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posted by werevamp246
I see that on Half Blood 丘, ヒル we are growing into a bigger family. Many newbies have joined and that makes me happy. The only sad part is that the oldies, Alex, Teddy, Mike, etc, have gone. Nobody here takes credit for making hbh. That's all Teddy.(thx!) I made a 一覧 of the people and places.
Werevamp246- Angel/ daughter of Hades and キャビン leader
Sadie_Kane- Allea/ Daughter of Apollo and キャビン leader

HON_Rules-Megan. Daughter of Athena
llrulez- Skye/ Daughter of Poseidon
Demon_wolf- Kelly/ Daughter of a Satyr
Hollistergurl- Juilliana/ Daughter of Apollo
Bianca_Forbes-Vanessa/ Daughter of Apollo
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posted by Alex13126
Everyone's unique in their own way. Some are artistic, adventurous, daring, shy, and a whole bunch more. Everyone's special in their own way. Demigods' a little bit もっと見る than others.

Sadie James- A witch. (Aka daughter of Hecate) ロスト her beloved pet dragon, Luskas, and her half-sister Araxie. Crazy, girly, fun, and loved によって her friends.
Michael Gavin: Son of Poseidon. Last in his family. His step-sister was killed during a quest. Protective of his フレンズ and sister, Hon. Powerful, caring, brave, and stubborn.
Alexandria Chance: Daughter of Hermes. ロスト her little sister in the 秒 Titan...
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Celina's POV

I stared in shock at Percy. His face was pale and blood was running from his arm.
Poseidon looked worried.
"Boy, what is wrong?" Zeus crackled.
"Camp... it.. it... gone..." he mumbled then passed out on the cold hard floor.
I gasped, many other did also.

Apollo rushed フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして and started healing the boy. Then he and Hermes carried Percy to a resting place.

Zeus was thundering, he got up and walked out of the 王位 room with Hera and Poseidon following him.

"What was that about?" Aphrodite asked.
"I'm not sure... but if Zeus needs us he'll call," Athena answered.
I was shaking in my seat....
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posted by Silena_Isabelle
    I haven’t discovered who I am, but it all started a very chaos afternoon. It was really tragic for me, I don’t know who to turn in to, または asked help to. I mean it was hard, I don’t even know who my mother is, all I know my dad told me she died long ago. He remarried but I felt like an outcast, so I ran away from home. I walked down the streets, it was dawn and I am alone, I don’t know where to go. A strange woman from afar kept looking at me, so I tried to avoid her, but everywhere I go she’s there. The alley lights turned on, and it’s about time for sun...
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I seen fog, darkness, but it wasn’t night, no if it was night I would feel at ease, I always felt good at night. Relaxing, my dad told my last night about Greek myths, yes he told me, his nine 年 old daughter that she was half Greek god. He had been drinking that night to so I figured he was just crazy, he never had anything to do with me, I was just, Here. He slept through the 日 and was up at night. He name is Dreke Fiser. I was done with him, I couldn’t take it, and I’m glad I left, for I found the best place in the world for me.

I was dreaming, it was a full moon the...
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