Codename: Kids 次 Door BRING BACK KND!! =D

-Alohomora- posted on Jun 03, 2010 at 09:25PM

It's been years since KND has aired Operation INTERVIEWS, the final episode of the series. We all want that series back, and Numbuh 9.99909 and Numbuh 539 have a plan to do just that.

We need EVERYONE - operative, artist, writer, self-proclaimed actors/actresses and musicians, random kids off the street - to take part in Operation SAVES.

Saving A Very Entertaining Show

Draw the best KND fan art you've ever drawn. Write the best KND fan fiction you've ever written. Act out a KND episode with some friends and post it on YouTube. Create a song about KND. And send emails and letters to the mastermind behind KND, Tom Warburton (­m If you find that this email is unreliable, please tell us immediatly so we can change it).

If we can send enough of our hard work to him, maybe, just maybe, he'll consider continuing the series!

Send everything and anything you can to the Teens Next Door wiki

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! Post this wherever you can and spread the word!


- Numbuh 104-

Codename: Kids 次 Door 6 返信

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1年以上前 kndluva said…
the e-mail dose not work, i tried.
Numbuh 1,000
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 CrazyJ said…
Don't worry y'all. 1 day I'll bring back KND AND I'll make a new show called Galactic Kids Next Door. It'll be freaking insane.Promise.
1年以上前 taismo723 said…
big smile
Cool, but YEAH RIGHT! I'd love to do this but he's ended the series for good. Unless.......... I'm a persuasive person! I know him on Facebook. We've come up with a live-action idea but that's not gonna happen. I'll do my best!

~Numbuh 7 (a.k.a. Numbuh 4's REAL cousin) :0)

P.S. CrazyJ, the Kids Next Door is copy-righted, so you can't bring it back without Mr. Warburton's approval. Just so you know....
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
I'm not a THAT good at drawing KND characters... Though i'm writing a KND saga story of novels, it's just based of KND the Chosen Ones idea is mine though, i know Mr.Warburton face book, too! XD i asked If it was ok as it was based off it, i also explained what it was about, STILL waiting for him to reply. =\
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Oh forgot to mention i'm Numbuh 100,000,000 infinity
1年以上前 ToonBoyDan said…
Bring this good television cartoon show back to Cartoon Network with new season episodes in 2014, please!