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1. Because a satellite started their relationship and later it became an even もっと見る important thing.
2. Because when they first met she realized that in person he was really WOW.
3. Because he left her speechless twice.
4. Because Oliver made Chloe forget about Clark’s presence
5. Because she found out about his green leather fetish on her own.
6. Because he called her Sidekick.
7. Because he helped find a 安全, 安全です place for her mother.
8. Because she was working for him when he first left Metropolis.
9. Because she got out of the persuading compulsion when she noticed Oliver’s phone number.
10. Because...
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posted by heartbeatgreen

A grande estreia da última temporada de ヤング・スーパーマン se aproxima, e nós chlollie fãs queremos aproveitar a oportunidade para mostrar nosso amor a Chlollie, mas do que isso queremos deixar claro que exigimos um final feliz pra eles.
Eu te convido a se juntar a nós nessa campanha no twitter dia 23 a partir das 20 horas PM horário de brasília.
Pra participar basta escrever o seu tweet usando a tag #chlollie4endgame.
Outra sugestão é mandar aos produtores o porque eles merecem ser endgame. Use sua criatividade o importante é não deixar de participar!!
Vale lembrar que só pode ser usada uma tag por tweet.
anote ai:
#chlollie4endgame dia 23 no twitter a partir das 8 pm horario de brasilia.
Conto com vocês!!
Lol, well I think Chlollie's relationship is definitely the most controversial on the 表示する yet. There's such an extreme right and left fanbase. Ya either luv 'em または hate 'em :)

I think Chlollie snuck up on us so for some people, they came outa nowhere. They went from teammates (s6/7), to friends(s8/9), to lovers( S9/10). Their's is a different type of relationship isn't it. Very private, very mature, and very little cheese involved. Not to mention there are no 愛 triangles in sight (who'da thunk, right?). They've been there, done that, and frankly have outgrown such things. They've been through...
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posted by heartbeatgreen
Chlollie fans, we need あなた guys , lets together 表示する our 愛 for Chlollie =D
campaign: i am one of the ten, もっと見る info in this link:

join us!!

Fãs brasileiros não fiquem fora da Campanha One of Ten,:link
Campanha do Video ‘1 of 10’
O que estamos fazendo: A idéia é fazer um vídeo de todos os fãs de Chlollie segurando um cartaz que diz one of ten, usando verde pra mostrar aos produtores quantos fãs nosso casal favorito tem. Já com o vídeo pronto, vamos postá-lo em todos os lugares, mandá-lo através do twitter para os produtores e fazer com que nossas vozes sejam ouvidas.
O que...
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The premiere for the final season of ヤング・スーパーマン is almost here and us, Chlollie fans, want to take the oportunity to 表示する everyone our 愛 for our お気に入り pairing and demand a happy ending for them.

You're invited to 登録する us on this twitter trending event on the 23rd of September starting at 6PM CST.

All あなた have to do is use the hashtag #chlollie4endgame (Please remember it only counts if あなた only use one hashtag per tweet).

Another suggestion is to tweet at the producers, reminding them and telling them why Chlollie deserves to be endgame, be creative and もっと見る importantly, tweet!

Once more: #chlollie4endgame on twitter on 23rd of September starting at 6PM CST.
こんにちは guys! I've been through ファンポップ inform あなた all that this Friday, there will be a campaign, a 移動する Chlollie on twitter!
From 8-9PM, here's a video about the campaign: link
Hope to see everyone there!

REMEMBER THIS FRIDAY (04/06/2010) @ 8-9PM EST! tag: #Chlollie4S10

Go, guys!

We need あなた all there! Let's give Chlollie the happy ending they deserve!
Let's 表示する the producers and writers of ヤング・スーパーマン ファン that this wonderful couple has around the world!
Come on, Team Green!