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Numbuh22 posted on Jan 08, 2012 at 06:51AM
1. They never explained how numbuh 1 became bald. it's connected to why numbuh 5 doesn't want to be the leader of sector V again and to a machine the DCFDTL created. U guys know an episode where it's explained? or have knowledge of the truth?

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1年以上前 taismo723 said…
There isn't an episode, but I pretty much know the story. Numbuh 5 was leader of Sector V when Numbuh 1 joined. They were on a mission against the DCFDTL, and Numbuh 5 couldn't prevent them using a hair removal thing on Numbuh 1, and now she can never be leader again.

1年以上前 Numbuh22 said…
big smile
lol just because of that? she seems to be over reacting then xD
1年以上前 ilovesushi101 said…
I heard part of the explanation in Operation FOUNTAIN