Codename: Kids 次 Door make your own KND operative.!

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Description of character:






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1年以上前 ilovesushi101 said…
Name: Amelia Lynn Janelle Betty Rose Gilligan
Gender: female
Age: 14
Description of character: funny, clever, creative, smart
Sector: NZ new zealand
numbuh: 25
Likes: techno stuff, pulling pranks, animals
Dislikes: animal cruelty and show offs
Extra info: Has a twin brother name James Pennywhistle William David, mother is abigail gilligan and father is hoagie gilligan jr.
1年以上前 knd-pom-sp said…
Name: Stacy maria green


Age: 12

Description of character:quick thinker ,street smart ,has a attune


Number:number 6.7

Likes:tv ,kicking bad guy bums, Britain pop,animals

Dislikes: evil bad guys

History:(optional) Nigel uno twin sister who turn to him after her adopted parents died in a fire started by the dcfdtl so she look for revenge
1年以上前 darange said…
name: spencer quinn marie maze
Description of character: funny, gets a little distracted, quick learner, street smart
sector: NY newyork
number: 39
likes: books, breaking rules, animals, etc
dislikes: RULES, bad guys DUH, most adults
history: spencer does not have any parents as she likes to put it, ever since they turned to the dark side . they tried to kill her abought twice but she escaped, she wanted them to pay for what they did to her and her lil brother morgan
1年以上前 Plapfulk13 said…
Name: Annabelle

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Description of character: average height; she has Long blonde hair and Blue eyes. Intelligentsia, sweet, and funny. Is a sister to Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 63,00(a.k.a 687,237)

Sector: Sector c

Number: 43 (it actually is 242,772 but 43's shorter)

Likes: Her big sis 63, riding bikes, making fun of number one.

Dislikes: adults, Macki her best friends brother

History:(optional) numbuh 43 is the middle child of the three kids Elizabeth, Nigel and her. They never knew their parents. she has a crush on numbuh 60
1年以上前 crash14 said…
Name: jake
Sector: nz
Number :36
Likes :building and fighting
Is a 2x4 weapons builder and combat specialist
Is black 5 foot and wears swim goggles on head usally. Usally fights with two gloves on his hand that have sharp rakes at the end or a gumball gun
1年以上前 Hades_Shadow said…
Name: Zach Tesla

Gender: Male

Age: 9

Description of character: Blonde spikey hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, wears a flash hoodie with light up sneakers, ADHD, very energetic

Sector: ZZ

Number: 59

Likes: Fighting, and video games or technology, root beer, and any other form of sugar.

Dislikes: Broccoli, Adults, and Bugs.

History: Being a cousin to Numbah 2, He has a knack for building new equipment, he strives to be the leader in selling 2x4 Technology and will always be drawing new blueprint. An Engineer Prodigy in the making.
1年以上前 Numbuh161 said…
I'm gonna make.... Me!

Name: Carla Uphues

Gender: female

Age: 10

Description: mostly numbuh 362's characteristics, except for supreme leader, and liking numbuh 1.

Sector: R (sector leader)

Number: 100,000,000 infinity (everyone calls me 10 instead.)

Likes: Warrior cats, Minecraft, Animal Jam, archery, Music.

Dislikes: fear of the ocean, worms, Sea Monsters- I still see the squid coming towards me... AH! A tylasorus!!! *shivers*

histroy: has an emotionally scarring back story, has had many adventures with sector. Is a chsoen One power: shapeshifter
Takes ultimate adventure to save my kidnapped cousin Anthony, meanwhile finds out my spirit is a cat that leads Thunderclan named BlackThunder, he's actually BlackStar, but i call him BlackThunder. I defeat Blood Mary the ghost, save my cousin. Later on i find out my guide is a wolf that leads Fangclan named FangTooth. Trust me, there is more adventures then just this.
1年以上前 ghklhjklg said…
Name:richard franklin ramcey



Description of character:brown straight eye.yellow skin.wear black shirt and red jacket.wear laser glasses.wear earphone.shoe flying hoverboard.

Sector:la (las vegus) team leader and 2x4 tech officr


Likes:make armor and robot,iceream


History:technology2x4 in sector la is his artefact.he is boyfriend of numbuh 23(virgina slims).he is cuusin of numbuh 362(rachel t. mckenzie)
1年以上前 ghklhjklg said…
Name:Jerry Blacks

Description of character:red curly hair.silver eyes.white skin.he is wear a magic hat.only lens.and white cards guns.he petting a hamster name is Ace.

Sector:VE (Vegas) thieves

Numbuh:00 (double zero)


Dislikes:bad adult,bad child,vegetable

History:he is the best candy thieves and magician.his father is best friend of monty uno (numbuh0).his younger brother is boyfriend of mushi sanban.
1年以上前 GwenRocks11 said…
name: Christine Rose
Gender: female
Age: 11
Description of character: Black hair that reaches her mid back, seemingly black eyes that are actually brown. Dark purple t-shirt, navy blue jeans and black combat boots
Sector: T (Singapore)
Numbah: 103
Likes: music, being herself and the environment
Dislikes: jerks, frauds and people who are mean to the environment
History: she grew up alone. No one really liked her and her abandoned her, thus causing her hatred for adults

1年以上前 Paula712 said…
Name: Penny Baker

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Description of character: Black long hair , yellow shirt , blue short and sky blue shoes

Sector: FL (Florida)

Number: 6

Likes: Soda , Mr. Fizz , peace

Dislikes: War , her sister's tempered , stealing

History: She grow up became a singer and dancer, then everyone to see her. But villains are
coming then Penny used power to protector the world from villains and everyone cheer her up.
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1年以上前 Kztrooper22 said…

Name: Zane

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Description of character: Dark hair, medium height, muscle built
Sector: I1 (Italy 1)

Number: 788

Likes: Military technology, KND jets, ships, and land craft, along with all of KND.

Dislikes: Adult tyranny, crime, Dictators, and loose cannons.

History:Born in America, raised into KND, and was sent to KND Europe command to for training in special forces, intelligence gathering, assassinations, and much more. Joined I1 a couple of months before he turned 7 and has since took part in over 800 missions in Europe and well over 2,400 over seas.
1年以上前 Whybother said…
Name: Mosci

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Description: Long wavy ginger hair, pale skin with freckles on cheeks, Same height as number 4, full camo suit

Sector: y

Number: 47

Likes: Animals, All of the sectors, people

Dislikes: Father and Grandfather

History: Born in Canada, given to an adoption center in Mindanao Isle, KND saved her while she was fighting, was off on a mission with sector V when her team went missing without a trace, helps around the moon base but hands out in sector V