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posted by carlisletwifan
my first reason why im obsessed with carlisle cullen is the following....
He is a caring doctor
he saves lifes of many people(in other words he is dedicated)
he is compassinate not only to Esme and his family but to everyone.
He is adorable and cute.
He is sexxii and HAWT !!He's Mcsexy,McDreamy and McSteamy!
He didn't want to be a monster または a killer and he hated himself for having to change esme,Edward and the others.
He is a great hardworking father.
He never gives up(like trying to save Bella in twilight from james trying to kill her and from the jasper attack in New moon.
He believes every vampire has a soul..even the evil ones.
lastly he is a vegitarain vamp he does not want to harm another human.
thats why i 愛 him and to whom ever is 読書 this should hopefully feel the same way anb should be on team carlisle whoo go TEAM Dr.CARLISLE cullen.
Hello everyone! I finally completed another chapter!!! Sorry for being sooooo late!!! My schoolwork kept me busy like crazy!!!

RECAP: Lola is a vampire hunter who never killed any ヴァンパイア but she decided to go and kill Carlisle Cullen as she believed Carlisle led her parents to their deaths. Slowly, she is falling in 愛 with Carlisle and just after they kiss, Zain, a vampire hunter shows up to kill Lola because she's not supposed to befriend vampires. Last chapter ended with a cliff hanger as Zain was about to kill Lola. H

ere's the 次 chapter!

Suddenly a shriek tore through the air. Disregarding...
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Esme's POV
Ontario, Canada
8 years later

"Emmeline! Celestia! Stay close to mommy!" my voice was loud and powerful, the young girls listening to my every word. We entered the warm house and stripped of our coates and mittens, the snow layering the hard-wood floor.

"Ahh..love, your home." Carlisle came out of his study and gave us all a big hug. I still remembered the 日 when I got him back.

The heart-beats of us three were different, the girls もっと見る full.I was glad they had been full human, probably from the effect the antidote. But the baby I was carrying now, my sweet Benjamin, I was afraid he would be half, like me.

Carlisle kissed me and rubbed my swollen abdomen lovingly. No, everything would be okay.
Benjamin came into the world perfect however, and all the children loved him. But something was in his eyes, someone lived on in him. And I knew exactly who.
Rennesmee's POV
Isle Esme

I watched as they all abandoned me, left me defenseless. Carlisle was the only one who stood behind me, as his hand ran down my back a cold shiver ran down where his touch had been.

I saw my father's eyes open wide, he knew. The baby I thought and clutched my stomache. I saw Emmmett lung フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして followed によって Jasper and Esme. Emmett and Jasper held Carlisle back, my mother sobbed into the shoulder of her lover, his eyes glazed at me, no 愛 left.

My fate had come.Esme snapped my neck and whispered in my ear,"I won."

I know it was short! Sorry! :)
Emmett's POV
Before the Attack

I saw the plead in my mother's eyes, the now human tears forming. Her eyes were green and soft, her ハート, 心 pounding hard, the now alive fetal ハート, 心 in sync.

"Okay, Here's what we'll do."
Isle Esme
Esme's POV
I couldn't believe he had taken her to OUR honeymoon isle, the place NAMED after me. He wasn't actually married to her, he'd never divorced me.

I saw the house and entered it swiftly, quietly, but not enough to keep my heartbeat away.

He was alone, perfect. I approached him and his eyes read of surprise. I wrapped my arms around him a kissed him on the cheek, placed...
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NOTE This is NOT によって the 作者 of Can't Stop, this is her friend, and this is a spin-off on how I think it SHOULD go, not how it's going to.

Esme's POV
Before the Attack

Where...where...where was it?
The antidote, the cure, I wanted to find it, I needed to. My husband had left me and maybe this would make him want me back.

According to the research I'd found it had to be around here somewhere. There, behind the beakers. I knocked them out of the way and grabbed the vial. My nail popped the cork off the 上, ページのトップへ and the thick liquid slid down my throat.

I lay down in his chair, his office so warm I...
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ATTENTION: i do NOT own any part または form of the Twilight Saga, it all belongs to SM. :)

It was my 18th birthday. Something Alice had the itch to throw..*sigh* I dont like partys, and i dont like attention. But my wishes seem like dreams when it comes to the Cullens. Do i need a new radio for my truck? No. But Emmett desides to rip it out and put in a new one without notice. Do i need my own fancy room at their house? No. But they get me one anyway.
So when i directly 発言しました "NO PARTY" Alice had the urge to throw me one.
Anyway, since there was no chance in arguing, i got my fancy green dress...
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OMG part 6 is out!!! It's shorter than the other parts...

"Why belly dance? Not ballet または jazz または tap?" He asked, breaking the silence as he sat down on the 草 beside me. I glanced at him, hugging my knees, worried that he found belly dance freakish または something but there was only plan undisguised curiosity in his honey brown eyes.

"My parents taught me to fight, to kill. I was afraid, afraid that I would lose touch with who I am, my feminine side. My mum never taught me how to cook, how to put on make-up and a whole bunch of other girl stuff. あなた cannot imagine how that feels like, to...
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こんにちは everyone! The reviews I had gotten for this are quite good so far!! Thx!!! Here's part 3! It's a bit longer...

I woke to voices murmuring. I was glad that this time no needles were stuck into me.

"Shh... she's awake." Someone whispered.

"Carlisle, careful." Another voice said.

"No, it's okay." Carlisle Cullen replied. "It's all a misunderstanding." I snapped wide awake at that as anger flared inside me. So my parents' deaths were misunderstandings??? That bastard. He probably sold them out to the Volturi. Leaked information to the volturi and let the Volturi had them assisinated. Brutally...
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Hi everyone! Thanks to those who gave me a review for part 1! Here's part 2!

