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posted by Rianfinan
If あなた 検索 when あなた get to sing with Chris Jericho on tiktik you'll see a video of a man called Jamie Callaghan 歌う with his hero Chris Jericho and had admired since he was a child and I know Jamie really well and he knows just about everything about every wrestler famous to unknown and Jamie is an extremely talented musician in a band called tüsk. He always tells me about all the great ways to train and warn up your voice he is also at a ギグ almost every single night and he is a father of two and has a step son that he just treats amazingly. That's all I have to say Mabye consider looking him up on YouTube and TikTok he is an amazing person and doesn't get the credit he deserves.
posted by forevermaria
10 上, ページのトップへ chris jericho quotes:

#1 "I really don't care if Stephanie enjoys キス Kurt Angle. または if Kurt Angle enjoys キス Stephanie. または hell, if Kurt Angle enjoys キス Triple H! Cause as far as I'm
concerned all three of あなた can キッス my ass!"

#2 Now you're the クイーン of Hardcore, but 映画 don't Count!" - Chris Jericho to Stephanie

#3 Vince: "OK!! Now go out there and kick DDP's butt, Junior!!"
Jericho: "OK, Ju--- Senior!"

#4 This is about もっと見る then just about you! This is about もっと見る then all of us! This is about ME!” (Accepting award for best match for TLC III, along with all other...
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