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posted by Thekirby801
 Calcifer is mad
Calcifer is mad
What are my favourite things about that 火災, 火 demon? Many things!

1. He's just SOO cute!
2. He has a sense of Humor!
3. He can be very compassionate!
4. I 愛 some of the reactions he has!(She Loves my Sparks!*Castle Starts Moving Faster*)
5. When he eats the egg shells i just can't stop laughing!.
6.I 愛 some "curses" of his! (Here's another curse, may all your ベーコン burn)

This fanspot is deticated to Calcifer on behalf of being a 火災, 火 demon. Am i really the only one who is acutally contributing to this spot. I would 愛 for other people to contribute but no one has yet D:. Even if we have only 8 people right now, あなた can still contribute. *That means あなた animegirl321*.