My heartbeat must have sped up a little too much with my hatred. Carlisle Cullen moved his hand torwards me.

"Don't touch me!" I almost shrieked.

"Alright, alright. Calm down." Carlisle Cullen 発言しました with that irritating smile on his face.

"Why Carlisle..." I said, only I pronounced the 's' in his name making it sound like Carlissssle. From my parents' file on him, I know he hates it when people pronounce his name like that.

"My name pronounced Carlisle, the 's' is silent. So how are あなた feeling and can あなた provide...
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[Verse 1]
You are a beautiful contradiction
Set apart for such a time as this
While all around あなた give in to their addictions
You strike the balance of time and risk

Do あなた even know?
Can あなた even see?
Who あなた are exemplifies
A miracle to me
Caught up in your mystery
Breathing hope, breathing hope into me

[Verse 2]
Your strength and your restraint
echo in each choice あなた make
taught によって all that's light and all that's dark
you've seen the best, you've seen the worst
and even though it hurts
You understand the part that あなた have to play

Do あなた even know?
Can あなた even see?
Who あなた are exemplifies...
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added by RoseLovesJack
によって the time Benjamin was a full grown boy, the girls were almost grown too. It saddened me to know that, yes I would have to KILL my own daughters to make them live on with me.

I had realized that not one of my older daughters または sons stood behind me anymore. They had quickly dispersed after Rennesmee's death. Now we were alone, forever moving around the world. I knew something was coming though, something to do with Benjamin.

I sighed, once again, I was pregnant. I couldn't deal with not having a baby now that I'd experienced it. Carlisle didn't care anymore, he wasn't even around. I had my suspicions, Bella. But he wouldn't do that again, would he? This time it wouldn't be worth it if he did.

But I didn't care. I didn't care about any of it anymore. Nothing mattered except.....I knew my son, and my son was not pure. He was evil. Possessed によって Rennesmee I knew I would have to kill him, for good.

NOTE: This タイトル is perfect so thanks K for posting this right before I started 書く this! :)

As Benjamin grew, my suspicions did too. What I had initially thought correct was wrong. He was not human, even with the extra doses of the antidote Carlisle had 与えられた me during the pregnancy. His abilities were beyond normal, and his eyes were the same dark brown of that of a hungry "vegetarian" vampire.

I had been slipping animal blood into his bottle since he was born, and when I did, he sucked it down. But his personality was what struck me right. Everything reminded me of my granddaughter.

The laugh, the smile. The way his hair hung in tight curls on-top his head. His 磁器 skin and the brightness of his ways. But most importantly the way his voice never was there just his thoughts. あなた could tell no one wanted to believe it, but this was Rennesmee, reincarnated.

Sorry it was short! :)
Carlisle's POV.

When she rounded the corner I saw the most beautiful girl.
Renesmee was in a navy blue non-wedding dress,her hair was red and had ringlets,her lips were bright red and her skin was a beautiful white color.
As she drew closer I could see that her eyes were wide with excitment and sparkleing.
When I 発言しました "I do."Renesmee burst into tears,when Renesmee 発言しました "I do."I was very happy.
When the preacher 発言しました "You may キッス the bride."
I bent over Renesmee,took her head in my hands,and gingerly kissed here on the lips.The taste on my lips when we kissed was sweet and tasty.The キッス lasted for several wonderful minutes.
When I started to pull away,Renesmee wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me back to her,I kissed her once もっと見る and then pulled away.
I took her hand within my own and turned to face forward.We walked down the isle,out the door to go to Isle Esme.
When we arived,we went to the bedroom and tried.
I came into a hotel in Forks, and stayed the night. Not that i needed to sleep または anything...just a nice place to hang out before morning. I also needed to get my plans straight...I was planning to kill Carlisle Cullen.
Yes, he may be attrative, but i read his mind. My familer face whirled inside his head as he remembered biting into my neck, and then leaving me alone to suffer. He felt sorry, and he should be.
My motto, "i dont fight back..i just get even" was making my mouth curl into a grin.

He wouldnt see it coming.


I so saw this coming! I knew that she would come looking for me. KNEW...
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when I work this song it reminded me of Carlisle so I am posting it for everyone to see

This Crazy Thing Called Love
Everytime I hear your voice または see your face
my ハート, 心 skips a beat!

I think I am falling for あなた all over again.
I try to tell myself otherwise but it never works.

Even if I just hear your name I start to blush
I don't know how this crazy thing called 愛 works.

How Does it work?

People often tell me that 愛 works in strange and mysterious ways, but I never thought they would be right.....

I just cant understand it.
Why is lovedoing this to me?

I think I am falling for あなた all over again....
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posted by carlislesnurse1
(continued from 2)

we walked to his car, a very nice car i might add, and he opened the door for me. i got in and as fast as i closed the door, he was already buckling HIMSELF in. "wow, carlisle, does anyone ever tell あなた how fast あなた are?" i casually asked. he smiled, "im a docter, when somones in danger, または hurt, あなた got to learn to give them help fast" he answered. i wasnt sure, but his words did not give me the answer.
we drove down the long curvy roads of forks, passing millions of trees and wildlife. we finally pulled into a long driveway heading into the forest. up ahead, i could see...
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posted by carlislesnurse
one day, on my way to work, i had to run some last 分 arrends. i headed up the hospital hallway, going to a area where i have never been. as i walked to the counter, i was shocked to see this gorgous man in front of me. he looked up from his desk, smiled and is the softest voice, 発言しました "Hello" i was so caught up in this mans beauty, i forgot how to speak. i finally breathed out a silent "hi" i handed him my files, ever so slowly. when our hands touched, i pulled away fast, this man was cold as ice! "im sorry!" i shouted, noticing he looked offended. he just smiled and 発言しました "i get that alot,...
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