Codename: Kids 次 Door Your プロフィール

taismo723 posted on Sep 07, 2010 at 02:35PM
Are you in the KND? I thought so. List your profile of your Numbuh here! For example, mine!:

Name: Kacey Dodson
Codename: Numbuh 7
Age: 11
Status: Sector V Leader/Numbuh 4's cousin
Best Friend: Numbuh 8 of course!
Worst Enemy: I'll let ya know when I get one.
Main weapon: S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R.
Personality: Sweet, can get quite a temper, loves to brag... I could go on....
Bio: After Nigel Uno left for the GKND, it was Numbuh 7 who took over. Loyal to the KND, yet loves to cause mischief and mess with Wally.

How about you? Show us your stuff!
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Codename: Kids 次 Door 5 返信

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1年以上前 kndkid96 said…
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Name: Kiersten "Kiki" Hatrick
Codename: Numbuh 8
Age: 15
Status: Undercover teen operative/babysitter for younger KND operatives (cadets)/Sector Q leader
Personality: Nice, smart, quiet, shy, child-like, a "girly-tomboy", short-tempered, and EXTREMELY mischevious (kind of like a female Bart Simpson)
Siblings: Christopher (Numbuh 31/?)
Best Friend(s):Kacey/Numbuh 7, Megan/Numbuh 1000 Emma/Numbuh 34...I could go on and on...
Worst Enemy: Count Spankulot (2 reasons: 1: Conflicting personalities , and 2: a certain SOMEONE can't keep her mouth shut!), Knightbrace, most major authority figures and anyone who doesn't agree with her.
Main Weapon: G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A. (usually ends up eating most of the ammo LOL)
Other info: Proud "mom" of Smudgie and Pecan (kittens!!).
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1年以上前 amy23000 said…
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YAY!!!OKAY!!!!!ummm jose`????
Name:Emma Roe
Codename:numbuh 34
status: have yet to be put in a sector
personality:uh some say evil, some say sweet, and some say i have no girlish personality to me but i just like to fight!
Best Friend(s): well i guess numbuhs 7,8,and 1000 and my friend Madison(harrypotter22)
Mainish Weapon: C.H.O.P.P.E.R.(heres a hint its a GIHUGIC knife!! i like knifes)
1年以上前 kndluva said…
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Name: Megan Sommers
Codename: Numbuh 1000
Age: 12
Satus: 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector Q
Personality: Quiet,Smart,Sweet, but do NOT try to make me angry...
Best Freind(s): numbahs 7, 8, and 34
Sibilings: Madison (numbuh 20001)
Worst Enemy: The Common Cold, he is just SO gross!!!!!
Main Wepon: The R.O.O.M.A.!!
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1年以上前 ilovesushi101 said…
Name: Alex Smith
Codename: Numbuh 25
Age: 14
Status: Second in command in the teen spies
Personality: artistic, nice, tomboyish, awesome, but when i get mad then i can really hurt someone
Best Friend(s) numbuh 4 and numbuh 6
Main Weapon: S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R or anything that is strong and powerful
extra info: numbuh 25 is the daughter of numbuhs 2 and 5, thats where she gets her codename from...
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Name: Carla Uphues
Codename: Numbuh 100,000,000 infinity
Age: 10
Status: leader of sector R
Personality: smart, loyal, creative, strong, brave, empathy for people.
Bestfriend: Cristian (secound in command, Numbuh 30,000) and Anthony (operative, Numbuh 29)
Siblings: i have no brothers or sisters, but if you mean cousins, it's anthony. He's positive at wrong times and is Numbuh 29.
Worst Enemy: Vondorf. he's father's cousin which is 90x more evil then him! He wants revenge after i killed father... Long story. I don't want to watch Numbuh 501 die before my eyes again through a flash back..... Anyway Vindirf has a army of wolves the general is a wolf with a red gem as eye patch for his right eye, Vondorf took his eye from not completeing a mission. He can shapeshift though, his eyepatch remains on his eye. His name is Kerikak, vondorf also has a army of shadow demons... Long story, don't ask.
Main Weapon: archery or sword (master at hand-to-hand combat)