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posted by aceofspader
This is the funniest chicken スープ short story i ever read:

Yes Sir!

My 3 年 old brother was running around the house well after his bedtime and my mom had tried repeatedly to get him into bed. The last time she 発言しました it, she 発言しました it rather menacingly, and my brother quickly 発言しました "Yes Sir!". Like most other moms, my mom is female. She gave my brother a quick lesson on how men are sirs and ladies are ma'am. Then to クイズ him, she asked "What would あなた say to Daddy?" "Yes Sir!" he replied. "And what would あなた say to me?" "Yes Ma'am!" he said. "Good! Now what would あなた say to grand-ma?" His eyes lit up as he replied "Can I have a cookie?"
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