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1. Matthew "Mdot" Finley plays Luke, who seems to be one of the meanest Camp 星, つ星 campers
2. Nate gets a 愛 interest
3. Tess, comes back 2 camp rock. She was really nice. Then she switched 2 Camp Star. After not liking it, in the very end, comes back
4. Camp 星, つ星 is BIGGER and BETTER than camp rock
5. Camp Rock ロスト most instructors and campers from camp star
6. Mitchie gets stressed out 2 save the camp
7. Shane asks Mitchie out on a date
8. At first, Mitchie says no to Shane's offer
9. Camp 星, つ星 is across the lake from Camp Rock
10. Camp 星, つ星 director is enimies with the Camp Rock director, Brown.
Scroll down for もっと見る secrets!

Ok, I will tell u.
1. Shane and Mitchie KISS! <33333
2. Camp Rock looses Camp wars
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They say that life is a two-way street
When you're not sure, あなた gotta trust your feet
To know the right way

You can keep on moving with your head down
Or あなた can stop and take a look around
And that's the choice I've made
(I've made, yeah)

It's for that movie inside your head
Making memories we can't forget
But when あなた can't forget

You're gonna know in your soul
This is what we came here for
So live it loud, here and now
This moment, it won't be ignored
So why not open up that door?
It's what we came here for

For every song we let play outside
The melodies we get to write
Every time we sing, oh yeah

The friends...
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funny =D
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camp rock 2 the final ジャム
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camp rock 2 the final ジャム
junior rockers
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camp rock 2 the final ジャム
キッチン disater