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posted by mommaof2boys
eliza dushku
>Click on 質問 #4 to see the response.... although I'll post it here as
>well just figured people might want the proof
>4. Where is "TRU CALLING" - when will the 表示する be back on the air?
>TRU CALLING will return to the schedule with ALL-NEW episodes sometime in

Yes.. it's been up on a number of sites for about a 月 IIRC and
there was a thread about it in this newsgroup back then started by

Fox did NOT キャンセル Tru Calling. All they did was postpone the new
season indefinitely but every assumed that meant that it had been
cancelled despite the...
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 Damian Lewis stars as Detective Charlie Crews
Damian Lewis stars as Detective Charlie Crews
"Life was his sentence, and life is what he got back." I have seen every episode of Life and have to say it is one of the best cop shows around. If あなた see this and think, "Oh it's just gonna be another CSI/Law and Order style procedural cop show, then think again. Much like Criminal Minds または The Mentalist, this crime series is on a different page to your typical, unoriginal cop shows.

Take one male lead: Charlie Crews, played to perfection によって British actor Damian Lewis, who performed so well as the American war hero Major Dick Winters in HBO's Band of Brothers that his cast mates didn't realise...
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