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Buttercup(outside):I hate being a normal kid! I would do anything to kick some bad guy but right now!!! Bubbles(in class):And thats all about me. I loved it! (Suddenly,a big BOOM zooms through the school and Buttercup jumps up in amazment)Buttercup:Yes,now I can fight!!!! Bubbles:What happened??? (The whole school is in shock at the boom) Someone:RUN!!!! A TEST BLEW UP!!!! RUN!!!! Blossom:..........(Suddenly,a boy landed on Blossom's lap and was unconches)Blossom:????!!!! A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-boy??? A smart boy like me??? (Blossom looks at the boy and thinks:Yes! He is my love!...
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Ok,so Brick is jelous that his gf(girlfriend)Blossom has left him for a science genius called デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼 and is determened to get her back!

Brick:Oh common Dex. I know あなた dont 愛 her and want to leave her.
Dexter:Dude its not what あなた think!! I do 愛 her,and she loves me as well!!
Brick:Oh really?!
Brick:Babe,please come back to me. Im lonly without you.
(Brick starts blushing to try to get Blossom to say,"Oh youre right i should come back to you!"then he kissed her)
Blossom:Oooooohhhhhhh!!! Youre my real love!!! Lets go to the 映画 together Babe!!!
But that isnt the end,so to be continued...
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Shmellow peeps!
Haven't heard from me in a while eh?
Welp, life has been crazy and I'm planning on making an update video documenting whats going on with me now/ the craziness that has seemed to take over this page while I was gone (including SEVERAL ファン adaptations of my OCs but mostly Baily and Masondark? of all characters? oh well cant' help being responsible for so many ハート, 心 throbs lol)

In the meantime! I will say in this 記事 that I am now ACTUALLY FINALLY ANIMATING! YAY!
Given I am using equipment that ain't great because I'm still poor (some things never change eh?)
So the art that will...
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Alright, so it turns out Mason and Adinn are in a big battle to get me, so soon my sisters are involved. Lets start the story

Me:*fires elecrisity zap at Adinn and he fires a ball zap in responce. The zaps hit each other and hold*
Mason:Adinn just leave us alone! We're married already!!
Adinn:What?! Oop, might as well leave.*leaves and we go home* Me:NIce one honey. I hope that Izy and Mason Jr are happy.
Mason:Me too dear.
*we arrive and are immedeitly met によって our kids*
Izy:Mommy! Daddy! We've been havin' fun with Mommy's sibs!
Mason Jr:Hey Mom and Dad!(Mason Jr is 2 years older than his sister Izy,...
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Um,Im not sure what to put for this..............Oh I got it!

*Me,Masondark,Blossom,Bubbles,Buttercup,Utonium,and デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼 are chilling out in our home*
Buttercup:So anything up?
Blossom:So what do あなた want to name it?
Dexter:Dylan needs a new sister,so what about Dania?
Utonium:Ima go to the lab.*walks away*
Me:...What the what-?
Mason:What Babe?
Me:*low voice*Im pregnant! A little もっと見る than a 月 pregnant!
Mason:Awww! What about Izy if its a girl,or Sonic if its a boy?
Buttercup:Oh brother I want to fight crime!!!
*Hotline goes off:Beep beep beep!*...
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