutePureAsian... well it's kinda weird. This person believes that westerners are ugly and disgusting etc... Go here link . And apparently there's a group he/she belongs to. link . Now I'm all for freedom of speech but seriously guys? Westerners are the psychos? Because they do the EXACT same thing as あなた but aren't Asian? Wtf?