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posted by Stitch013
Hello, to all the ファン out here. Buffy was different. Buffy could make あなた cry and it could make あなた laugh. We all have our favorites. And we all don't have favorites. Fans, out there. Buffy was better then チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 it was better than Vampire Diaries. We all will never forget Buffy an how much entertaining we had watching it. And I will never forget エンジェル either. My お気に入り times when at the bus and Faith and Robin.
Robin: Did we won?
Faith: Yes!
{Robin stopped breathing.}Faith crying.. Robin Coughed.
Haa! And every episode I will yell at the t.v. And I got to admit Riley on there was kidna hot. {Too bad he is married ladies} Anyways, Buffy changed something of each of everyone of us.
posted by adwbuffy
For the 恋愛中 of Buffy/Spike! Here on my spot & Spuffy spot..We're have party/competition to test your abilities and knowledge based on Spuffy!!

So あなた really wanna know whats about?? Its about Buffy & Spike to see who knows their relationship and see who has the best 愛 for them.. In this competition there will be fanart,pop クイズ and most defintely A Spuffy Oscars Nominations>>>

~ FIRST STEP >> About 25 質問 from their relationship from the entire tv series..

~ 秒 STEP >> seeing who can デザイン the best fanart like wallpapers, icons, または videos.. Whatever...
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posted by willow96
"And honey, try not to get kicked out."

"A cat last week gave birth to a litter of snakes. A family was swimming in Whisper Lake when the lake suddenly began to boil. And Mercy Hospital last night, a boy was born with his eyes facing inward. I'm not stupid. This is apocalypse stuff. Throw in last night's earthquake, and I'd say we've gota problem. I'd say the end is pretty seriously nigh"

"The part that gets me, though, is where Buffy is the Vampire Slayer. She's so little."

"So many body parts, so few bullets. Let's begin with the kneecaps. No fun dancing without...
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posted by willow96
only buffy and willow go to the university.everything seems strange to them.buffy meets parker and do sex with him but he isn't like he seemed to be.oz leaves willow and xander makes up with an x-deamon anya.willow meets a girl named tara and understands that she is a lesbian as tara and they are together.buffy makes up with rilley who is at an iniative that kills deamons.but a really strong deamon adam wants to make an army.spike has a chip and can't kill people.the scoobies make a spell and are as one person and buffy kills adam.the last and most strange episode is about the first slayer who tries to kill the into their dreams!!!
posted by willow96
this season starts with buffy away but she decides to return to sunnydale.unexpectedly buffy sees エンジェル back from hell actually he is in a shock and he behaves like an animal but days after he is ok.faith the new slayer arrives and she is the bad girl of the season 3.she kills humen and deals with the mayor who tries to do an ansation which is something bad.giles is not buffy's watcher because he had been against the other watchers.cordelia and oz find xander and willow キス and they broke up with them.oz forgies willow after all.faith hits エンジェル and he needs a slayer's blood.buffy sends faith to a komma and エンジェル drinks from buffy but she is ok.at the graduation 日 mayor does the ansation and all the students are against him and buffy manages to kill him.after all the scoobies are together but エンジェル leaves forever!!!
posted by willow96
season 1:buffy goes to sunnydale and learns that she is a vampire slayer によって her watcher rupert giles.xander a student hears the truth and によって an accident willow does the same!buffy meets a strange guy named エンジェル and finally she understands that he is a vampire with a soul and she is in 愛 with him.a strong vampire called the master is underground and tries to go back and lead the earth!in the last episode he manages to bite buffy and get free.only for a moment buffy is dead while at school the hellmouth has opened!xander and エンジェル take buffy and she is alive and she kills master!the season ends with the scoobies go to a pary and master dead at the library!!!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. The Real World


Many of あなた know of the BUFFY TAROT CARDS (future predicting/seeing cards), and if not then look them up on www.ask.com または www.google.com and get some info on those!

But here is the weirdest thing...one of the tarot cards is of a vampire angel, または just an エンジェル (I forget cause I deleted the picture on my computer and I dont really feel like researching it to see if it is または isnt a vamp. angel!) and it held to cups with red liquid in it!

