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Quiz: Which ディズニー Villain Are あなた Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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Quiz: Which Disney Villain Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?
If you’ve been waiting for another zodiac personality quiz, you’re in luck. Over the past few weeks, you have found out which Disney Princess you are, which Disney character you are, and which Disney character would be your best friend, all based on your star sign. Now it’s time to shift gears, get a little more villainous, and find out what Disney Villain matches your zodiac personality. Take the quiz and let us know. We can’t wait to find out!
You are impulsive, quick-witted, and confident. You really know how to make an entrance and a strong first impression. No one ever forgets that they met you!
You are self-assured, noble, and persistent. You will do anything it takes to make sure you achieve your goals.
You are intellectual, inquisitive, and witty. You can convince anyone of anything when you put your mind to it!
You are protective and committed to your goals. You are excellent at adapting to your surroundings, no matter what situation you get into!
You are proud, enthusiastic, and love to lead. You know the importance of dressing for success and showing everyone you mean business.
You are diligent, smart, and a perfectionist. Your strength is in your ability to awe those around you with your many magical talents.
You are charming, romantic, and ambitious. You have big goals and believe in yourself.
You are powerful and magnetic. As LeFou would say, there’s no one in town as admired as you, you’re everyone’s favorite guy (or gal).
You are often quiet, but always thinking. You are optimistic that your plans will work, and you have the drive to see them through.
You are ambitious and patient. You are always, always prepared and sing about being prepared a lot.
You are independent and loyal. Although often unpredictable, when you do something, everyone knows it.
You are imaginative, sympathetic, and crafty. You often dream and then you put plans into action to make those dreams come true.
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I got Dr. Facilier, my fave
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