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In my class today, we read this story and it was about a girl named Mage Fackley with a broken pot from a company called Potco and we had to write a letter, funny または normal and share it with the class, and I shared mine and 95% of the class laughed. Here's my letter:

Dear Potco,
When I called your company about the pot I bought yesterday because the handle is broke and I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! あなた lied when あなた 発言しました its UNbreakable! And when I called and NOBODY answered my SIMPLE 質問 about the STUPID POT!!! If I don't get my money back, I'm gonna sue you!!!
Good Day!
Mage Fackley
P.S., I...
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~Shadow's House~

Shadow:This is fucking boring!!!*Knocks over the 写真 frames on the floor* Musa....*cries a little*Your gone....and well,I have a new girl of mine now...*breaks the 写真 of Musa but saves one,that shows Musa and him together*I'll always remember u.>:0*Puts the 写真 away* Now off for my life of ruining day.*Heads outside*

~The Graveyard~
Brianna:....*waiting*where the hell is he??!?! This is getting boring and im really piss at this tombstone*Kicks the Tombstond down*Stupid Dead People!!!>:0
Shadow:*Arrives*Brianna babe,Im here!>:3
Brianna:...>:(..*twitch and cross...
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posted by Shadowlover2011
Brianna and Shadow was at Brianna's house laying in ベッド together.
Shadow: Im bored. -_-
Brianna: Do somthing Shadow.
Shadow: You?
Brianna: What?
Shadow: Do you?
Brianna: Do I what?
Shadow: *Smirks* You're cute.
Brianna: Thank you! ^-^
Shadow: Back to what I was saying... can I do you?
Brianna: Can あなた do I?
Shadow: *Sigh* I KNOW you're NOT stupid. -_-
Brianna: I know what あなた mean...
Shadow: Well???
Brianna: No.
Shadow: WHAT???? O___O
Brianna: No?
Shadow: Please???
Brianna: *Sigh* Noooo....
Shadow: *Whines* No fair!
Brianna: How come?
Shadow: I let あなた do it with me last Saturday!!! T___T
Brianna: *Pushes Shadow...
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I copied cause i didnot do anything else but to be super lazy! (kidding!)
Hope u like it!
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Shadow:Brianna where the hell are u??
Brianna:Here I am u badest Hedgehog!*Jumps down*
Shadow:Awesome landing Babe!
Shadow:Now lets go,We have someone to kidnap tonight!>)
Brianna:Who is it going to be??!>)
Shadow:My cute Ex!
Brianna:Ex..Ex.. I dont know but lets get her!>:)
Shadow:Thats my Women!
Shadow and Brianna had sneak into a girls house and Shadow put the girl in the bag and was tied up and return back to Shadow's house.
Brianna:Who the hell did u kidnap this time!
Shadow:HEh,U might enjoy it!>:)*Opens the bag and place her on the chair*See>
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