First thing that pops in ur mind is BLOOD! または at least I hope あなた dont...
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posted by shannon9396
As some of あなた may have noticed, I always support Bangel instead of Spuffy.I mean I thought that エンジェル was the best lover for Buffy and not Spike.I watched all the BTVS episodes hundreds of times and nothing could make me change my mind.Until one week ago.
I decided to watch Angel.I didn't do it before because I was mad he left Sunnydale.I have watched only the first season but I liked it very much.
The most important thing is that I made up my mind.I saw how perfect the friendship between エンジェル and Cordelia is and as I was informed によって a friend of mine they will make a very good couple.
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ANGEL:he is a vampire with a soul.without soul he is the bad guy!Buffy loved him and when she killed him she was really sad but when he returned she was not sure if he is the bst guy for her!defenately he was not but she was in 愛 with him and he was too.he loved her so much that he could leave and buffy met rilley to forget him!

RILLEY:when season 4 started we knew that rilley was a normal boy who really took care of buffy!when we learnt that he was at the initiative with magy he started being a little annoying!he cared only for that and he wanted buffy do the same.because of him she wasn't...
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 Fool for 愛
Fool for love
I have noticed that when Buffy cries she opens her eyes too much.
Let me give あなた some examples;

1) In "fool for love"

2) In "chosen"

3) In "the body"

4) In "helpless"

5) In "becoming part 2"

6) In "i only have eyes for you"

7) In "seeing red"

and many others

I don't know if I am right. Maybe it is something that Sarah Michelle Gellar does または Joss Whedon's instructions または something that happens spotaneously.
It seems strange to me. I don't think I like it. I find it a bit silly.

Is it on my mind または あなた noticed that too?
 I only have eyes for あなた
I only have eyes for you
 Seeing Red
Seeing Red
This 記事 addresses to all new members on Buffy the Vampire Slayer spot. Joining and learning things about Buffy and the 表示する itself. So this reflects on users who have joined ファンポップ & been one for a while. The reason is that many users have been emailing me while I am on Fanpop, and wants to know もっと見る about the show.So I give them アドバイス and help.


1) What was your reaction when あなた first started & watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer?: I was very excited, I totally fell in 愛 with the show! I especially loved Xander and Willow.

2) お気に入り Couple & Why?: My favorite...
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"I actually thought the キャンディー was better this time."
"I don't know, the ポップコーン was too buttery. Salt is the ハート, 心 of the popcorn, バター is just fluff that makes it tastier, but あなた could do without it."
"So あなた like your ポップコーン salty rather than buttery?"
"That's nice."
Oz grinned, that cute little pull on the corner of his mouth, which made her ハート, 心 flutter like バタフライ, 蝶 wings, and her knees turn to mashed potatoes mixed with jello. Mushy, yet slippery. Thinking about this rather odd combination and slightly disgusting combination, Willow changed the subject.
"Are we gonna...
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posted by ekid020
When ever I feel all sad! I just think to what Buffy said, at the end of season 5 but あなた always can go back to the point. The truth behind Buffy, everybody learns this lesson, as the Scoobies say, "The hardest thing to do in this world is live in it."

Based on how I look at things, my life is Hell so there is no way I would disagree with this statement. I really feel that when あなた tear everything away あなた always have one thing and that thing is what drives あなた your life so if your left with nothing あなた still have life don't you. So if あなた aren't living then what are あなた in this world. "The hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it" that is what life comes down to.
posted by ArabellaElfie
Every so often a child is birthed, a demon is spawned, または a poet is bitten. Now, while every child/demon/vamp is special in their own ways (some have an extra toe for example または their horns are just to die for) there are those special ones that are Chosen. Chosen to be Buffy fans. To make their stake in the land of the Buff. Buffonia.

Inspired によって link, I now give あなた the days we should hold up high as the 日 another Bronzer was called.


* 8th: link
* 11th: link
* 15h: link
* 19th: link
* 26th: link


* 5th: link
* 7th: link
* 8th: link
* 20th: link
* 22nd: link
* 25th: link
* 27th:link...
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posted by adwbuffy
 "We Don't Live Each Others Worlds Anymore"
"We Don't Live Each Others Worlds Anymore"
If あなた read this 記事 in Buffy's Past 恋愛中 Spot. Then I decided to post here.

Over, the years Buffy's parents were divorced. Buffy felt that she was influenced によって that. From all the horrible times with her lovers. She was thinking about all of her relationships that it might have been her parent's divorced.

She was saying this in the season finale,Espiode "Conversations With Dead People" with Holland the vampire that knew her from high school. Buffy, was in a lot pain and torument with men. She was a having a good conversation with the vampire and he knew that Buffy was ロスト in all of relationships....
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