Codename: Kids 次 Door Ideas For 記事

duncylovescourt posted on Jul 26, 2010 at 02:40AM
hey im trying to get alot of medlas and dedicated and stuff , so im going to write soem articles.
any ideas for storys?

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1年以上前 kndluva said…
*a popular music artist/band's music is actually mind contolling it's fans

*A few operatives have been lost at sea, and it's up to Sector __ (fill in the blank) to save them

*The operatives have to go thru one anothers mind to remember important information that was erased.

*An operative goes thru the other operatives dreams (like in that one Spongebob episode)

*Turns out one of the operatives is secretly royalty

*Sector __ (fill in the blank) has to take care of KND cadets for a day

*An operative meets an alein
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1年以上前 taismo723 said…
big smile
I call the dream one for after my baseball story.