Codename: Kids 次 Door Role play!

DexandBloss posted on May 05, 2011 at 04:46PM
Hi everyone this is a role play you can help continuing by making the adventure and even adding you or your character to the story!I'll start then we can continue on from then.


Hoagie:Finally lunch time!

Abbey:wh could think about lunch at a time like this...I mean we have a new class coming up after lunch and I still don't know what it is....

Nigel:Well if there letting the teenagers teach that can't be a good sign...

Wally:Well the only trouble im having is how to put cheese on nachos..

Abbey:man he's stupid...(opens the cheese for him and pours it on his nachos)

(Kuki enters)

Kuki:Hi Wally!(takes a nacho then goes into her bag and pulls out a slice of birthday cake)

(everyone gasps)

Hoagie:how did you get that?

Kuki:Oh I just took it from the delightful children when they weren't looking!

(Abbey slaps her forehead)


Abbey:No it can't be!

(Jessee enters and this is after her evil thing)

Jessee:Hey guys whats up?

Hoagie:well Numbah3 just stole birthday cake.

Abbey:grrrrr...this girl is gonna-

Jessee:What was that Abbey?


Hoagie:So Jessee I thought you were homeschooled.

Jessee:Well my mom teaches here now so I go here.

Nigel:Well im sending a signal to a few more operatives in school so we can figure out what the teens are planning...

okay guys continue!

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1年以上前 kndluva said…
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"GANG WAY!!!!!!" Numbuh 7 screamed as she ran into the table.
"woah, Kacey, what's up?" asked Jessee.
"I...ran.....the...whole....way....h­ere­...­.to­...­.te­ll.­...­you­...­abo­ut.­...­..t­hat­...­...­new­...­..c­las­s..­.&q­uot­; she gasped.
Numbuh 1 sprang up.
"What is it?"
"Those teen agers, they are planning somthing devious!" she let out while catching her breath. "I was looking in through the window of the classroom door, and I saw them brainwashing kids to like school! If they're always here, they're is no one to fight adult tyranny!"
Numbuh 5 shook her head. "That only means one thing."
Numbuh One nodded. "Kids Next Door, Battle Stations!"

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1年以上前 DexandBloss said…
(I know they stopped it but I LOVE THE COUNTDOWNS ;)





(everyone looks at him oddly)




Numbah1:Okay guys we need to get to that class room and see what kind of technology there using but first we have to save those helpless kids from brainwashing!

Numbah3:Awww man but my rainbow monkey didn't finish it's birthday cake yet!

Numbah4:Stoopid rainbow dorkeys.

Numbah3:(hits him)

Numbah4;ow what the crud!?

(they rush down to the class room and peak in the window)

(Numbah1 bursts the door open to see Cree teaching)


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1年以上前 kndluva said…
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"Hello, Brats!" Cree smirked evily.
"We know what your doing in there, Cree and we're gonna stop you!" said Numbuh 5 feircly.
"Doing what?" Cree responded in a fake innocent voice.
"B-brainwashing those kids!" yellped Numbuh 2
"Oh no, their isn't any brainwashing going on here...." she said sickinally sweetly. "Just a little project of mine....."
And with that she slamed the door close. Numbuh 3 tried to see in through the window on the door on her tippy-toes, but no luck, it was blocked.
"I wonder which kid she has in there...." mused Numbuh 1.
"Oh crud." Numbuh 4 moaned as he picked up a ripped purple ribbon that was caught in the door frame.
"What is so 'Oh crud' about it?" asked Numbuh 11.
Numbuh 7's eyes went wide. "That's Numbuh 1000's ribbon. She must be trapped inside, the next to be brain-washed!"
1年以上前 DexandBloss said…
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Numabh11:Well we have to get in there....but how...

Numbah4:Numbah3 could scream so loud that it breaks?


Numbah1:Well that didn't work...

Numbah7:Well what now?
1年以上前 taismo723 said…
"We could always knock!" Kuki said cheerfully.
"Sure, right after I go and ask Area 51 if I can have a tour of the 'Alien Sanctuary'." Abby said, facepalming.
"Wait... I shouldv'e said something witty like that." Kacey said, pouting.
"I wonder..." Nigel walked up to the door, where a keyboard was. He began fluently typing numbers, like he had the whole thing memorized.
"Dude...?" Wally asked. "You know the pass-code?"
"No, I'm just typing random numbers."
"What's the password?" A young voice said from behind the door.
"Mushi?" Kuki asked.
"Yes. What's the password?" Mushi kept opening and closing a little slit in the door.
"YOUR MOM!" Kacey screamed.
"RAINBOW MONKEYS?" Kuki yelled.
"Jessee Rocks?" Jessee said.
"Dirt." Wally suggested.
"It's 'Fight With Broccoli', retards." Said a voice behind them.
"Correct!" Mushi said. While she was opening the door, everyone turned around to see it was none other than...
1年以上前 kndluva said…
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Numbuh 34.
"Emma, what are you doing here?" asked Kacey.
"Megan sent me an emergancy signle before her C.O.M.U.N.I.C.A.T.I.O.N. device gave out. She over heard the password, and sent it out with a SOS." Emma responded
"Why didn't she signle us?" asked Kuki.
"Name one time that one of Sector V's rescue missions didn't end with somthing funny or stupid or disasterous" Emma pointed out with a faceplam.
"She's gotta point." said Numbuh 5 sighed.
Meanwhile, Numbuh 1 was punching in the code. And with that, the door popped open. THey all entered the Brain-washing room with mixed feelings of anxiety, worries, and excitement.
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1年以上前 suzyisbrute said…
"So should we just start kicking butts?"Jessee asked.
"Sounds like a plan!"Wally said jumping towards Cree.
"AAAAAA!"(Cree flips it into a brainwashing chair.)
"Let Wally go you big meanie!"Kuki yelled.
"Yeah and then I'll go and join the talking rainbow monkeys for a walk in the park!"Cree laughed.
"I missed another one!"Kacey said facepalming.
1年以上前 kndluva said…
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"mmmmmmmm!" Megan screamed through her gag.
"I think that means "Get me the crud out of here" in muffled speak." Kacey sorted out.
Meanwhile, a 3 way battle was enducing between Kuki, Wally and Cree. Kuki wanted them to stop fighting, Wally wanted to beat the crud out of Cree, and Cree, well being evil meant she wanted to beat the crud out of anyone.