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livelovelaugh posted on Jun 12, 2008 at 06:42PM
For the fans of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =)

Ok so heres the deal if you dont come on in a long time the chances are i will delete you from the list so people dont get cofused.

If you belong to the group of medal whores (you all know who you are) you will also get removed from the list we dont acept people like that on fanpop at all never mind on our forum! sorry to be a bitch but its something that shouldnt happen and it does so if you are part of the medal whores you should eb ashamed of yourself!

so basically this forum is to come and talk to BL fans. You can talk about what ever you want seriously anything at all. if you wanna vent about something then do it thats what this is here for.

im gonna make a list here of the regular users and there real names so if your new you can see who everyone is.

Livelovelaugh - Dawn 240
Brattynemz - Nem 201
Dermer4ever - Terra 170
Sophialover - Mary 224
1treehillfan - Alice 111
Brucas4ever - Hannah 281
Cas_Cat2 - Cat or Catia 116
Janni - Janni 335
Broody_4_Cheery - meikei 88
Mollyx365 - Molly or lou 92
TSOYPRA - Vicky 32
Chlarkfan - Jellena 16
jennifer_02 - Jen 2
OMGitsBrooke - Leyla
Isabellaaa - Bella
xoheartinohioxo - Holly
MONlovesBRUCAS - Mon

(i know ive forgot some jus let me know lol)

 For the ファン of the Ultimate amazing Couple. Introduce yourself and start talking =) Ok so heres the
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1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
just add stuff about bl or your interest or images of you or your dog ya get the drift lol
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
ok i will i will had all my brucas stuff and my cat
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
fucking skanks they piss me off
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
hehe kitty =) janni can ya guess what im watching lol
1年以上前 Janni said…
Veronica MArs! xD¨

Guess what i'm watching:P
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…

added to the fan girls spot
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
what ya watching?
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…

adding all my bl stuff and i do not want to add my picture
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
ya dont have to hun and janni did duncan cheat on veronica did he sleep with that owman who was goign with logan
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
i know but i am anyway trying to get the spot active and i noticed that they have cats fanatic icon over their with no credit
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
they have what?
1年以上前 Janni said…
ya dont have to hun and janni did duncan cheat on veronica did he sleep with that owman who was goign with logan <--- no, i don't think so

I'm watching Gossip Girl;D

but i have to go now, my internet is crappy

ByeBye! LY<3
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
aww yeh i see it im gonna check to make sure they have non of my stuff
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
ok hun cya
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Hello everybody! *waves*
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
hello *waves back*

you know the icon where it is brucas from 209 and the red dot they have key word and now credit
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
there spot is better than mine i mite just let them have it
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
yeh i saw it and hey hun =)
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
How was your guyses weekend?
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
not to bad really what about you?
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
fine it may be better but yours was their first and they are stealing others art and have no credit.
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
i know thats what pisses me off they cant just keep going around and making duplicates
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Mine was alright, really boring! But I'm gonna see the britney spears circus concert next friday so that'll be much much better lol!
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
hey guys! sry i was reading new moon
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
brooke girl wats your name hun??

I'm Hannah
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Hey hannah! I'm bridget =)
Cute icon though I'm not a NB fan =P
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
thanks/ congrats! \
dawn did you see the updated list! you can added the 1000th comments and the update on eyesexages!
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
hi Bridget hi Hannah
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Hey terra!
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
yeh ill do it later cant be arsed rite now and dont tell mary B (can i call you B) she will be so jelous
1年以上前 dermer4ever said…
B sounds like a good nick name
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
okay here is the list for eyesexage counting

will you add that up there too! ill keep counting comments! but eyesexages get really hard and we can work out trading weeks if it doesn't work for other people
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
yeh thats fine hannah =)
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Yup its totally fine hun! do any of you guys watch dollhouse?
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
32000 Cat
33000 Hannah
34000 Janni
35000 Janni
36000 Janni
37000 Janni
38000 Mickei
39000 Hannah
40000 Janni
41000 Mary
42000 Dawn
43000 Hannah

Janni 276
Hannah 230
Dawn 192
Nem 177
Mary 146
Terra 137
Alice 94
Molly 85
Mickei 82
Cat 83
Vicky 32
Kelsie 31
Jennifer 28
Kristina 21
Irene 20
Kristen 14
Rece 11
Mandi 8
Brittney 6
Chloe 6
Jelena 6
ritergrl 4
JD 3
Liz 3
Jenn 2
Zoe 2
Ellen 2
brookegirl 2
alwysNforeverr 2
SG1-090 2
Emily 1
Robin 1
Bee 1
Snick 1
kikuska414 1
332960073452 1
kathiria82 1
loves-oth 1
ggseason8 1
jayyanne 1
vanhulle 1
RoXanne4Brucas 1

through pg 1721<3

i put it so you can copy and paste it
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
i dont watch but ive herd its good whats it about?
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Wow I swear some of those people are LPers lol, did they convert?
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
1年以上前 BrookeGirl said…
Its about these people who are all kept in a "dollhouse" & basically people "buy" them for a short time and get their mind programmed. for example if you were a lonely old lady wanting a little love, you could pay the dollhouse to brainwash a hot guy into loving you, then he would spend time with you but then he has to go back to the dollhouse until somebody else needs him
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
guys i gtg now have fun love yas
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
1年以上前 livelovelaugh said…
oooo thats weird i mite start watching
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
Just when I come, Dawn leaves.
1年以上前 brucas4ever said…
bye Dawn and B!

i g2g too going to my friens house!
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Oh good everyone`s leaving?
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Yep Molly everyone`s gone
1年以上前 mollyx365 said…
Oh darn!