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Numbuh161 posted on Mar 27, 2013 at 10:29PM
*drinks soda*
anthony: hey, Numbuh 10 can you tell me the story of Numbuh 501 and the 2nd war of adults?
*spits out soda in shock* Why?
Anthony: well, i can tell you're being bothered by something.
No I'm not.
Cristian: yeah, tell us.
*jumps in shock* don't scare me like that!
Cristian: Tell us.
Not helping! *murmurs to Cristian*
*groans* Fine.
I was really good friends with Numbuh 501, he was Supreme leader after Numbuh 362. He told me everything i know, though Numbuh 0 taught me some stuff too. Anyway, during my graduation he said, "i belive in you, you will do great things. Now remember this, A KND NEVER quits!" but during the 2nd war with Adults i promised to protect Numbuh 501 with my life..... But Father somehow snuck in and killed Numbuh 501 before my eyes. * stops and sighs*

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1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Anthony: Come on!
........ Well.....
Cristian: Continue please.
Anger swallowed me whole, like being sucked by a blackhole, i couldn't control what i was saying, so i swore revenge on him. But later on i killed father, and well..... I learned the hard way that revenge is bad...
Anthony: In what way?
In a way that you didn't expect, nor what you wanted.
Cristian: that's why you met Vindorf.
Cristian: I can see why you didn't want to tell us.
Anthony: yeah.
No, i needed to tell you guys, we're a team, and we shouldn't keep secrets. But i forget who i am when i tell that story.. Buut i remember my graduation, defeating Bloody Mary, BlackThunder, meeting the Piradon, and finding the book of secrets and fighting the shadow demons, then the good times of us together, then the bad times..... Then i remember that i am Numbuh 100,000,000 infnity, and i am a chosen One, the bad times and the good times make up what i am. i will always bave bad times, but that doesn't mean i won't have good times. So i will try to have fun with you guys!
Anthony and Cristian: awwww...
*friendly hug. XD*
anthony: who want to play mario kart wii!?
Cristian: Me!
*facepalm* oh dear.....
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Listen to Iris by the goo goo dolls during my speech and story, it totally fits the mood. XD
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Especially the lyrics, they fit the story..
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
*Numbuh 700 the cadet trainer comes crashing through the wall.* !?
Cristian: what the heck, man!?
Numbuh 700: It's Numbuh 12.3 the Supreme Leader!! He works for splinter cell!
numbuh 700: and i'm it!
Gah! *I grab Cristian and Anthony and turn into a dragon and fly out of the treehouse*
Numbuh 700: Oh no, you don't! *he runs and grabs my tail then i let go and fall to the ground and sprain my leg ( while turning back into myself)* Your it!
*tries to get up. But falls thinks, "It will have to be about 4 minutes before it can heal and it's gone since i'm a Chosen One. Can't get help, i'm it."*
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1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
*gets up* hmmm,...... *looks out window and sees operative. *turns into dragon and swoops down to operative and tags* tag your it! * flies back to treehouse and lands*
Computer: the new soopreme keader is...... Numbuh 45!
Hmmmm.. I don't trust her just for 1 secound....
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
Anthony: i don't know about you.... but i think i can trust her.
We'll see! I'm going to the moonbase to 'congratulate' her. *slams door and walks into hangar*
1年以上前 misshedgehog said…
can i join