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#1: OGDAN:

The dragon from Demons, who forced Verona to have Liz. Ogdan is generally shown as manipulative, intelligent, arrogant, and possibly sexually attracted to Liz.. Basically, he told Verona to bang him によって telling her that his species are dying. But she has 秒 thoughts and runs off with Liz.. Ogdan respondes によって killing an entire village of sick dragon family's including the childrun. And telling everyone it was Verona, which assumably worked.. Sense than he's been trying get Liz for himself. Even kidnaps and brainwashes Seras into trying to kill Verona.. And he generally quite feared.....
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Theme song: link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From CrazyWriterLady

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 38

Nothing But The Truth

February 25, 1954

The courthouse of Cheyenne was busy, but not busy enough for the ponies working on the Union Pacific.

Judge: Everypony may be seated.
Ponies: *Sit down*
Judge: Today we are about to witness the case of Gordon Suite against Pierce Hawkins....
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I know I did this kinda 一覧 before.. But it's mostly a new take.. Orginally this featured Windwaker, but he had no ideas.. So I had my friend Sarah.. AKA.. xXBalorBabeXx, from my account..

Mine has 画像 so your know the difference..


I never watched Dragon Ball Z. But I find it interesting. Though I could only get though first season, and stick to YouTube videos.. But anyway, Frieza is always amongst the highest of DBZ villain lists. For one thing, the reason Cell is so evil, is because Frieza is a part of him. Unlike most DBZ villains, Frieza was not created...
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KylaIsBack123 and I are secretly dating.. She's was gone for a long while, but now she's back..

I dislike the Canadian band RUSH..

I dislike sports (even hockey)..

I NEVER say "eh", but tease those that do..

I liked Jason Voorhees BEFORE having liked Freddy Krueger..

I was the first of my family to watch BIG BANG THEORY. And now we ALL watch it..

I originally watched my little ポニー as a JOKE.
Same with South Park..

The first person I EVER met on ファンポップ is called Ecology (I think).
He was GAY actually. But I don't judge. And no, it's NOT why we kinda ロスト touch..

As a little boy I was scared of literary ANYTHING.
Now it's the OPPOSITE.
Very little scares me (movie wise at least).

I found KoRn によって ACCIDENT..
Nobody has ever made this list.
And now that I'm hooked to him again, I decided to do it myself. Dreamtime says I can make people like bands somehow.. So maybe this will help.

A lot of people don't talk about this guy. Probably cause he is in fact an actual Satanist.
And most of his songs are about black magic and the devil himself.

I do admit that's a bit disturbing for me, as an Christian. But I don't judge people on this stuff..


#1: EVIL:
It may not be very good. But it introduced ME to him.
So may as well add it as number 1.

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#1: 線, レイ BULGARLIN:
Yes.. Yes.. I know, I'm obsessed with him a bit.
But after all I mentioned last time, it's no surprise I consider him one of the GREATEST gta villains of all time..
And with said, he should of at least died "fighting" right?
Nope.. Ray, dies as a coward.. Least in MY opinion..
I like Jimmy P's death the best, he died honourably, while Dimitri and 線, レイ both died cowardly.. (though that's rather expected of Dimitri)..

It's bad enough having the OPTION..
After everything Michael did for him, Franklyn has the option of killing him. I never chose it, あなた feel...
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Source: deviantart
Nazi Officer 1: The hell is she 歌う now?

Nazi Officer 2: I have no idea, I think it was 人気 a couple years back.

Nazi Officer 3: At least she is no longer on about the ponies, and the friendship, and the wrapping up of winter!

[During this, Rip sings the lines I just wanna tell あなた how I'm feeling; Gotta make あなた understand~! in the background.]

[Cut back to Rip singing.]
Rip: Never gonna give あなた up, never gonna let あなた down, never gonna run around and desert you~! Never gonna make あなた cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you~!

[She suddenly collapses and trembles...
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Pink: (envisioning himself as Nazi leader, and speaking though megaphone) We're {waiting to succeed} and going to convene outside Brixton
Town Hall where we're going to be...
Nazi followers: Waiting!
Pink: (though megaphone) to cut out the deadwood.
Nazi followers: Waiting!
Pink: (though megaphone) To clean up the city!
Nazi followers: Waiting!..
Pink and the followers: For. the worms!
Nazi followers: Waiting!
Pink: (though megaphone) to put on a black shirt.
Nazi followers: Waiting!
Pink: (though megaphone) to weed out the weaklings.
Nazi followers: Waiting!
Pink: (though megaphone) to smash in their...
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#1: SPIKE:
It's fair to say.
When I first became a brony. Spike was the one I liked.
Even though Twilight was always 'kinda' liked によって me, she wasn't relatable till she became an Alicorn (take THAT alicorn haters).
Pinkie was no もっと見る than an ear bleeding annoyance until BABY CAKES.
Dash was 'kinda' cool. But I thought she was boy till episode three, where Twilight confirmed it was a girl.
AppleJack reminded me too much of Alberta.
Rarity reminded me of all the girls that ever rejected me.
Fluttershy was 'okay' I guess.
Point being.
Spike was the only one I could relate to. We are both sarcastic about...
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Scootaloo: (brings over the crusaders) Check it out. I rebuild Connor's universe portal
AB: Ohh.. But that's what brought that Dragonowitiz creep.
Scootaloo: Relax. I brought it too a 'different' ponyville universe.
AB: Are あなた sure this is safe.
Scoot: Sure. What's the worst that's out there.. (turns it on)
(before long a bunch of bat heads fling out of the portal)
Scoot: What the hec-
Brutaloo: *reveals herself dramatically* ... Huh, so that portal 'dose' lead somewhere..
Scoot: Um... hi.
AB: Hey. あなた must be the Scootaloo of that universe.. Are あなた any similar to 'our' Scootaloo?.
Brutaloo: Depends.....
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Bottled up inside
Right now
Did my time
Here to stay
Falling away from me
here to stay
Make me bad
Beg for me

Leper Messiah
Eye of the beholder
Enter Sandman
Sad but true
Ride the lighting
master of puppets
Whom the ベル tolls
Ride the lightening

Almost easy
Little piece of heaven
Welcome to the family
Natural born killer
God hated us
God hated us

Fire your 銃
Givin' a dog a bone
Hell's bells
If あなた dare
Have a drink on me
Back in black
Highway to hell
Rock and roll ain't noise...
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"Now あなた fucked up!" lol
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call of duty